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  1. Sue Tidwell

    My First Safari

    Thanks for sharing this McKenzie. It is wonderful to see how hard you worked and applied yourself to make your dreams come such an early age. GOOD ON YOU!
  2. Sue Tidwell

    What Will Banning Of Trophy Hunting Result In?

    Great video that visually shows ...with emotion....why hunting is so important to rural communities. Now, if we could get everyone to watch.
  3. Sue Tidwell

    Mile High Hunt & Fish expo anyone?

    Thanks for the info Rich. I appreciate it. Have fun while you are there! Sue
  4. Sue Tidwell

    Mile High Hunt & Fish expo anyone?

    No but I know quite a few people who are going. I'm anxious to hear how it goes. Keep us informed. Sue
  5. Sue Tidwell

    Off the Reservation

    Welcome to AH CT from rural Idaho. I'm excited for you to be planning your first trip to Africa. You have definitely came to the best place for advice and info. Happy adventures! Sue
  6. Sue Tidwell


    Hello Null, nice to meet you too. Welcome to AH from rural Idaho. All the best. Sue
  7. Sue Tidwell

    New member

    Welcome to AH! I'm excited for you to be planning a trip to the Eastern Cape. I have not been to that part of Africa yet. Hopefully someday! Enjoy. Sue Tidwell
  8. Sue Tidwell

    New member from Sweden

    Welcome to AH! Im so excited that you are planning to a trip to South Africa. You will become addicted like the rest of us. Happy hunting. Sue Tidwell
  9. Sue Tidwell

    Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo Saturday!!!

    I'm so jealous! I don't need to tell you but HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME....and Happy hunting. Be safe. Sue
  10. Sue Tidwell

    CBL Debate Over, CBL Loses

    I'm afraid too that it is the lions that will pay the real price. Such a complicated and complex issue.
  11. Sue Tidwell

    New Member from Texas

    Welcome to AH. AND Congratulations on your upcoming safari. I am so excited for you, your wife, and son. How wonderful that you will experience Africa for the first time together. Just be prepared. You will want to keep going back again and again. My husband and I went to Tanzania because it was...
  12. Sue Tidwell

    Trophy Hunting Undermines Conservation, Right? Wrong

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It has some great stats I can use for a talk I am doing at the Serengeti Park Zoom next week (via Zoom). I'm afraid that I'm stepping into the lions den. I'm not sure they knew the message in my book before inviting me. Sue
  13. Sue Tidwell

    Big Elephant Reportedly Taken in Tanzania

    You have a valid point. We put all of our faith in the PH's and outfitters. It is conceivable that the hunters didn't know.
  14. Sue Tidwell

    Big Elephant Reportedly Taken in Tanzania

    @Scott CWO Those are definitely valid points. There are no easy solutions that is for sure. Sue
  15. Sue Tidwell

    Big Elephant Reportedly Taken in Tanzania

    I understand your point @Wishfulthinker580. Please see the excerpts from APHA and Danny McCallun for their opinion on this issue that I posted replying to @Scott CWO . Thanks so much for voicing your opinion. This is such a touchy and controversial subject....but it has huge implications for the...
  16. Sue Tidwell

    New Member

    Welcome to AH! You will love it here. Enjoy...and Happy adventures! Sue
  17. Sue Tidwell

    Big Elephant Reportedly Taken in Tanzania

    Scott, I do agree with you. They shouldn't be habituating elephants to people but how do you stop in in national parks where I'm assuming it just comes naturally? Either way, the hunting of these big tuskers is detrimental to the hunting industry. It may not be fair but it is the reality of the...
  18. Sue Tidwell

    A time to sell & a time to buy

    I am so sorry to learn of your health issues. Please know that you and your wife and family are in my thoughts and prayers. Sue
  19. Sue Tidwell

    Big Elephant Reportedly Taken in Tanzania

    Regarding this big tusker, a person (who shall remain anonymous but DOES support well managed hunting) contacted me to set the record straight regarding this big tusker. The elephants that wonder into Tanzania from Amboseli National Park are habituated to humans. Hunters can literally drive up...
  20. Sue Tidwell

    UK member

    Welcome to AH from rural Idaho. That is so exciting that you will be sharing your first African hunt with you son! What special memories you will make! Happy adventures. Sue Tidwell
  21. Sue Tidwell

    Greetings from Arizona!

    Welcome to AH Matty! Happy adventures. Sue
  22. Sue Tidwell

    Video: Journey To Understanding - Benefits Of Hunting In Zimbabwe

    LOVED this! Thank you for sharing @Mark A Ouellette ! Sue
  23. Sue Tidwell

    Hello from Nevada

    Hello from rural Idaho. I am so excited to hear you are going to Africa for the first time. Have you heard the quote by Richard Mullen. "“The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa - for he has so much to look forward to." Well, I can relate! There is nothing like the first...
  24. Sue Tidwell

    New member

    Welcome from rural Idaho! I'm sure you will enjoy AH. Happy adventures. Sue
  25. Sue Tidwell

    Hello from the communist state of Illinois!

