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  1. Graham Hunter

    One Last Elephant Hunt - Changes In The Wind

    I know that Mefloquine can cause upset stomach, cause nightmares to the point of hallucinations. Never had any problems with malerone. It can make you sensitive to bright sunlight or possible upset stomach. I and any one hunting with me have always taken Malerone with no side effects. Two of my...
  2. Graham Hunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: A Return To The Eastern Cape

    Very easy. Just cross the road when you exit the Airport. Head to the Parkade. Signs and arrows pointing the direction. About 4 minute walk.
  3. Graham Hunter

    For Sale Browning Superposed Diana 410 Trap

    Well choked SKT& SKT would indicate it's not a Trap gun?
  4. Graham Hunter

    For Sale Browning Superposed Diana 410 Trap

    410 Trap. Joined yesterday. No scam here.
  5. Graham Hunter

    Barnes TSX review

    I have switched from Barnes to Hornady CX. I find they perform consistently better. 6.5, 270,7mm and 30. Also they make an ECX for slower European calibers similar to the LRX. And usually available.
  6. Graham Hunter

    We are taking my Dad on his FIRST African Safari!!!

    Hope you and Bob and your Father have a great and successful trip. It will make some great memories. And get a monster Kudu.
  7. Graham Hunter

    Shipping - Delta or Turkish?

    I have had good luck with Turkish. Delta could srew up the Lord's Prayer and does regularly.
  8. Graham Hunter

    Consensus on Length of Pull

    With rifles lop is not as critical unless it's overly short or overly long. More important is where your scope sits. Every time you pick up your rifle you should have a full view thru the scope. If you have to move your head like a chicken pecking corn the scope is not positioned proper. Second...
  9. Graham Hunter

    MOZAMBIQUE: My safari With Juan Pace Of Chasseurs de Mocambique

    They are two peas in a pod. It was Lloyds turn as he screwed lots of hunters over. Run from either one.
  10. Graham Hunter

    Best balls

    Kidneys are easy to cook. Just boil the Piss out of them!!!!
  11. Graham Hunter

    Winchester M70 Pre 64 375 For Sale

    Where did the engraving come from?
  12. Graham Hunter

    Thoughts about Leupold VX-3HD

    I always take one or two of the Leupold mounting tools with me and leave them at Camp when I leave. About $20 ea. Have the Allen wrenches, flat blade, and torx. Fits most any rings and bases. About the size of a regular pocket knife. One is in my daypack all the time.
  13. Graham Hunter

    9.3x62 - Large or Large Magnum Primers?

    I use LR in mine with no issues. After 65grs I might try both. At 70grs always LRM.
  14. Graham Hunter

    One rifle for North American big game?

    If you're not going to hunt Grizzly or Kodiak Bears the 270 is perfect. I shoot a lot of guns but my 2 go to are 270 and 7mag.
  15. Graham Hunter

    Leupold fxii 2.5 power fail

    I agree with WAB and Tundra. There is no way that much separation could occur between the rings. Good news is Leupold has the best and fastest warranty of any manufacture. I sell a lot of Leupolds and very, very, very rarely have any issues! But when I do Leupold is fast and no questions asked...
  16. Graham Hunter

    Thoughts about Leupold VX-3HD

    I'm not sure I understand your point replying to my post? CDS or not CDS. Simple.
  17. Graham Hunter

    Thoughts about Leupold VX-3HD

    I believe you do have the no turret CDS now.
  18. Graham Hunter

    Tuffpak 1050 Lock Style

    I have used the internal key lock on my Tuffpac alot. Have been asked a couple of times to open it but no big deal. I used a different case with padlocks once and they cut the TSA (marked) locks. I asked the agent why. He said they didn't have the master keys for my lock. I said I thought you...
  19. Graham Hunter

    Looking for rifle suggestions for upcoming safari

    I would switch bullets to 6.5 140 gr Hornady CX. Less hide damage but deadly past 400 yds. I used these last time I was in the Cape.
  20. Graham Hunter

    Westley Richards Martini

    I always laugh at the trigger on the OLD Martini. Every one I have shot has a trigger that breaks like glass.
  21. Graham Hunter

    26 day usda hold/processing

    I use a Canadian Company. Rigel Logistics, they have their own Warehouse. In Toronto.
  22. Graham Hunter

    City Lodge questions

    We stayed there in 22. Great place and good food. We used Henry Rifle Permits and they walked us right to the Hotel.
  23. Graham Hunter

    NAMIBIA: Namibia Chapter Two

    Great Cat and great job Charlie!
  24. Graham Hunter

    Solid bullets for Buffalo? Yes or No?

