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    Picatinny scope base on a Win model 70

    With a full size rail I don‘t think so. They sit up a little high. Talley makes a 2 piece picatinny now that looks like it would work. Give them a call. They have always been helpful when I have called them. Usually good about returns as well.
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    Ejection problems Winchester ammo

    I use the Winchester AA sporting clays at 1300 fps in my 28 ga SBE and have not had any issues. Use them for hunting also. Might try them .
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    Why no 375 RUM?

    ADG makes brass for it. Better than any Remington or Nosler stuff. I rebarreled a Win 70 300 Ultra mag to 375 Ultra. If starting from scratch I would get a Defiance controlled round feed action. It’s a great round.
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    28 gauge youth?

    There is one on GunBroker located at a shop in Locust Grove, Georgia which is the state the OP appears to be from .
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    28 gauge youth?

    I shoot 28 gauge and it’s a blast. The Tristar semi auto is a decent gun for the money. Some on Gunbroker. You can have her single load one in the magazine if she needs to gain some experience first. Walmart almost always has 28 Gauge. The AA Sporting Clays 7.5 at 1300 fps works great for Quail...
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    Finally, my Heym 89b, 577 NE

    Very nice! Enjoy.
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    NIB CZ 550 Magnum Action

    Won’t work. The action is for Rigby based cartridge. Bigger base.
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    375 RUM Any Fans?

    Built one on a Model 70. Love it. I don’t find the recoil excessive on mine. No break but a heavier barrel profile than factory. McMillan stock.
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    Truck - what do you drive, and why?

    2020 Tundra
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    McMillan Stock For Win 70 Safari

    It’s yours.
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    McMillan Stock For Win 70 Safari

    Stock fits Winchester safari barrel contour, I’ve had 416 and 375 in this stock. Stock has been bedded. Might have to play with the area for the lug on the barrel. Takes 1 piece bottom metal. 14” Length of pull. Excellent condition. $385 + $35 to ship to lower 48. US shipment only.
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    416 Ruger DGS 400 grain on Xero C1 Pro Chronograph

    Really good standard deviation on the factory ammo.
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    McMillan Win 70 Hunter Stock

    No worries. Thanks
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    McMillan Win 70 Hunter Stock

    It’s Yours
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    McMillan Win 70 Hunter Stock

    Excellent condition. Fits Post 64 Win 70, 375 length action. Requires 2 piece bottom metal, LOP 14”, barrel channel is cut for a #5 Lilja, Magnum fill, previously bedded. Listed elsewhere locally. $325 shipped to continental 48 states.
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    Current m70 classic safari contour

    Just tell them current factory Winchester Safari. They have the program for that barrel. I live 20 minutes from them.
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    Gunwerks Skuhl 375 Ruger

    For the price of the Skuhl you could get into some really nice dangerous game rifles. I’m not anti Gunwerks, I’ve had them do some work for me but you are paying for a lot of accuracy that you don’t really need for a 400 yard gun IMHO. The 281 Hammer is a long bullet. Unless you are using a long...
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    .416 Weatherby

    I’ve seen that rifle. If it wasn’t ported and had a longer barrel I would jump on it.
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    .416 Weatherby

    Reading some of your posts after I responded. If you thought the 340 and 416 Remington were un pleasant you don’t want anything to do with the 416 Weatherby. I love the 340.
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    .416 Weatherby

    Depends on what you already have and what you plan to do with it. I have one and used it in Alaska as a back up rifle. You can reach out there with it when needed. If shooting 200 yards or less I prefer my Remington. Have a Rigby but it is my least favorite. If you handload you can dial it back...
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    Nosler Data?

    Ya, I have found some of their loads to be on the hot side as well.
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    Barnes .375 270 Gr LRX In Stock At Graf & Sons

    Barnes .375 270 Gr LRX in stock at Graf & Sons
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    Solving Bullet Setback in .416 Rigby

    I would turn the crimp die down some more. You can also switch to a slower powder to fill up the case more
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    What about a .375 Wby?

