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  1. Turkey Hunt Florida USA

    Turkey Hunt Florida USA

  2. Qwatali

    How bad can opening weekend of spring turkey season get?

    Good job guy’s [emoji122]! I was in Florida couple weeks back social distancing. My South Dakota trip got postponed due to all this craziness. But I still have on two more turkey hunts left, home state of Texas on Monday and Missouri on the 30th.
  3. Qwatali

    MEXICO: Desert Sheep In Mexico

    I was able to bring back my mule deer but I had to wait on the sheep because he did not have the CITIES tag in hand . I got it about 6 weeks later , he walked it through himself to make sure there wasn’t any issues crossing Mexico customs . It was then forwarded to me from the US side ...
  4. Qwatali

    RUSSIA: Kamchatka Russia Moose Hunt

    Correct ! All the meat stayed with the outfitter . We did eat some in camp . Good stuff .
  5. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  6. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  7. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  8. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  9. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  10. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

  11. Qwatali

    RUSSIA: Kamchatka Russia Moose Hunt

    I flew what aero flot calls comfort plus , wanted the extra room for the long flights. $2425 round trip . Air Russia has a flight from Anchorage to Kamchatka but it’s only from middle of July to middle of September. Definitely taking this one on my sheep hunt . Half the air travel time...
  12. Qwatali

    Trophy Room Pictures

    Yes , the front room is most of my African game. Other room is stuff from elsewhere. Here are a few different angles. Got the space above the sheep for my recently harvested Kamchatka Moose.
  13. Qwatali

    RUSSIA: Kamchatka Russia Moose Hunt

    I rented his rifle for $ 300 . Cheaper and A LOT less hassle. He had very nice bolt action 300 win mag with Schmidt Bender optics
  14. Qwatali

    Trophy Room Pictures

    Great pictures everyone, here is a shot of mine.
  15. Qwatali

    RUSSIA: Kamchatka Russia Moose Hunt

    Thanks ! I flew from Houston to New York , New York to Moscow and then Moscow to Kamchatka. Aeroflot airline . I’ve flown them on two different hunts to Russia now , each time I had to overnight in Moscow because of there late departing. This time had to overnight coming and going...
  16. Qwatali

    RUSSIA: Kamchatka Russia Moose Hunt

    I booked the hunt through an hunt booking agency. If I’m allowed to post the name I will. His outfits name is One Hunter. His name is Igor Anatolevich. He doesn’t haves web site and I couldn’t find anything on the web about him. He uses the booking agency because his English is very...
  17. Hunting Cabin in Kamchatka Russia

    Hunting Cabin in Kamchatka Russia

  18. Kamchatka Russia Hunt Moose

    Kamchatka Russia Hunt Moose

  19. Hunting Moose in Kamchatka Russia

    Hunting Moose in Kamchatka Russia

  20. Moose Hunt Kamchatka Russia

    Moose Hunt Kamchatka Russia

  21. Qwatali

    RUSSIA: Kamchatka Russia Moose Hunt

    After 12 days hunting moose in Alaska and not filling my tag last year, I figured I’ve give Kamchatka a shot for a different type of moose hunt. I hunted bear in Kamchatka back in 2010 and had a great time. Worst part about Kamchatka is the travel. Moose hunting in December can be and it was...
  22. Qwatali

    MAURITIUS: Hunting In Mauritius

    No , much easier travel without one . I used his 30-06 high quality rifle and scope
  23. Qwatali

    MAURITIUS: Hunting In Mauritius

    No it was with Ivan Charoux , There about the only 2 big names on the island
  24. Hunting Lodge in Mauritius

    Hunting Lodge in Mauritius

  25. Mauritius Hunt Rusa Deer

    Mauritius Hunt Rusa Deer

    Just before dark on the first day I harvested my first Rusa . Very nice and heavy horn stag.
  26. Hog Hunting Mauritius

    Hog Hunting Mauritius

    AH Cap Since I had another hunting day I figured we would keep hunting and see if we could do even better. We saw a lot of Stags on the second day but nothing tickled my fancy. I did harvest hog right a last light .
  27. Beaches of Mauritius

