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  1. Andrew62

    New to Africa Hunting

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!
  2. Andrew62

    Ammo weight question

    There you go, that’s a good attitude to have. Enjoy your hunt!!
  3. Andrew62

    Ammo weight question

    While the total weight of ammo itself is under 11 pounds, like @JimP says, it's sometimes more about the gate agent. If it were me I would consider taking less ammo to reduce the anxiety of 'not knowing' what you may run into. Out of curiosity, what ammo and how much of each are you looking to...
  4. Andrew62

    A good old buffalo

    That's one old ugly a** buffalo!! But I'd have hammered it the first chance I had!! Awesome trophy!
  5. Andrew62

    Good Gun Deals This Week I've seen people on this site looking for Kimber Talkeetna, .375H&H, here is one listed on Gunbroker.
  6. Andrew62


    I'm 62 also, and can say I am as healthy today as I have been in a very long time due to diet and exercise, but I do give great thought these days to planning future hunts as I never know when my last hunt will be. Kind of sad thinking that way, but it is the reality.
  7. Andrew62

    Binocular Advice Needed

    For the Limpopo area where I am going back to this September, I will take my 8x30 Swarovski. If I were to go back to the eastern cape I would definitely want 10x42's.
  8. Andrew62

    Hornady 458 Bonded DGX

    I was hunting in SA three years ago, the guide took a cape buffalo using a 416 with DGX, it knocked the bull flat on its side. Since witnessing that, I have taken 3 cape buffalo using 300 grain Hornady DGX out of my .375H&H, I would not hesitate to use DGX ammo again. All 3 taken were...
  9. Andrew62

    Mountain rifles

  10. Andrew62

    Mountain rifles

    I absolutely love my Kimber Mountain Ascent in .308. With a Leupold 4.5x14 scope it weighs 5lbs 15oz.
  11. Andrew62

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With De Duine Safaris?

    While I did buy an SCI sponsored auction for a hunt with this outfit, 2 hunters 2 sables, the other guy who bought 1/2 of the safari has an 11 year old, son so I gave him my part of the hunt so he could take his son on his first safari. They are to hunt with this outfit in late August of this...
  12. Andrew62

    Ruger 77 .375 Ruger NIB

    Great gun, a fellow hunter I was with in Uganda this past March used this exact gun with great success. Looks like you have your deal, great going for both seller and buyer.
  13. Andrew62

    Scope for Win70 in 375

    I concur with @375Fox, for years I ran a 1.5x5 Leupold, now I have a VX5 in 2x10 on my .375H&H. Over the past couple of hunts I have taken shots on hartebeest out at 200 yards and I was thankful for the 10x magnification. Then again, I am 62 and do not see as well as when I was 32. Leupold...
  14. Andrew62

    Barnes TSX review

    Late in 2010 while I was on a buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe, they said they had a tuskless permit left. I had my .375H&H, I used Barnes 300gr TSX. My first shot was just above her eye line, it knocked her on her butt, I put the other 3 in her chest, she never went 10'. My last elephant I used...
  15. Andrew62

    Delta vs United (higher end economy)

    I am one of the lucky hunters who has flown to Africa 6-8 times on United with zero incident. So long as you allow 2 to 3 hours of layover in Newark on your way back through you will be good to go. Flying on Qatar, again, no issues, but they will require more paperwork. They will want a copy...
  16. Andrew62

    2 Elephant Hunts Still Available

    Whether it has 20 or 50lbs of ivory, the hunt experience is usually the same! I've taken a management bull like yours, a cow and a tuskless. The tuskless being the most intense of those 3 hunts.
  17. Andrew62

    New from Wales, United Kingdom

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!
  18. Andrew62

    shooting 375 H/H

    Over my lifetime I have on an occasional plains game hunt rented a gun, and I can tell you on 3 occasions I missed very good quality animals because I was not familiar with their guns. For me, there is no way I would ever use someone else's gun for dangerous game. I'd buy my own .375H&H, get...
  19. Andrew62

    Delta vs United (higher end economy)

    I have flown United's Premium Economy, the 6" extra legroom is a real bonus, the width of the seat is the same as the regular seats. I've never flown Delta to Africa. This past March I flew Qatar, and I am flying Qatar this September again, great airline, great service.
  20. Andrew62

    Best bullet for Africa

    There are a tremendous amount of great quality bullets to choose from for plains game, silver tips and solids are not 2 of those. Partitions, yes, they are ok, but again, plenty of other bullets I would choose first. I'm a huge fan of Barnes and Swift bullets.
  21. Andrew62

    Difficulties exporting trophies from Argentina?

