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  1. Tommy_Fontaine

    Luxury exotic animal hunt in Texas?

    Thanks everyone for you input I will look up the suggested/ranches. Yep agreed luxury can be fairly broad depending what you have in mind. But I got what i was looking for thanks much. Tommy
  2. Tommy_Fontaine

    Luxury exotic animal hunt in Texas?

    Do any of you have first hand experience hunting exotic animals on a luxury ranch in Texas? I know this has been asked before, but I didn't see a response that was not based on the cost of Texas vs Africa. I'm looking for what was the experience like?
  3. Tommy_Fontaine

    Opinions on the real big boys? 500J, 505 Gibbs, .500 NE, 577NE, 600NE, 700NE etc.

    When I got to thinking about the 700NE, it made me think of the one time I shot a 3.5" mag slug out of my 12ga (72cal) @ 2000fps. Can't remember the weight 600 or 700 grains. I think I'd rather get punched in the face really hard before I do that again.
  4. Tommy_Fontaine

    Limcroma Safaris 2022 season in review

    Awesome pictures! I can't wait for my hunt with you guys next July!!
  5. Tommy_Fontaine

    375 H&H Ammo/Bullets & Grizzly Stik Arrows/Broadheads For Sale

    Good luck with your new rifle! If you end up not liking it I'm looking for a 375 LH Sako. Cheers
  6. Tommy_Fontaine

    Leupold vx1 on 375

    I believe Trijicon has a few 1-4 that can be had around $400 I know still pretty expensive but good glass, Leupold 1.5-5 are good also. Both of those companies had awesome veteran/1st responders deals well worth your time if you can qualify.
  7. Tommy_Fontaine

    Leupold vx1 on 375

    Dale, I get it. This rifle won't get much use and you don't want to spend too much money on optics. Your suggested optic has 45ft fov at 100yds. A decent 1-5 has 120ft fov at 100yds. When it comes to game that can kill you what would you want! If you foul a shot at PG you lose your game, you...
  8. Tommy_Fontaine

    Two Used Super Express In .375 H&H At Cabela's

    It's a good idea to rotate 90 degrees on the scope, I'm surprised I never thought about that before. Then it dawned on me, its already done for since I shoot left handed rifles.
  9. Tommy_Fontaine

    Favorite .308 caliber

    300 Winchester Magnum, the end!!
  10. Tommy_Fontaine

    375 Ruger load data for Ruger Alaskan

    375 Ruger Fan, Thanks for the information I may pass it on to somebody who's interested in target shooting, but I wasn't posting information to impress anyone just to help Buck51 get some data. Honestly I'd be happy with those variables double in size. As long as I hit where I'm aiming for...
  11. Tommy_Fontaine

    375 Ruger load data for Ruger Alaskan

    Is the Ruger African I believe it's 23" Long without the muzzle break.
  12. Tommy_Fontaine

    375 Ruger load data for Ruger Alaskan

    Buck51, I cut and pasted the data from my Chrono hope it helps. Set: 7 Created: 02-01-2022 02:43:38 PM Description: 375 Ruger 270gn Speer spbt H4350 83.0grn Notes 1: neck sized Notes 2: Distance to Chrono (FT): 17.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.385 Bullet Weight (gr): 270.000 Altitude (FT): 0.0...
  13. Tommy_Fontaine

    Greetings from New York

    Hi, Mike welcome from Orchard Park home of the Buffalo Bills! Lot's of knowledgeable folks here, and lots to read!
  14. Tommy_Fontaine

    For Sale 7mm Bullets 175gr (Hornady ELD-X I Think)

    No longer for sale.
  15. Tommy_Fontaine

    For Sale 6.5mm Bullets 160gr Sierra Pro Hunter

    Sorry Green Chile I posted them else where as of 10 min ago. I didn't see your post in time sorry once again!
  16. Tommy_Fontaine

    For Sale 6.5mm Bullets 160gr Sierra Pro Hunter

    For sale 6.5mm 160gr Sierra Pro Hunter bullets, for the hunter looking for crazy high sectional density and miles of penetration! $75.00 for 2 boxes, one box with 78 pieces, and one box unopened with 100 pieces. Buyer pays actual shipping costs. Cheers
  17. Tommy_Fontaine

    For Sale 7mm Bullets 175gr (Hornady ELD-X I Think)

