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  1. JetA1

    Mauser M12 extreme synthetic stock

    I have a Sauer 404 with synth stock, love it, but probably go with a wood stock for it soon. FYI I have been advised against using those gun socks for what you want, when I was living in the tropics, wanted to do that, but a local gunshop owner said not to as they did absorb moisture and caused...
  2. JetA1

    Mauser M12 extreme synthetic stock

    Believe it was/is also an i ssue with the howa Hogue stocks, i know of a few people here in OZ that have used alcohol or meths to rub the soft touch layer off. NOt sure if that will work with the Mauser one obviously
  3. JetA1

    Sauer 404 Iron Sights

    Good to hear, I like them, however, it looks like I cant get them for some reason, maybe they don't ship to Australia. thanks again anyway
  4. JetA1

    Sauer 404 Iron Sights

    Thank you, they look good! Are they better and easier to shoot with?
  5. JetA1

    Sauer 404 Iron Sights

    Ah i see, thanks, will have to see if I can find someone that sells them here in OZ. the ones it comes with are quite horrible.
  6. JetA1

    Queensland Gun Exchange Closing

    I live local, gonna pop in soon, if anybody needs a hand with something let me know, will see if I can help.
  7. JetA1

    Sauer 404 Iron Sights

    thanks, will give them a try. Is that the Brand Hi Viz? will see if I can track some down, thanks.
  8. JetA1

    Sauer 404 Iron Sights

    HI Guys I have a Sauer 404 with 2 barrels. The irons on the barrels are not the best out there. Hoping someone has or know where I could get something better. cheers
  9. JetA1

    404 Mounts MAKuick One-Piece QD, Sauer 404, Picatinny

    sorry, very late to the post, but yes, I have one of those, and almost prefer it to the SUM mount
  10. JetA1

    Can we please stop talking about "flat shooting" cartridges

    Why not? have you shot your 9.3 at longer distances or looked at a bullet drop chart? I disagree that it drops heaps, go and have a look. with my hand loads and zero on my 9.3 at that distance, I would only need about 4-5 inches hold over. And that's just because I have it zero's dead on at 100m.
  11. JetA1

    Hello from Bwana Moja. Africa is NOT "The Dark Continent"

    For someone that says he writes, and researches, a lot. Sure missed the pot on why it was called the dark continent. I should know, I'm from there. Great way to kill some time while suffering a head cold.
  12. JetA1

    Baikal double

    Hey Mate Been a while Need to chat to you about a merc reducer for that sauer in 404J of mine, will send you a FB message next week once I'm home to get a quote and more info.
  13. JetA1

    Baikal double

    I Had one of these in 45-70, lets just say with 405gr running at 2000fps the recoil is, umm how shall I put it, awakening? never had such a bruised shoulder after only 20 shot, had to give up and rething the reloads. mine struggled to regulate, the elevation was off by about 6 inches. put a...
  14. JetA1

    ZIMBABWE: Has Anyone Hunted With Dalton & York?

    Have a look at TIA5(this is africa 5) on youtube, the last couple of episodes has been with dalton and york safaris.
  15. JetA1

    404J Options/recommendations

    I have One of these with a 404J and 300WM barrel. Works well, and is a pleasure to shoot in 300WM, but needs a little more weight to make the 404 comfy to shoot. will either be adding a bit of weight and a mercury reducer or thinking of having a wood stock made for it. Bloody good travel rifle...
  16. JetA1

    .308 Rifle help

    If those are the rifles you are set on, personally, I would go Sauer, I have their 404 model with a few barrels. The quality is next level, even on the cheaper 100 models. Far better than other rilfes in that class. But go play with them and get what fits and feels right for you. I don't like...
  17. JetA1

    Management Hunt US$2,666

    HI Dawie I have sent you an email regards Irwin