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    In memoriam - The Queen

    It will seem strange not see Her Majesty on the Balmoral Estate. She took an avid interest in the management of the Red Deer herd on the estate and was a deer stalker herself. If you were invited to go fishing that was our current king Charles III (as the Duke of Rothesay), grouse shooting...
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    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    I think now my top 3 are 7mm-08 Remington, 500/416 Nitro Express and 375 Ruger.
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    With the trophy ban heading into place in they are starting in the USA

    This is so right. African voices are not being taken seriously.
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    With the trophy ban heading into place in they are starting in the USA

    Just found this.
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    Least Known African Country That Allows Hunting?

    Don't know about Senegal and Kenya but Morocco also allows Barbary Sheep hunting.
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    In memoriam - Meat Loaf passes away

    Great Icon of Heavy Operatic Rock. RIP
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    With the trophy ban heading into place in they are starting in the USA

    The only paper on the hunters side.
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    A Brilliant Letter From A NAPHA Member, Hagen Denker

    Great letter. Boris Johnson needs to go along with his wife.
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    With the trophy ban heading into place in they are starting in the USA Found this, can't really make out the results.
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    With the trophy ban heading into place in they are starting in the USA

    That's why Mrs Johnson wants this act passed asap. Boris could be out of a job soon.
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    With the trophy ban heading into place in they are starting in the USA

    Lord Goldsmith is very anti hunting and so is the Prime Minister's wife and father.
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    With the trophy ban heading into place in they are starting in the USA

    Still to go through the house of lords because it has too because of Lord Goldsmith who is a cabinet minister for the environment and he proposed this The cross bench peers could demand that the committee for this hear from hunting organisations and the affected countries before deciding...
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    Uk Trophy Ban news

    Just found this.
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    8.5x55 Blaser

    I have noticed on the blaser website that they have 8.5x55 Blaser Calibre in the R8 rifle. They say it is suitable for Moose and Large Antelopes such as Eland, Waterbuck, Kudu, Sable and Roan. It fires a .338 bullet in 230 grains. Now where legal would it be suitable for lion and leopard?
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    Uk Trophy Ban news

    Yes, still to go through the Lords.
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    Uk Trophy Ban news

    They have no idea about conservation, it's not about protecting animals, it's about managing habitat and the wildlife that's there.
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    375 H&H Vs 375 Ruger

    375 Ruger for me
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    Animal Justice

    I found this on a website; Animal rights is a radical ideology against keeping any animals under human care (i.e. no pets, no livestock, no zoos, etc.). It is far different than animal welfare which supports animals being kept humanely. In fact they are against humans having anything to do...
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    Full body mounts

    Any animal looks good as a full mount even giraffe and elephant if you have the space
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    Power level..How do you ever rationalize going back down?

    Yes. Right caliber for the animal you're hunting.
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    Advice needed Dangerous Game rifle

    I would get both but I prefer the 404 jeffery or dakota. Less recoil than the 416.
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    New Member

    Welcome to the forum
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    Covid: Africa travel Restrictions / Flight Suspensions over Omicron variant

    This has gone beyond the joke now. Travel bans/restrictions don't work. Masks, vaccination etc that's what works. Knee jerk reaction by politicians.
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    The Hunt Is Over!

    Now that is my kind of honeymoon.
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    What animal do you consider specific African countries to be "known" for?

    Ethiopia has several such as the Mountain Nyala and Meneliks Bushbuck. Uganda the Sesee Islands Sitatunga, Zambia has the Black Lechwe. Africa has both common and unique species no matter where you go.
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    Roan Hunt With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Great Trophies
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    Broadhead selection

    Muzzy Trocar HB for me. Hybrid design never fails fixed and mechanical in the same head.
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    Hunting The Ssese Island Sitatunga

    How much would this hunt cost now?
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    South africa travel ban?

    I think they will have to quarantine on arrival or test negative.
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    Leica Sport Optics Close To Nature Passionate & Authentic

    Leica are good scopes. One of my personal favorites.
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    Advice on Warthog Rifle

    You'll be OK with the 250 savage. Anything good for deer is good for plains game including warthogs
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    Baboon Pictures

    Baboons are funny creatures. Notoriously difficult to hunt.
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    Comment by 'Kenneth McMillan' in media 'SCI #5 Western Roan'

    Great trophy, congratulations
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    There goes 2022!

    Hope not. Will the pandemic ever end
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    .405 Winchester and Cape Buffalo?

    Yes, it's enough gun for buffalo. Teddy Roosevelt used it for lion and rhino.
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    Thoughts on "Frankenstein" Species?

    I would hunt the color phases of antelope etc. They are just the same animal only a different color.
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    Number of rifles allowed when traveling to hunt? Do multi barrel take down rifles count as...?

    I would say that it's 3 different rifles but it depends on the country you are entering and the customs office