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    debutt, Very nice rifle, the 500/465 is a great caliber! I am not able to appraise your rifle, but Cal Pappas can. You would need to take a lot of detailed photos for him to do so. You can find him here: The best in double rifles and African hunting Charlie
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    Hunting Man-eaters and Rogues in India??

    I have heard that sometimes you can hunt man-eating leopards and rogue elephants in India. Is this true? I know hunting was shut down in India, but I have heard stories of people hunting the leopards and elephants. Is there a way to contact the government there and get on some sort of a list...
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    Hunting Elephant with a recurve?

    I had bookmarked this thread a while ago and am glad I kept it! here is an excerpt from the thread posted by none other than the founder of this wonderful website: "Minimum Equipment Requirements for...
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    Hunting Elephant with a recurve?

    $10,000 Said: 'it Can't Be Done' - 05.06.57 - SI Vault Article is Bill Negley's account of his elephant hunt with a recurve in 1957.
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    Hunting Elephant with a recurve?

    Just like I already stated above.... I understand what I need to do to be able to hunt elephant with a recurve. Thanks again to all of you who gave me helpful info! Charlie
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    Those thinking about buying a first double rifle

    Big bore doubles were actually used in World War I. I have heard of them being used as anti-tank weapons. I have also heard an account of a 600 NE. double being used to take out German sniping positions. The soldier brought it with him to war and used it to shoot through the steel plates that...
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    Hunting Elephant with a recurve?

    Sounds like I would need to work up to a 100# or more bow. I would rather be safe than sorry. Like I had said in my first post, I have read of it being done, but with much heavier bows. Bill Negley used a 102# Bear recurve bow for his first elephant hunt and I have also heard of someone using a...
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    Hunting Elephant with a recurve?

    Hello all! This is my first post here on AH. I was wondering what the proper recurve bow setup would be for hunting elephant? I have done some research on what people have used before and have heard draw weight ranging anywhere from 90-120. Would a 70-80# bow be enough? or is more needed? I...