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    Federal 215 Magnum Primers -Needed

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    Federal 215 Magnum Primers -Needed

    If near NW MO I could help you out, can't ship them with out hazmat
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    Reloading or factory loads for Dangerous Game?

    I have personally seen more misfires from hunting buddies factory ammo, than I have had with my personal handloads. Most firearms I own, I have never fired a factory round through them. The ones I purchased new have only seen the factory test round in them. On PG and especially DG I am not...
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    Best bullets for 7mm-08 hunting African plains game?

    We just got back and took the same combo. I shot 250gr swift A frames out of 338wm. They are hammers. Only bullet recovered was from eland (it broke skin on off side but didn't exit) I was not satisfied with load results for 160 gr in 7mm-08 and settled with 140 gr Sierra's btsp. Impala was all...
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    Medical Evac insurance - I need solid opinions, Please

    I have had both, did have a claim with Ripcord since COVID. They did pay claim but took nearly a year. Did not have any claim or needed service with Global Rescue
  6. Zebra Hunting

    Zebra Hunting

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    Calling Plains Game

    This warrior responded to calling. Thought he was being challenged and came within 338wm range.
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    Calling Plains Game

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    Oal for 375 h&h In Ruger No 1??????

    Hello folks, I just purchased a Ruger No.1 in 375 h&h. Was getting ready to develop a load and measured the chamber in this rifle. Specs show 3.6" oal, this rifle measures 3.735" to the lands. Is this much jump common? Depending upon what an individual rifle likes, I normally seat bullets...
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    Looking for information

    We were there 30 days ago, with the exchange rate at that time the zebra skins varied depending upon grade/size between $900 & $1050. I didn't look at price of springbok hides
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    416 rigby or 416 remington?

    The Rigby is definitely a classic and will always be popular. The Remington is a newer cartridge and easier to find brass and loaded ammo. I chose a Remington based on that alone. I doubt a buff or anything else will be able to tell the little difference in ballistics between the two.
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    Ruminating on the idea of building/ buying the wife a safari rifle

    I built my bride a 7mm-08. Mountain rifle type, light weight. Recoil is a little stout for her above 140gr bullets. She loves it but wanted a bit more hp for larger plainsgame. In process of putting together a 7mm RM where she will have a brake on it here in states and PH will keep a suppressor...
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    Soaking Clothes In Permethrin

    I had a tip shared with me about 10 years ago after a week long trip to Ticksas (Texas) county MO where the ticks would carry you off. Not uncommon to have 50-60 crawling on you at any time. Started using Irish Spring soap and have yet to have a tick ever attach since. They may crawl on you...
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    Limpopo plains game pricing

    If going to Limpopo area. Look for critters that you won't find very common elsewhere (bushbuck) Have a Blessed Trip
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    .416 Rem bullet for Cape Buffalo

    400 gr a frame at 2400 is perfect. I have 2 recovered from buffalo that penetration was over 48" and retained over 95%. When they perform that good you really don't need a solid.
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    Go Hunting

    Sorry about your friend. Agreed on go, we are never promised our next breath.
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    What animal to shoulder mount

    We were not going to do any taxidermy on our 1st trip. That starts to change when wife is blessed with a unique kudu (wide) and then I ended up with an almost 43"+ buff. Ended up having 4 mounts and 1 euro done. Very glad I did. Everytime I look at, just a reminder of the adventure. Not sure...
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    More Than 1 Million Adult Women Hunt in U.S.

    My wife and I hunt regularly together, started over 30 yrs ago. I really enjoy spending time in God's creation, pursuing his creatures, and could not think of a better person to be with. But as we have matured, I find that I enjoy her being successful more than myself. Our upcoming trip to...
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    Overpriced Reloading Components?

    That price was for a rock chucker press, dies and shell holder.
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    Overpriced Reloading Components?

    I came across this receipt in a set of dies. Original purchase in 1975 The press is still in use, I think my brother is still using some of the brass, but the bullets are long gone. Along way from where prices are today
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    When you are wishing you were in Africa killing stuff

    Must have been in the karoo. Not sure if same place, but same meal we had our 1st night at a particular lodge
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    City Lodge Jo-Burg

    When we stayed there, our flight came in real late. We went straight to Citi and left our firearms at the police station until next morning. Got them inspected and cleared to go in no time.
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    Wanted Swift .375 300gr A frames

    There were some on GB last night as well
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    Wanted Swift A Frame .338 & 7mm

    .338s are on way Just looking for some 160s or 140s in 7mm
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    Wanted Swift A Frame .338 & 7mm

    Looking for a few more projectiles for an upcoming trip in a few weeks. If anyone has any to spare PM me Thank You
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    Shipping Companies you used; Would use again or Wouldn't

