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  1. Jay Kelley


    At 61. I have been diagnosed with severe arthritis in my lumbar and thoracic spine along with a knee that causes some pain at times. Exercise and weight loss are helping and, although there is no cure, I am getting better. I plan to continue hunting pheasant, quail and dove as long as possible...
  2. Jay Kelley

    80th anniversary of D Day....6th june 1944

    One of the boys at church, not really a boy at 19 but still a boy if you understand, wondered "why they wanted to join the army so badly in those days." He's had, as many of his peers, a fairly sheltered life. He knows me as both a minister and a veteran (Cold War - I'm not old enough for WWII.)...
  3. Jay Kelley

    What's up with todays' gun shops?

    It's supply and demand as far as what is in stock. What I see in the shops I frequent that is more important is willingness to help me find what I want, even if it means a special order. Of course, manufacturing being what it is, sometimes what I want is unobtainium, but they try ( As a side...
  4. Jay Kelley

    My name is_______ and I have a problem

    Not enough money for guns is a problem!
  5. Jay Kelley

    Some not so common Handguns

    A couple of old revolvers here. A Colt Police Positive Special from 1913 in .38 S&W and an H&R from the 40s (I think) in .32 S&W Long. Both get a trip to the range from time to time - I don't own any safe queens.
  6. Jay Kelley

    Some not so common Handguns

    A Beretta 418 .25 ACP made in 1956
  7. Jay Kelley

    Best balls

    At the risk of sounding ignorant (which I am of a great many things) what are sweetbreads?
  8. Jay Kelley

    Rough Camping & Survival Tips

    Couldn't agree more. Most of my medical is trauma based, but I'm never very far from a kit in the the truck or house.
  9. Jay Kelley

    Rough Camping & Survival Tips

    I carry cotton balls in ziplock as well. I've also found that Bic lighters are pretty reliable - still carry matches as a backup, though.
  10. Jay Kelley

    Rough Camping & Survival Tips

    In addition to many other things, I carry some cotton balls, petroleum jelly and a disposable lighter (waterproof matches too, but the lighter is easy.) They make starting a fire easy. I also carry a small trauma kit on my person all the time - tourniquet, some gauze, tampons, gloves.
  11. Jay Kelley

    Favourite quotes - Here's mine, Quite a long list. What's yours?

    No captain can do very wrong by laying his ship alongside the enemy - Horatio Nelson
  12. Jay Kelley

    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    High Temps over the next week range from 61 to 27. Lows from 34 to 4. With sustained winds up to 45mph on some days. No moisture. Gotta love the South Plains of Texas.
  13. Jay Kelley

    Handgun for wolf protection

    Thanks for the advice. I've been encouraging him not to go unarmed in the woods (or anywhere else these days.) Caliber selection is about what I was thinking, but it never hurts to get advice.
  14. Jay Kelley

    Handgun for wolf protection

    My brother lives in Colorado and hikes near where they are releasing wolves. He is considering buying a couple of handguns for he and his wife to carry while hiking. They are not hunters, but grew up around guns. He is thinking about .38 due to low recoil. I am leaning toward .357 for a little...
  15. Jay Kelley

    I really don't need it.....but

    Rub it in...kidding. That's awesome!
  16. Jay Kelley

    I really don't need it.....but

    I Am extremely jealous! Happy hunting!
  17. Jay Kelley

    Curious why cape buffalo have the same minimum caliber requirement as Rhino, Hippo and Elephant?

    Thank you. I am a novice when it comes to Africa, but I am familiar with the American Mountain lion and you answered the question that was on my mind. How do the African cats compare?
  18. Jay Kelley

    Is the 465 H&H as dead as your dinner?

    .3 .38-55 Winchester was an old black powder cartidge from the 1880s. It is also the parent cartridge of the .375 Winchester introduced in the Model 94 Big Bore in the late 70s/early 80s. Ammunition is still available for both, but I don't know anyone is chambering a rifle in those calibers.
  19. Jay Kelley

    Naval gun crew

    The helmet was made to fit over a sound-powered phone headset. Most topside guys just wore steel pots even into the 90s. Fire parties wore steel pots painted red with a battery operated miner's light attached until the Navy finally startrd buying fire gear in the early 90s. I signed up in 1981...
  20. Jay Kelley

    What if you won a lottery?

    I think I'd invest what I kept in land that I could improve for wildlife and become an outfitter! (Not sure how that would work, but it would at least be fun going broke!)
  21. Jay Kelley

    What if you won a lottery?

    That is an awesome question!
  22. Jay Kelley

    What if you won a lottery?

    I wouldn't tell anyone, but there would be signs...
  23. Jay Kelley

    Any hunts you wouldn’t do again?

    I hunt the ColbyGoodland area at least once a year.
  24. Jay Kelley

    Any hunts you wouldn’t do again?

    I did a 2 day pheasant hunt in west Texas - a fund raiser for a local service club - on private land donated and marked. First day we were covered up with hunters. Second day we were on our own. Never saw a pheasant. Won't do that one again.
  25. Jay Kelley

    If you could only do one, or one more safari

    30 day full bag with a few close friends (5-6 total). I would take the rifles I own. A CZ557 in .30-06 and a 550 on 375 H&H along with a Winchester model 12 in 16 gauge because I'd have to get some wing shooting in at some point.
  26. Jay Kelley

    What's the next cartridge your looking to add to your collection and what role will it fill?