    Beaches of Mauritius

  28. Mauritius Hunting Area

    Mauritius Hunting Area

    The area Ivan hunting area were absolutely gorgeous. The mountains and thick forest looks like something out of Jurassic Park.
  29. Rusa Deer in Mauritius

    Rusa Deer in Mauritius

  30. Qwatali

    MAURITIUS: Hunting In Mauritius

    We finally made it back after a great trip from the beaches to the forest. Bwana was right, Ivan was a most gracious host form the pick up at airport to drop off. After the 28 hours of traveling we took it easy on the beach and touring the island the first couple days. Traffic on the...
  31. Qwatali

    MEXICO: Desert Sheep In Mexico

    It’s the Swarvoski PA-I-6 adaptor for iPhone . I think they have a seven out now . The 6 works works great. I think they have a 7 now . Have a buddy that works for Swarvoski, he said they can’t keep up as fast as the new phone come out. I just had an old iPhone 6 at the time I bought it...
  32. Qwatali

    MEXICO: Desert Sheep In Mexico

    Yes , from Phoenix . I've never had any safety issue there or even had that feeling of uncertainty like some other countries I've hunted. Clearing your rifle is piece of cake, can take about an hour depending on time of year of travel just because of the number of hunters. They did pass a...
  33. Muskox Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

    Muskox Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

  34. Mexico Hunting Mule deer

    Mexico Hunting Mule deer

  35. Bighorn Sheep Hunt Mexico

    Bighorn Sheep Hunt Mexico

  36. Qwatali

    MEXICO: Desert Sheep In Mexico

    Yes ! Hunted with a few different ones over the years , this outfit is top notch.
  37. Qwatali

    MEXICO: Desert Sheep In Mexico

    I've hunted Mexico a few times over the year but I had a great hunt last year. I was concentrating on sheep but had my eye open for Mulies too. Spotted an awesome ram on day 2 bedded down on the very top of the mountain but there was no way to get a shot closer then 900yds. Even if I could...
  38. Qwatali

    CANADA: I Just Thought I Wanted A Polar Bear

    I got the muskox done , hadn't had time to mount the fox yet. I'm putting it on the bottom section of the base .
  39. Canada Hunt Red Fox

    Canada Hunt Red Fox

  40. Hunting Muskox in Canada

    Hunting Muskox in Canada

  41. Qwatali

    CANADA: I Just Thought I Wanted A Polar Bear

    I figured I give the muskox hunt a try first. I told the booked company I don't mind the cold. Boy was I wrong, my watch read -25 after I got off the plane in Nunavu in the later part of March. I thought to myself this ain't to bad. Little did I know the weather was about to change. After...
  42. Turkey Hunting

    Turkey Hunting

  43. Brocket Deer Hunt

    Brocket Deer Hunt

  44. Qwatali

    MEXICO: Has Anyone Hunted With Yukkutz Hunting?

    Had a great hunt with them. Group of 5 and we all got our birds. One hunter shot two. I even connected with nice brocket deer . Lots of birds and the accommodations and food are great. The guides will go out of there way to make sure you have a successful hunt. The owners son Deigo...
  45. Qwatali

    MEXICO: Has Anyone Hunted With Yukkutz Hunting?

    I’m booked for a hunt 1 week of March . Probably little late to help you make a decision. I’ll let ya know.
  46. Qwatali

    Any info on Larry Bryant- Fly fishing Kamchatka; Bear/moose/sheep

    Larry arranged a bear hunt in Kamchatka for me and a friend back in May 2010. We both got 9ft+ bears. I was also a bit skeptical about booking due to the lower then average price at the time and the negative reports. You will always have something come up when hunting over there. Just...
  47. Qwatali

    3800USD!!! Mid-Asia Ibex Hunt Kyrgyzstan

    Sorry to hear about that Steve! Not sure who Igor hooked you up with in Kryg but I will have to agree with you though, some of the countries outfitts and officials are corrupt. But like Mike said, our outfitter Adilet made sure we did not pay anymore money to anyone other then agreed...