    I don't think Kruger Human is with same company. We received our mounts from Kruger and I couldn't have been happier with taxidermy, euro mount, and crating. All was top notch, very meticulously done. I would definitely use his services again.
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    Practice Load for .416 Rem Mag

    I shoot gas checked cast bullets out of mine. 1700 fps w/ Mild recoil and alot cheaper for practice. I bought an rcbs mold at same time I picked up rifle probably 20 yrs ago.
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    Female PH

    We have a group of couples going to S.A. next year. I have requested to have a female PH that we hunted with on a previous trip be a part of this one. There are some of the wives that want to have a ladies day out hunting. It will not be easy for you, but if you do the best that you can. Be...
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    Kansas City get together

    Sounds like a good time. Our schedule is still a little hectic but will be getting better in 3 weeks or so. I will try to pick a cool afternoon and have a little get together just south of St. Joe for anyone interested.
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    .416 Rem Mag Issue

    There is a spray able product that I think is called liquid electrical tape. Mask off outside of your rings and spray a light coating on inside of rings. Reassemble and let dry. Your problem will be solved and not terrible to work with or remove if you decide to change rings or optics later.
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    Advise for loading 7mm Rem Mag

    My Rem 700 7mag shoots h4831 extremely well. Does good with IMR but prefers H powder. You should be able to find a sweet spot with velocity you are trying to obtain.
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    Why not a Single Shot?

    Yes a 2nd round typically between ring finger and pinkie on left hand. Kick empty out with lever right hand dropping next round in with left hand, close take aim and fire.
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    Why not a Single Shot?

    I have hunted DG with a Ruger#1, as stated earlier a 2nd shot can be made in comparable time or less than with a standard bolt. The 3rd shot does take a bit more time. I checked with PH and outfitter prior to hunt and both told me that if anyone is crazy enough to hunt Buffalo with a single...
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    Anyone in the KC area or midwest?

    If you can make it tomorrow and your significant other shoots, welcome as well. My wife may shoot a little tomorrow
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    Wanted .25-20 Brass & Suitable Cast/Jacketed Bullets

    I need to check what I have available. If I remember correctly I bought some from a guy a few years ago because it was available and know how hard it is to come by from time to time. If you haven't heard back from me in a day or 2 - pm me to remind me. If you don't have to have 25-20 headstamp I...
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    Ruger No 1 *** Questions ***

    I don't claim to be a Ruger no1 expert and I may be wrong, but I think the 375h&h is only produced in the 1-H tropical. At least that's all I have seen it in.
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    Anyone in the KC area or midwest?

    In if weather allows
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    Anyone in the KC area or midwest?

    Pick a date, time and place
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    Anyone in the KC area or midwest?

    I am just south of St. Joseph. If anyone wants to come visit. Can shoot out to 175 off the patio, can go the distance of 750 and keep bullets on my property. I don't have any doubles or blasers but have a few big bore single shots.
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    The cost of shipping Trophies

    The kudu and Nyala horns are removable. There was very little space not used
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    The cost of shipping Trophies

    RSA - Emiac US - coppersmith
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    The cost of shipping Trophies

    I have my mounts at home now. 1 very lg buff shoulder 1 kudu ped/wall 1 Nyala ped/wall 1 Impala shoulder 1 eland euro Buff backskin 6' tall zulu shield Crate was 4x4x7 approx 500# shipped by boat into Houston. RSA for crating, courier, paperwork and boat freight $3100 U S - inspection...
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    Anyone else use their 416 on Plains Game?

    There is alot to be said about an individual that has one rifle for everything and uses it well in all circumstances.
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    I have never had an a-frame disappoint me in performance.
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    a Blessed Easter to you all

    Amen, He has Risen Indeed. It is real easy to say that Christ died for all the sins of the world. But when we look at it that "MY" sins put Jesus on the cross it gets personal. So thankful for God's Love, Mercy, and Grace.
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    Low recoil red deer and wild boar cartridge

    Congrats on getting vision restored. 7x57 or 7mm-08 with premium bullets will do the job very nicely with very manageable recoil.
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    416 Remington reload info

    I have tried some with unsatisfactory accuracy. 350 gr was lightest I could get to group. 400gr shoot best and about all I use anymore. I have a partial box of 350 GR grand slams if you want to try them.
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    First Timer African Safari Common Mistakes To Avoid

    I took a pair of lightweight hikers and light hunting boots. Both waterproof (big mistake) being water proof doesn't allow for moisture to escape as well. Took me a month to get over the jungle rot on my feet from 2 weeks in waterproof shoes and the heat in RSA.