    Mine was very reliable. The key is keeping them very clean. In the case of .243, I just didn't care for the cartridge and the necessity of removing the barrel to clean it, thereby throwing the scope off. The 760 had the same issue, but was not nearly so finicky about being clean.
  27. Jay Kelley

    "The Last One"

    How many guns is enough? Juat one more...
  28. Jay Kelley

    What's the next cartridge your looking to add to your collection and what role will it fill?

    I had a 7600 in 'O6 and a 7400 in .243. Sold both of them to finance other purchases. Dad had a 760 in '06 also.
  29. Jay Kelley

    A new old revolver

    Thank you. I'm at a stage where old and collectible firearms are more desirable than the latesr gizmo. I'm currently counting pennies for another Colt in .32 S&W Long.
  30. Jay Kelley

    A new old revolver

    I'd been looking at this revolver at the gun shop in my local range for some time. Finally decided to bite the bullet in August. Took me untl a couple of weeks ago to get ammo ( 38 S&W). It's a sweet shooter in SA, although the DA trigger is pretty stiif. Colt Police Positve Special. MFR 1913
  31. Jay Kelley

    What's the next cartridge your looking to add to your collection and what role will it fill?

    Thinking about a Remington 760/7600 in .308 to replace an old model 94 carry in my truck. The .30-30 is becoming an heirloom. I'd also like to get my hands on a CZ550 in. 458 Lott or a ruger #1 in 7x57 just because...
  32. Jay Kelley

    What was your best firearm deal?

    I've got more of the worst deals than best deals
  33. Jay Kelley

    What was your best firearm deal?

    $65 for a MagTech 7022. I've added a cheap 4x Tasco scope. It gets more range and field time than any other rifle I own.
  34. Jay Kelley

    What Line Of Work Are You In

    I spent seven years on sea duty. First a big amphibious ship, then a destroyer. Rode a couple of hurricanes and some north Atlantic storms, but I'm pretty sure nothing like what the Anderson and Fitzgerald faced in November of '75
  35. Jay Kelley

    Any Other Interests???

    Firefighting, gun collecting and sports writing are my hobbies.Ministry is a vocation
  36. Jay Kelley

    What Line Of Work Are You In

    Minister for a small church on the south plains of Texas and sportswriter for the local newspaper.
  37. Jay Kelley

    Mammals of the Pleistocene Era, which would you like to hunt and what cartridge would you use?

    Probably any of our modern big bores could do the job, but I think I'd want something that started with a 5
  38. Jay Kelley

    Dangerous Game Scope

    I have a 1x4 Trijicon Accupower (accupoint, but with batteries) on a CZ550 in .375 H&H.
  39. Jay Kelley

    What's the ideal / preferred rifle weight for the following cartridges?

    My .375 is 11.6 with scope. Recoil is comfortable even with heavy loads. The caveat...most of my limited rifle shooting is done from a bench on the range.
  40. Jay Kelley

    Hunting distances- how far is too far?

    100 yards with iron sights, 250 with a scope is about my limit.
  41. Jay Kelley

    What's the big deal about buffalo anyway?

    I have not had the privilege of hunting buffalo (yet) but i grew up hunting bobwhites and pheasant in central Kansas. I consider that one of the great privileges of my childhood.
  42. Jay Kelley

    Help me figure out a rifle

    Another round that has a reputation for capable performance without unbearable recoil is the 6.5x55 Swedish.
  43. Jay Kelley

    Help me figure out a rifle

    Everybody has an opinion on this. I like the '06 and it can be pretty tame yet capable with lighter loads. The .308 has a bit less recoil than the '06, at least to me, so I assume the 7mm-08 will have less recoil than the 7 mag or perhaps even the 7x57, although I've been told the latter is a...
  44. Jay Kelley

    What are the legal minimum caliber restrictions for big game in your neck of the woods?

    From the Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual app Game animals and non-migratory game birds may be hunted with any legal firearm, except: Rimfire Ammunition (of any caliber) may NOT be used to hunt white-tailed deer, mule deer, desert bighorn sheep, or pronghorn. Fully Automatic Firearms...
  45. Jay Kelley

    Thoughts on type of camps

    That's what I think I would want also, but you explained it much better than I could.
  46. Jay Kelley

    Thoughts on type of camps

    Haven't done Africa (yet) but here's what I would like for a hunting trip, not necessarily in any order 1) A comfortable place to sleep 2) Decent food 3) ability to get a hot shower 4) Clean clothes None of these need to be fancy and I don't mind doing without for a while to get the game I'm...
  47. Jay Kelley

    New (to me) shotgun

  48. Jay Kelley

    New (to me) shotgun

    Shotgun ammo is still stored outside the safe. Used the money for a new safe to buy this. Colt Police Positive in .38 S&W. By Serial No. the mfg. date is 1915. Bore is good. Will order ammo for it at LGS on Tuesday.
  49. Jay Kelley

    Still worth buying a 338 WinMag if I own a 375?

    While I might gravitate toward the .35 Whelen instead of the .338 WM, There's always a good reason to have another rifle.