    Life is short. Build what you want. You can download the Weatherby, but you can’t up load the H&H. I’ve got an H&H, An Ackley Improved and a RUM all on Winchester actions. Just ordered a Krieger barrel to do a Weatherby. H&H would be the first to go if I was selling. Get some weatherby brass if...
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    458 Lott rifle build

    I would get ahold of Parkwest Arms. From my understanding they acquired the Dakota rights/stuff and are building them. They should be able to provide you with a, what was Dakota drop magazine and might even stock it for you. Their prices are more than Dakotas was but what isn’t now.
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    Wanted Synthetic Stock For Win 70 Express

    Do you have 1 piece or 2 piece bottom metal?
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    Re-Barrel a .30-06 to ??

    338-06 AI
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    Wanted Or Trade For...

    if you can’t find any you might try Hammer Bullets. They have several 8mm.
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    416 rigby or 416 remington?

    I have both, Win 70 in 416 Remington and CZ 550 in 416 Rigby. I much prefer the Win 70. The rigby just feels chunky. I live and Phoenix and work up loads in the summer using Hodgdon extreme powder and have no problem with anything being over pressure.
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    35 Whelen load data

    Varget works great for me with the 225 Accubond. Start at Noslers starting load and work up.
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    Long Range Precision Hunting - Recoil/Caliber vs. Terminal Ballistics

    I would do my research on some long range forums. Don’t go to a bass fishing forum to learn fly fishing.
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    Rizzini 550/552 ?

    I wouldn’t turn either one down if the price was right.
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    Rizzini 550/552 ?

    My understanding is the 552 has the side plates added. Other than that it is the same as the 550. They feel nice in the hand but I want a beavertail fore end which you can order.
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    New Kramer holster is fantastic--THANKS TO AH recommendation!

    Have a couple Kramer and they fit like a glove.
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    Traditionally inaccurate cartridges

    The “inaccuracy“ of dangerous game guns probably has more to do with recoil than the rifle.
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    404 Jeffery Heym Express By Martini Rifle For Sale

    What is the length of pull?
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    Looking for a good Chrono

    Labradar, especially if your shooting multiple guns during the same session. Also, advise getting the adapter to mount a cheap scope to align it. Saves a lot of frustration.
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    Bore tech and cleaning your rifle

    Boretech Eliminator works great and helps protect the barrel. It is all I use. Wipe down the outside with a silicone impregnated cloth and you are good. A very small dab of grease on the locking lugs now and then. If you use a brass jag with the boretech you will have blue on your patches but...
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    AVOID Gunsmith quicksand!...Classic Barrel & Gunworks: Prescott Arizona: Dan Pedersen

    It would be cheaper to fly to Phoenix rent a car and drive the 1.5 hour and pick it up in person.
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    Best Chest Pack for Swarovski 15x56 Binos

    I use Alaska Guide Creations for mine. Works great.
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    Decent bino clamps for tripod use?!

    Can’t go wrong with the Outdoorsman set up. Manfrotto 290 carbon is a great tripod also.
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    McMillan CZ/602 express

    Ya, it gets pricey real quick when you have to have it in-letted.
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    McMillan CZ/602 express

    McMillan only offers those as a “Flat Top” now. Meaning there is no in-letting of any kind on it and they won’t do it. You will have to find a smith to inlet the whole stock. Just went through this last week with them on a Winchester Safari stock. Find someone that can in-let it before you...
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    fast twist 270 Winchester

    I did a 270 WBY with 1-9 twist. Had free bore removed. Just getting it going but it’s looking good with 170 Berger.
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    300 H&H Accubond issues

    If you have access to a chronograph I would chronograph the factory loads. Don’t put any faith in what the box says the velocity is. Next, I would measure to the ogive of the factory loads that shoot good. Then I would load some with bullets seated to the same ogive length as the factory. I...
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    240 Weatherby

    I use the 90 gr accubond in mine. If the barrel goes I’ll rebarrel to a faster twist and use some of the heavier berger bullets.
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    Which .416 and why?

    In 416 I have a model 70 Remington, CZ 550 Rigby and a Custom Weatherby. If I had to sell, the Rigby would be the first to go. Its just chunky compared to the Winchester. The Weatherby is a handful. The Remington will get you 2400 fps with a 400 gr bullet without being over pressure in a sleeker...
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    Brno 602 416 Rigby shoots low with scope

    Its your scope. 120 cm when converted to MOA is just a hair over 45 MOA adjustment. I had a leupold 1.75-6 which has 53 MOA on my CZ 416 Rigby and could just get it sighted in with a couple clicks left at 100 yards. I swapped it out with a Leupold 2.5-8 which has 58 MOA of adjustment. Not an...