    HI, For sale 7mm 175gr bullets these are factory seconds from midway. I believe they are Hornady ELD-X based on tip color, shape, weight. I looked at all of them and they look great I can't see any issues with any of them, maybe some of the weights are a little off? Regardless I've shot them...
  18. Tommy_Fontaine

    Everything I hate about plastic guns in one picture

    I'm with Inline6, I would channel my dislike towards people who are against responsible firearm ownership. Not towards fellow gun owners who own guns you don't like.
  19. Tommy_Fontaine

    300 RCM Brass For Sale

    Thanks for the views, this brass is sold and gone.
  20. Tommy_Fontaine

    300 RCM Brass For Sale

    Looking to sell my 300RCM brass its no longer needed, making room for new stuff! 1. Fired brass box of 89 = $100.00 plus shipping 2. Two new unopened boxes of 50 = $100 per box plus shipping
  21. Tommy_Fontaine

    Encore pistol loads for .308 and .30-06...

    I would consider using loading tables that are designed for the M1 Garand due to the use of fast burning powders which will be desirable in a 15-in barrel. The Hornady loading manual has a specific section for the M1 Garand.
  22. Tommy_Fontaine

    Cleaning Cosmoline

    I just received a CMP M1 Garand covered in cosmoline, a cheap one inch paint brush and mineral spirits work excellent.
  23. Tommy_Fontaine

    Do I need a 7mm Mag

    I asked myself the very same question, and I came up with this result. Unless the 300 WM recoils to a point that you don't shoot well, it will out perform the 7 RM. Plus I don't ever recall anyone on this site asking if a 300 WM would be enough for African game (not including dangerous game). I...
  24. Tommy_Fontaine

    Hot weather day pack & socks?- Real world advice

    Friend, first I would recommend getting a digital device of some sort to track what you're doing now a day mileage wise. Just in my normal mileage in the office and visiting my staff in the field I log in at least five or more miles a day and that's just with Dockers, flannel shirt, construction...
  25. Tommy_Fontaine

    How far do you have to travel to even hunt?

    I forgot who but someone responded "You should leave the city immediately. All of societies problems come from the cities. Nothing good happens there cause it isn’t real." that was a good laugh considering they are chatting on a digital website that isn't real either. Just saying
  26. Tommy_Fontaine

    What should we buy to give away?

    Thank you so very much for all your replies, keep them coming. These are all things I didn't think about but definitely plan to put on the list.
  27. Tommy_Fontaine

    What should we buy to give away?

    My family and I are going to SA for a plains game hunt for ~10days. During our holiday we are planning to visit a school in a remote area near the krokodil River which as you can imagine the students do not have much. So when we arrive in Johannesburg we will be shopping for some stuff to give...
  28. Tommy_Fontaine

    More Than 1 Million Adult Women Hunt in U.S.

    I am way for women to hunt. But here are some discouraging facts about hunting in the US. In 2020, hunters represented only 4.6 percent of the U.S. population. Even at the 1982 peak, hunters only represented 7.2 percent of the U.S. population based on hunting license sales. So 1 million woman...
  29. Tommy_Fontaine

    The big, bad 375... isn't?

    Big, bad? Not so much, but it was never intended to be. A solid reliable mid bore that most folks with some practice put to good use... Absolutely!
  30. Tommy_Fontaine

    375 Ruger Brass

    I purchased a few weeks ago 3 boxes of Hornady 270gr factory loads from GunBroker because I couldn't find anyone with a minimum of 50 cases of brass, the stuff I found was small odd numbered lots around $2.50 a piece once fired. The loaded ammo was $63.50 a box. Hope this helps. Tommy
  31. Tommy_Fontaine

    Wanted 375 Ruger Brass New Or Once Fired

    Thanks for help gents, I bought 4 boxes of factory ammo I found it for 63.50 a box. The price of once fired plus shipping was to close to the price of what I paid for the factory loads. Cheers, Tommy
  32. Tommy_Fontaine

    Wanted 375 Ruger Brass New Or Once Fired

    Hi, Looking for 375 Ruger brass! Thanks, Tommy
  33. Tommy_Fontaine

    Available Weaver Grand Slam Tactical Scope MIL DOT With 1/10MIL DOT Turrets

    For sale or trade a Weaver Grand Slam Tactical scope MIL DOT with 1/10MIL DOT turrets. It's 3 to10 power with a 40mm objective and 1 inch tube weighing around 16oz. will be shipped with box, papers, Allen wench, and scope cover. I bought it new several years ago from midway when I thought I was...
  34. Tommy_Fontaine

    Why not a Single Shot?

