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    Lechwe Hunt

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    Buffalo Hunting

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    Buffalo Hunting

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    Buffalo Hunting

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    Duiker Hunt

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    Hunting Lechwe

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    Hunting Black Impala

  9. Larry Mikelsen

    Travel agent for travel to South Africa-2023

    I have used Shawn Kennedy at Gracy. Never disappointed. Bruce in JoBurg is a Saint. My last trip was June/July 2022, so this info is current.
  10. Larry Mikelsen

    Older Legs ... A Cape Buff Hunt With Lower Physical Requirements?

    Hi Nomadx2. I saw your Post and wanted to say heck yes you can go! I got back from a Cape Buffalo hunt in the Eastern Cape of South Africa the 23rd of July. I was there for 30 days and hunted quite a mixed bag of animals. Cape Buffalo was my main thrust. I went with Meyrick Bowker of Bowker...
  11. Larry Mikelsen

    Ruger 375 H&H Houston For Sale

    I just saw your 2 year old message. Assume it is long gone.
  12. Larry Mikelsen

    Ruger 375 H&H Houston For Sale

    Hi there Tim! You said it has been shot a bit, how is the bore? I could be interested in the rifle and rings. Would like to see a picture of the fore stock, bbl, and front sight if possible. Thanks.
  13. Larry Mikelsen

    Comment by 'Larry Mikelsen' in media '500 gr DGS Bullet Peformance'

    I hunted SA last May and experienced frontal shot failures with my .375 H&H Hornady 300gr DGX into a Sable at 100 yards; and a .458 Lott 500gr Hornady DGX into a Cape Buffalo at 81 yards. Both bullets exploded with not a lot of penetration, and required much follow up. These were the unbonded...
  14. South African Sable

    South African Sable

    45.5 inch horns
  15. Larry Mikelsen

    Lever Action Rifles In Africa?

    Took a Gemsbok, Zebra, and Blue Wildebeest in SA in 2008 with my Marlin 1895 using Garrett 420 gr. Hammerheads. Worked really well.
  16. Larry Mikelsen

    Open Sighted 45-70 in Africa

    The .45-70 question always seems to prompt an interesting discussion. I have personally hunted Africa using a 1895 Marlin and Garrett 420 gr. Hammerhead ammo. I drove a Garrett 420 gr. clear through a Blue Wildebeest at 125 yards (left chest through the rump and the bullet kept going). I...
  17. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  18. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  19. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  20. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  21. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  22. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  23. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  24. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  25. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  26. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  27. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  28. Larry Mikelsen

    Comment by 'Larry Mikelsen' in media 'Trophy Room'

    Trophy Room East Wall 02
  29. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  30. Larry Mikelsen

    Comment by 'Larry Mikelsen' in media 'Trophy Room'

    Trophy Room East Wall
  31. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  32. Larry Mikelsen

    Cape Buffalo advice

    Possible Contact Ardent, Welcome to the Forum. A lot of useful information and tips from a lot of experienced hunters available here. Thought I would pass on a conversation I have with Terry Wagner of Worldwide Hunting this past Saturday. We were talking buffalo hunting and Terry told me...
  33. Larry Mikelsen

    Binocular recommendations?

    Vortex Binoculars Thought I just might throw another binocular into the mix. I upgraded a fine set of Nikon 8X binos last year (getting older and need a wee bit more magnification) and spent some field time checking out my options. I finally cut it down to three binoculars: the Leopold Gold...
  34. Larry Mikelsen

    Anyone using a 45/70

    Mike, You have a fun, successful and safe trip! I'll be looking for your posts when you get back. Larry
  35. Larry Mikelsen

    More Greetings from Seattle

    My mistake Mary B. Yes, I dealt with Mary T. So confusing! LOL!! I found all of you folks most helpful.
  36. Larry Mikelsen

    Anyone using a 45/70

    This discussion is pretty much down to two opposing camps. The real bottom line here is what the hunter and the PH are comfortable with. That is where DG hunts with archery and black powder come from. To some that is a hunt, to others that is suicide. Without being judgmental here, I suggest...
  37. Larry Mikelsen

    More Greetings from Seattle

    Hi Mary! You handled my trophies from Taxidermy Africa RSA earlier this year. You were my good example in the discussion on shipping of trophies. Good to see you jump into the discussions. There are lots of questions people have on getting their trophies home. To the rest of you out there...
  38. Larry Mikelsen

    Garret 45-70 Ammunition

    Sold. Let me know what we need to do to set it up to ship to Washington State. Thanks. Larry
  39. Larry Mikelsen

    Taxidermy shipping-ship or airplane?

    One more item Enysee, One thing I forgot to pass on is that I got a written quote for my anticipated taxidermy work prior to even going to RSA. I took that with me and did not allow my PH to steer me to "his" taxidermist. As it was, we did both like the same taxidermist (but that was just...
  40. Larry Mikelsen

    Cooking Fresh Meats - Tenderness, Flavor & Juiciness

    At Least we all Agree in Gracy Travel Hi browningbbr, The .45-70 levergun for Africa DG is always a lively topic. A lot of opinions, and little practical knowledge. Everyone to there own opinion! I do not buy into the minimum 4,000 lb. minimum energy idea. Must admit, I know of minimum...
  41. Larry Mikelsen

    Taxidermy shipping-ship or airplane?

    Air vs. Sea Hi all, just wanted to pass my experience. I received my trophies from RSA this past May. One crate (342 lbs., 67" x 52" x 43") with nine mounts and one rug in it along with a few other "must haves". First to back up a wee bit. Prior to going to RSA I spoke to my taxidermist...
  42. Larry Mikelsen

    Cooking Fresh Meats - Tenderness, Flavor & Juiciness

    When's the B-B-Q??? Damn browningbbr, I sure do enjoy your posts. Too bad we weren't at Thorn Kloof at the same time. Bet it would have been great! Keep 'em coming. You obviously know about meat. Really enjoy your info. Thanks. FYI, had to weigh in on the "anyone hunting Africa with a...
  43. Larry Mikelsen

    Anyone using a 45/70

    The right .45-70 lever gun Interesting discussion. Thought I might just weigh in with my personal experience. I own a 1895 Marlin in .45-70. The rifle has been refined and customized for me by Jim Brockman (Brockman's Rifles) in Gooding, Idaho, and set up to shoot Randy Garrett's 420 gr. &...
  44. Larry Mikelsen

    Federal Brass: "FC" v "FC 07" v "FC 08"

    Hey browningbbr, how you doing? My understanding is that the FC 07 or FC 08 tells you it is Federal Cartridge produced in 2007 & 2008 (i.e. "production runs"). Sort of like LC 05 (Lake City Ammunition Plant, 2005 production run). Will be interesting to see how they weigh up AND the measured...
  45. Montana Muley

    Montana Muley

    This is the prize after an 8-1/2 hour spot & stalk. 130 gr., .270 Winchester at 243 yards. It is about 6 degrees F. in the picture. A great day!
  46. Zebra Head Shot

    Zebra Head Shot

  47. Zebra Stallion from a different angle

    Zebra Stallion from a different angle

  48. How I packed my gun case

    How I packed my gun case

    This is how I packed my gun case. Everything traveled well, and had no problems. Rifles still shot on mark when I got to Africa.
  49. Zebra Stallion

    Zebra Stallion

    These are a challenge to hunt. Good senses, intelligent, and always seem to be on the move. Lots of fun. Beautiful Rug!
  50. 80 year old Tortoise

    80 year old Tortoise

    It was a close call, but I was able to avoid his charge!