    Welcome to AH! I'm sure you will enjoy it here. Happy adventures. Sue
  26. Sue Tidwell

    Big Elephant Reportedly Taken in Tanzania

    This was already being circulated on Instagram with the normal comments to go with it...trashing hunters. Honestly, it made me sick to my stomach. Not because it was a bad hunt...but because I knew the antis would use this like another Cecil. I was relieved when it went almost a week before...
  27. Sue Tidwell

    Sue Tidwell's book on audio

    Thanks for the info Mark. Yes, we order a lot of stuff from Amazon too, especially with the free shipping which is a HUGE saver. I hate using Amazon so much (I'd rather use smaller retailers) but when you live an hour away from everything, it is just easier. You are lucky that you have a sister...
  28. Sue Tidwell

    Two Hearts, One Passion

    @Firebird thanjs for the info. WOW u didn’t know Cabelas weren’t hard core hunters in the beginning. I definitely want to read this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sue
  29. Sue Tidwell

    Two Hearts, One Passion

    It's on my list ....but I haven't got to it yet. So many books, so little time! Happy reading. Sue
  30. Sue Tidwell

    Sue Tidwell's book on audio

    @flatwater bill, your comment made me laugh out loud. I'm with you. I LOVE audiobooks these days. It allows me to "read" so many more books because I can do it while walking, cleaning, driving, etc. Unfortunately, many of the African books I want to read aren't in audio. Therefore, that stack...
  31. Sue Tidwell

    Sue Tidwell's book on audio

    @MarkB I'm so glad to hear that you loved the book...and that you sent a copy to your sister. That is exactly what I hoped hunters would do (share it with others). YES, the shipping out of the country is HORRIBLE. Luckily, it's not too bad in the States using "media" mail...and on Amazon, it is...
  32. Sue Tidwell

    Sue Tidwell's book on audio

    Thanks for the feedback @Milo. I did worry that some people would not enjoy the sounds of the animals....but I was trying to make people feel like they were there on safari with me...especially people who have never been to Africa. I tried not to overdo it, but maybe I still did. Some people do...
  33. Sue Tidwell

    Book recommendations?

    Thanks @bakerb. I added these to my list as well.
  34. Sue Tidwell

    Sue Tidwell's book on audio

    YAY, thank you so much @Firebird! I appreciate the awesome picture with the book....and for resubmitting the review to Amazon. They are terrible about reviews...and (in my opinion) look for any reason to deny them. It means so much to me that you took the time to edit the picture and resubmit...
  35. Sue Tidwell

    Book recommendations?

    Thank you so much @Dewald. I've read some of the books on the list but many I have missed. I just listened to West with the Night and LOVED it! The scene about the lion encounter with the Morani is one of the best I've ever far. I don't speak Afrikaans or German so those would be off...
  36. Sue Tidwell

    Sue Tidwell's book on audio

    Okay, that is what I thought. I just wasn’t sure how it worked. Thanks for explaining. Enjoy the book!
  37. Sue Tidwell

    Book recommendations?

    Thank you @Dewald. I'm piggybacking off this list you made for @Redheadkentuckian. Do you have them listed randomly...or in the order you enjoyed them? One thing for sure: my book list just grew BIG TIME! Thanks again. Sue
  38. Sue Tidwell

    Sue Tidwell's book on audio

    Awesome! Hoopla is in audio. Correct? I have the audiobook in a distributor service but honestly I don't know exactly how it all works. LOL. I hope you like the animal sounds. Happy listening! Sue
  39. Sue Tidwell

    Book recommendations?

    Hello, I also loved White Hunters and learned so much from it. Even though some people say that Peter Capstick embellished a lot, I still loved his book Death in the Long Grass. I also loved Ruark's Horn of the Hunter. Here are a few other ones that aren't necessarily all hunting but they offer...
  40. Sue Tidwell

    Sue Tidwell's book on audio

    Ahhh @PARA45, I'm so excited you are enjoying the book....thanks to @Rare Breed. It does look like your pups are pretty happy with the afternoon as well. Also, I LOVE that you sent a picture with the book. I really enjoy it when people do that. Your picture is the first with dogs AND a cigar...
  41. Sue Tidwell

    In memoriam - Tanzanian White Hunter & Game Ranger Terry Irwin Passes Away

    May he rest in peace. I wish you success in getting his memoir republished. Sue
  42. Sue Tidwell

    Greetings from Oklahoma

    Thanks so much for the feedback @Inkgardener. I really appreciate it. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the audio and felt the emotion came through. When I was narrating it, it was like living it all over again. I've been listening to a lot of audiobooks lately. It is much easier to find the time to...
  43. Sue Tidwell

    The U.N's Latest Farce

    Even with all that I have seen of the antis, I am stunned. I don't even have words....
  44. Sue Tidwell

    The U.N's Latest Farce

    I think they WANTED the headline that way because they wanted people to read it. This is so maddening on so many levels.
  45. Sue Tidwell

    Sue Tidwell's book on audio

    Wow, HAPPY 50th Anniversary! That is wonderful and not something that many people get to celebrate these days. AND, yes, buying gifts seems to get harder and harder. I, myself, am LOVING audiobooks these days. I can listen while I'm on my walks, cleaning, doing dishes, driving, etc. They allow...
  46. Sue Tidwell

    Sue Tidwell's book on audio

    Oh my gosh @Hyde Hunter, you made my day on many levels. It's great knowing you were reading my book and loving it, that the doctor saw it and ordered it right away, and BEST OF ALL your wife is going to join you in Africa. That is so wonderful. I hope your wife's knee replacement goes well...
  47. Sue Tidwell

    Hello from a new member

    Awesome to see that your wife took the initiative and planned the whole thing. I'm so excited for you both. There is just nothing like the first time. Be prepared, though. You WILL want go back again and again. Happy adventures and happy hunting. Sue Tidwell
  48. Sue Tidwell

    Hello, new member

    Welcome to AH. I'm sure there will be lots of input here for you. Happy hunting!. Sue
  49. Sue Tidwell

    In memoriam - Zimbabwe Professional Hunter killed by enraged buffalo

    Such a loss. What a wonderful tribute. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Sue