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    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome from another Virginia Resident! Congrats on your family safari.
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    Why You Should Travel To Zimbabwe

    My first safari comes up in the Zimbabwe Save Valley in 73 days. 10 days hunting Buffalo and PG. Spending two days after the hunt as well in Vic falls with the wife. The anticipation, practice, hiking and all of the planning has been an awesome part of the buildup to the adventure. I have...
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    Hotel near Harare airport / Fast Jet: comments please

    Any recommendations on lodging that would store a firearm in Harare. Our intent would be after the hunt in the Save to stay in Harare for a night. Then Fly to Vic Falls for a night or two, Fly back to Harare and spend another night before departing home to the states. Prefer not to travel...
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    Flying Qatar Airlines

    Any experiences on flying out of Washington D.C. with Qatar to Harare? I'll be meeting with Travel Express at the SCI convention to discuss details.
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    New Member

    New member from Virginia here. I have only dreamed of heading to Africa on Safari and will do so on my first trip Oct. 2023 to Save Valley for Buffalo and maybe a few other critters! Will also go to my first SCI convention in Feb! Can't Wait!