    I just reread Tom's original post and perhaps were missing the question asked. I believe it related to having an obsession with single shot rifles, and not if they are superior or inferior. I may not be obsessed with them but I sure did love my No.1 Topical when I had it and now 30 years later I...
  35. Tommy_Fontaine

    Why not a Single Shot?

    You should use what you like it's your Safari and you should choose what tickles your fancy. As long as your aware of the potential drawbacks or advantages and accept them your golden. As for single shot rifles I believe they are nice but no more. For hunting I tend to use the rifle that offers...
  36. Tommy_Fontaine

    CIP VS SAAMI for 6.5X55 SE what do you load?

    Thanks for the information guys! I was figuring I was around 56K to 59K psi based on my extrapolations.
  37. Tommy_Fontaine

    CIP VS SAAMI for 6.5X55 SE what do you load?

    Hi folks, Just got back from the range with some chrono measurements from my 6.5X55 SE Tikka T3x. Handloaded some PPU brass, with 48.5gr Hodgdon Super Performance, CCI #200, and some Speer 140gr Spitzer for a whopping mean of 2828fps and STD-DEV of 20. It shot nice less than MOA, and no...
  38. Tommy_Fontaine

    First Safari! Most versatile Plains Game cartridge...

    30-06 with 200gr Nosler Partition, sweet music to my ears. Plus you get to absolutely fall in love with a new superior rifle.
  39. Tommy_Fontaine

    For Your Consideration Left Hand Ruger Hawkeye Compact 300RCM

    Good morning, Up for sale or trade is a Ruger Hawkeye Compact in 300RCM. Nice gun it's bedded, free floated and shoots less than MOA if you do your part. Nice wood and polished blued finished not matte. The two brass pins were from a mounted cheek rest that was removed not stock repair. I have...
  40. Tommy_Fontaine

    Ruger African 6.5X55 For Sale At Local Shop

    Hi, Just thought I would pass on that I saw yesterday at the Buffalo Cabela's a Ruger African in 6.5X55 looked in great shape. It was marked $1050.00. Tommy
  41. Tommy_Fontaine

    Is a Rigby worth it?

    Perhaps, and this is why. Some years ago I was very fortunate and came across quite a bit of money. So I began to purchase things that I have dreamt about for years or even decades. Soon after most if not all of these purchases left me feeling unsatisfied. I have come to realize that the...
  42. Tommy_Fontaine

    Old Military Rifle Accuracy?

    I've owned near perfect specimens of the Swedish 95 (6.5mm), Chilean 95 (7mm) and the straight pull Swiss K31 (7.5mm). They all shot better than I could with iron sights, I would never "modify" one to fit a scope to see it's true accuracy. But on a good day when I was younger (say 30 years ago)...
  43. Tommy_Fontaine

    Hunting in the USA

    From my experience a lot of folks are afraid or at least uncomfortable to leave the USA. I've traveled all over and lived overseas with ease yet when I mention this to folks it surprises them. 7 out of 10 people I speak to haven't been to Canada and I live in Buffalo it's literally across the...
  44. Tommy_Fontaine

    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    223 Remington 30/06 Springfield 44 Remington Magnum
  45. Tommy_Fontaine

    375 Ruger or H&H

    rdog, I have had a lefty Ruger Hawkeye African in 375 which I really like. It surprised me with consistent sub moa groups with the 270gr btsp. A couple things i think are nice also are the free set of ring mounts, barrel sling band, and the more classic traditional shape and materials used...
  46. Tommy_Fontaine

    Mid-range rifle scope suggestions

    Yeah, got it. I was referring to hunting distances considering this is a hunting site, but thanks for the clarification. It actually makes little difference since V. meant mid priced scopes....
  47. Tommy_Fontaine

    Mid-range rifle scope suggestions

    V. I know this will make some ripples but I've recently done some research on mid-range scopes (when did 400yds become mid-range....) the Leupold Freedom series that replaced VX-1 and VX-2 is a darn good piece of glass regardless of cost. I know it doesn't have the sex appeal of a $$$ Euro...
  48. Tommy_Fontaine

    Hello from Buffalo (NY)

    Thanks for the welcome, I have a friends who attend the show. They reported back that it's about the same every year, not sure if that's good or bad. I haven't gone in a very long time, it would seem the older I get the less tolerant for crowds I've become. Go figure? I thought the older I get...