    I believe that years ago a solid was necessary due to the fact that soft point were too frangible. I shot one Buff with my 375 and 300gr solids. Two up the butt. One frontal shot straight thru the heart and a couple more body shots to put him down. I will never again use solids for Buff. TSX, A...
  25. Graham Hunter

    Flat point copper solids for hunting mule deer?

    I would be very leary of your choice of cartridge. Why not your 30-30 with some lever evolution from Hornady. Thru the ribs not the shoulders. I would rather ruin a little meat and go to the Grocery store and buy 10lbs of hamburger than risk losing an animal.
  26. Graham Hunter

    Flat point copper solids for hunting mule deer?

    Or a broken jaw or hole thru the windpipe.
  27. Graham Hunter

    Best balls

    Damn immigrants!
  28. Graham Hunter

    Best balls

    So Texan no Menudo?
  29. Graham Hunter

    Best balls

    But you're a Texan. Thought you all ate guts! Menudo?
  30. Graham Hunter

    Best balls

    Lot's of young Bull Calves. (Domestic) Smaller ones deep fried whole. Bigger ones sliced thinly and fried in butter.
  31. Graham Hunter

    Need help, Load discrepancy Swift vs Hodgdon

    My friend had the same problem with Nosler load data in his 416 Rigby. Way to hot.
  32. Graham Hunter


    I we wonder why Politics is so bad? And why the Country is going downhill rapidly.
  33. Graham Hunter

    Importation or Transiting Procedures Through Countries with Weapons & Ammunition

    Not arguing with you Hank but in 2022 myself and a friend went to the Eastern Cape. My permit required a signature and his did not. But about 2 months after our return he started to receive the nasty little notes that he had not had his permit signed or returned. Contact with Serge solved the...
  34. Graham Hunter

    Custom 338/06...Shoots As Good As It Looks!

    I have a Custom 338-06 on a Remington 700 action. It is a tack driver with almost anything. I run 210gr and 250 gr. NP. A couple of Moose and Deer. But it is in line to go to Africa next year. It is an awesome cartridge. GLWS.
  35. Graham Hunter

    Michael Sipple mauled by Cape buffalo prayer request

    Prayers for Michael. And big ATTA Boy for the trackers.
  36. Graham Hunter

    Which Elephant Rifle and cartridge?

    I'll stick with my 416 Rem and 2-10x42 VX5 HD. Just very comfortable with it.
  37. Graham Hunter

    Avoid KLM when traveling with rifles

    Flew from Calgary to Joburg 2022 with KLM and flights were on time and good both ways.
  38. Graham Hunter

    The Greatest Hunter I Ever Knew Has Passed

    Sorry for your loss.
  39. Graham Hunter

    Free Rifle With Ammo Purchase!

    I'll take it!
  40. Graham Hunter

    CZ 550 Magnum 375 H&H In Canada

    SOLD Thanks for looking.
  41. Graham Hunter

    CZ 550 Magnum 375 H&H In Canada

    Saskatchewan, 1/2 hr South of Saskatoon.
  42. Graham Hunter

    CZ 550 Magnum 375 H&H In Canada

    This gun has now been posted on other sites.
  43. Graham Hunter

    CZ 550 Magnum 375 H&H In Canada

    Not sure why this didn't post yesterday. Didn't show up on the Classifieds or new posts.
  44. Graham Hunter

    CZ 550 Magnum 375 H&H In Canada

    Excellent Condition. Feeds and functions perfectly. Set trigger. Comes with Leupold VX2 1-4x20 scope and Talley rings. Fired only a few times. Swivels attached. Africa ready! $2750.00 CAD.
  45. Graham Hunter

    Bullet Performance Database

    Are you shooting them at close range? The 7x57.
  46. Graham Hunter

    Average Shot Range in East Cape SA

    Shots for me were 2 @ 492 and 502 yds. That was culling. Closest was about 25 yds. The rest was between 100 and 300 yds. Average just over 200.
  47. Graham Hunter


    Hmm isn't that a happy comparision?
  48. Graham Hunter

    Current Production Winchester Mod 70 Safari Express

    I have 2 of the new ones. 270 Win in a featherweight and a Safari in 416 Rem. Both great shooters. There was an issue with some of the firing pin springs being too weak from the 300 Win up. I have replaced several for my customers including one of the forum members. Supply was slow but I am now...