    On my hunt in 2016, I took a red stag and a buffalo, I did receive my red stag and my buffalo horns, but never my buffalo hide. There is a thread showing my emails to and from the outfitter on this site from 2018. I'll leave it at this for now, but the failure of me not receiving my hide was...
  22. Andrew62

    Difficulties exporting trophies from Argentina?

    I'm still waiting to receive my buffalo hide taken with Caza back in 2016.
  23. Andrew62

    New member from Pennsylvania

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!
  24. Andrew62

    New from Wyoming

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!!
  25. Andrew62

    New from the southernmost swamplands

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!
  26. Andrew62

    Gun choice for Tiny 10 and small night cats

    I’ve had great success using 300 grain Barnes TSX out of my .375H&H
  27. Andrew62

    Good African Safari Shirt?

    To ward off tsetse flies you best wear something cotton and with some weight to it. They can easily bite through a nylon type of shirt, trust me, I learned this in Uganda this year.
  28. Andrew62

    Prayers for Mike

  29. Andrew62

    Shipping Trophies has Gotten Outlandish

    Last March I fulfilled a 25 year long dream, I took a western savannah buffalo in Cameroon. I had my guide take pics, then I walked away from it. That's pretty much how I have been handling trophies for many years, the stress and costs of getting things mounted takes away too much from my...
  30. Andrew62

    Hearing protection for upcoming Cape Buffalo hunt

    I have had great success with Axil Xcor. I also have Otopro, non-electronic ear plugs, I like them a lot, but in dangerous situations or if the outfitter is trying to put me on the right animal, I do not hear well enough. The one way I have hunted most is to always have a foam ear plug in my...
  31. Andrew62

    Am new here

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!
  32. Andrew62

    1st Cape Buffalo Hunt South Africa recommendations

    I have hunted buffalo many times, and for buffalo in South Africa, you cannot beat @TSALA HUNTING SAFARIS. They have a huge self-sustaining herd of some awesome buffalo. They pick up tracks and follow them so it is a genuine buffalo hunt. In fact portions of their concession is so thick I...
  33. Andrew62

    Tipping Guide

    I've said it on this thread before and I'm going to say it again, sorting out the tips at the end of a wonderful hunt can sure take the shine off of a great experience.
  34. Andrew62

    Hello from Washington State

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us! I hope you all have a wonderful experience. As to mounts and trying to hold down on the costs, do not overlook doing some euro mounts on some of the animals.
  35. Andrew62

    New guy from Oklahoma

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!
  36. Andrew62

    New Guy from Northern California

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!
  37. Andrew62

    New from North Carolina

    Oh that's a lovely area, I live in Maryland, have a condo in downtown historic Wilmington. Good luck planning your first African safari!!
  38. Andrew62

    City Lodge questions

    Rifle permits has helped me on 2 occasions, they do a great job.
  39. Andrew62

    What's the best way to Fly to Zimbabwe with guns

    I have flown through Newark six times and have not experienced any difficulties with my guns.
  40. Andrew62

    New from North Carolina

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us. What part of NC are you from?
  41. Andrew62

    For Sale Leupold VX6 HD 2-12x42 FireDot Duplex

    I received your scope earlier this week, scope is as advertised, always a real pleasure to do business with you, Mark. I hope your upcoming trip to Africa is a wonderful experience.
  42. Andrew62

    New guy from Nebraska

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!!
  43. Andrew62

    Mozambique Buffalo Hunt Special - TSALA HUNTING SAFARIS

    Tremendous offer, Rouan!!
  44. Andrew62

    Cape Buffalo Mount Question

    I do want to add and make clear that the 3 springbuck I had mounted were excellent, I could not be happier. My buddy also had several other animals mounted that he is happy with. Unfortunately, this buffalo fell short of the other work that was completed.
  45. Andrew62

    Cape Buffalo Mount Question

    Lauriston Taxidermy, eastern cape of South Africa
  46. Andrew62

    Cape Buffalo Mount Question

    My buddy took this Buffalo 2 years ago, had it mounted, got it home, now he questions if it’s the same Buffalo. What do you all think?
  47. Andrew62

    ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwe With Buzz Charlton

    Safe travels, shoot straight!
  48. Andrew62

    New sponsor member

    Welcome! Certainly glad to have you here with us!!
  49. Andrew62

    How do you guys handle ear protection whilst on safari?

    Having watched my Dad become damn near deaf from 70+ years of shooting and hunting convinced me there will have to be some extraordinary circumstance for me to fire any rifle at the range or while hunting without hearing protection. I love hearing, I want to continue to hear. I tend to wear...
  50. Andrew62

    How do you guys handle ear protection whilst on safari?

    I have a pair of these as well, I have mainly used mine for range purposes. One thing nice about these is there are no batteries to be worrying with.