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    Which countries offer the most affordable Sheep/goat hunts?

    I'll second Auodad in Texas. Hunts seem to be $5-6k.
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    2 Elephant Hunts Still Available

    Are "most" elephants in Africa taken on a charge? I assumed this happened in a minority of hunts, but I have 0 elephant hunting experience. I've had oscillations between wanting to do it and being scared to death of it.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS In The Eastern Cape

    I think this is his YouTube video
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    Buffalo & Kudu Hunt - $10,000 All Inclusive

    I copied the link weird and it's not starting at the top of the report. Here's a better link:
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    Buffalo & Kudu Hunt - $10,000 All Inclusive

    Here's my report hunting buffalo with Wik. I had a great time and would recommend.
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    Buffalo & Kudu Hunt - $10,000 All Inclusive

    Wik seems to like to take that angle in his pics. To showcase the bosses I'm sure. I also was a little concerned about the drop the bulls would have because of this before I hunted with him. My bull is the first one in the thread. Here is a pic of my bull from a different angle. Hunting with...
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    Tanzania Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari 7 Days $US16,500/Hunter All Inclusive

    I assume you are looking for one group of 4? For example, I couldn't book as a single joining 3 others?
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    Carpathian Chamois Trophy Hunting!

    Hi, a couple questions. What does a <=95 CIC chamois look like? Are those still mature animals?Can you post pictures of smaller chamois with estimated CIC? I don't care about score, but do want to shoot a mature animal. I've never been on a hunt that had increasing cost for bigger trophies. How...
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    USA: Has Anyone Hunted With Ridgerunner Outfitters In Idaho?

    Hey @sgt_zim , did you ever write a report on this hunt? I'm thinking about 2024 now as 2023 got away from me. Feel free to PM me. Thanks!
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    Canada moose recommendations 2023 or 2024

    Thanks for the replies, I will check a few of these out.
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    Canada moose recommendations 2023 or 2024

    I'm looking into doing a moose hunt in Canada. Most likely 2024, but if the stars aligned it could be this year. I don't have the budget for a Yukon moose hunt. More looking at Alberta or Newfoundland. I don't want to shoot a small bull. I would hold out for something around that 40 inch mark. I...
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    What to look for with an import agent?

    I used Trophy Shippers during what sounds like a difficult time for them. I think they were going through some staff transitions. I ended up with some fairly large storage fees. I'm not even 100% sure that the storage fees were incurred because of them or some other organization. Trophy...
  13. Auodad Hunt Texas

    Auodad Hunt Texas

  14. Auodad Hunt Texas

    Auodad Hunt Texas

  15. Auodad Hunt Texas

    Auodad Hunt Texas

  16. Auodad Hunt Texas

    Auodad Hunt Texas

  17. Auodad Hunt Texas

    Auodad Hunt Texas

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    USA: West Texas Auodad x2

    My brother and I have been talking about hunting Auodad in west Texas for the last 12 years or so. We were finally able to make it happen this week. We drove down Friday/Saturday and got back yesterday. We hunted an area between Fort Stockton and Marathon with an outfitter. The first day we...
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    Need help with broken Kudu euro

    I posted recently about some taxidermy and shipping issues myself. My kudu skull wasn't as bad as yours, but I was able to fix it up with some Elmer's glue. I agree with someone above that you could maybe screw both pieces of the skull in separately to the plaque on top of each other.
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    Where’s the moose?

    My family and I saw this small bull and a cow just above SLC last weekend on a little hike. Cool animals.
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    Trophies Arrived October 2022

    The skull bones were very brittle. I got back a black bear skull about the same time that feels like hard bone. The bone on my Africa mounts seems to be very brittle in comparison. Probably combining that with rough handling cause the breakages.
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    Trophies Arrived October 2022

    In case anyone is interested to see the damage before we fixed them. I'm fortunate my wife was there while I opened it up. When I saw them all broken up I wanted to go into hulk smash mode and just start stomping on everything. Especially after paying $4,000 for storage. She talked me into...
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    Trophies Arrived October 2022

    A quarter of the kudu skull was broken into about four pieces. The chunk of skull that the Cape buffalo had been secured to the shield with had completely separated from the rest of the skull. The warthog was completely detached from the shield. I'm honestly not even sure that it was ever...
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    Trophies Arrived October 2022

    I was able to pay by credit card thankfully.
  25. Buffalo European Mount & Zebra Rug

    Buffalo European Mount & Zebra Rug

  26. Kudu & Impala European Mounts & Warthog Skull

    Kudu & Impala European Mounts & Warthog Skull

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    Trophies Arrived October 2022

    I did have a well-known US broker. I was told the problem was the customs inspection. They sat there for about 3 weeks. My box was pretty small and light, but they have daily minimums on the storage charges. I think for the first 5 days it was $175 per day. After that it was something like $250...
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    Trophies Arrived October 2022

    Everything was pretty reasonable except for the storage charges. Which it sounds like seem to be a problem at SFO specifically. The flight shipping from South Africa was only $900 or so. Then it was maybe 7 to $800 for clearance and the last flight from SFO to SLC. It really would have been...
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    Trophies Arrived October 2022

    I got my trophies back a couple weeks ago. The last week of getting them back was quite disappointing. I got charged nearly $4k for my crate to sit at SFO waiting for inspections. Then when I got my crate, 3/4 of my Euro mounts were broken in different ways. I repaired them myself with extra...
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    USA: Fall Black Bear Hunt

    Due to high numbers of West coasters flooding his state, my brother requested that I do not share the state. But it's one of the three lower 48 states with grizzlies.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Proper Buffalo Hunt With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS

    You took some great animals. Post some more pictures of your Buffalo. I took a buffalo there in march. My buffalo euro mount just got to my house two days ago. It's fun to relive the memories.
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    Trophy shipping costs

    I'm going through the same thing. I have four euro mounts and one rug. These arrived in San Francisco around September 14th. They then sat there until now, and now I'm being told I have $3,900 in storage charges. This is absolutely ridiculous. Those storage charges are equal to my taxidermy...
  33. Black Bear Hunting

    Black Bear Hunting

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    USA: Fall Black Bear Hunt

    My first bear hunt was in the spring of 2020. My brother, his son, and I did a self guided spot and stalk black bear hunt. We saw bears everyday, but only had one real opportunity. We were walking along an old logging road when I spotted a huge bear walking right towards us in the trees. The...
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    I hunted there in March. It's fun to read about places I've been. Your bushbuck is outstanding. That's one of a few animals I'd like to hunt if I ever make it back. Quite a cool animal and challenging to hunt. Great hunt and write up so far!
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    USA: Has Anyone Hunted With Ridgerunner Outfitters In Idaho?

    How did this hunt go? I'm looking for me and my son 2023. @sgt_zim
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    A Different Kind of Hunt

    You may want to start by getting a job, any job. Manual labor, driving, something. Doing something productive could help with anxiety and depression. Having a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day can be very rewarding. Exercising also helps me get in a good mental state. You could...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Kudu With Warren At Rhinoster Hoek

    Enjoyed reading your report! I'm one of the 2 hunters who flew over to Johannesburg and PE with you! Glad to see your trip went well.
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    I realized I listed the wrong area size. I said "5 square miles" when in reality it is a 5 x 5 mile area. So in reality, it is 25 square miles or so.
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    I've been thinking about that the last few days. I have a lot of other hunting I'd like to do still and a finite budget. Ibex, red stag, chamois, auodad, moose, and caribou. So it may be a while till I make it back to Africa. When my kids are older I'd love to take them to Africa. That's not...
  41. Cape Buffalo Hunt With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS

    Cape Buffalo Hunt With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS