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  1. Jp 1001

    Wife Brenda

    Wonderful news!
  2. Jp 1001

    Huge Rock Python captured

  3. Jp 1001

    Wife Brenda

    Will be praying for you both for a fast and complete recovery.
  4. Jp 1001

    Debate time: .308 vs .270

    .270, bit hunting in the bushveld we tend to use 150 grain ammo rather that the 130s.
  5. Jp 1001

    SOUTH AFRICA: Just Got Home From First Safari With Numzaan Safaris!

    Sounds like a lovely trip. Very well written report also - thanks for sharing!
  6. Jp 1001

    Must see's in Johannesburg

    You can always Uber - there are Uber drivers everywhere in Johannesburg. Also consider Pretoria, which is very close to Joburg - the Union buildings are nice, lots of history. Botanical gardens are also interesting if you would like to learn more about the native flora...
  7. Jp 1001

    I wish I could hunt with a muzzle loader in africa

    Gert - how does one get onto that trip? It seems wonderful and truly unique experience. Kind
  8. Jp 1001

    Granger Family Hunting Safari

  9. Jp 1001

    New member introduction

    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. @Shootist43 - I have various rifles and I tend to go through periods where I am obsessed with one - currently a 70s vintage Brno .270 which I handload for. I am going on a plains game hunt in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in August. There will be some...
  10. Jp 1001

    Big game hunting in Norway

    This is amazing. Thank you for sharing.
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    New member introduction

    Hallo folks, What a pleasure to stumble upon this forum, and what a privilege to be able to join. So much knowledge and wisdom at the touch of one's fingertips. I look forward to learning and dare I say it -contributing a bit here and there if I could add value. I grew up hunting on our...