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    For Sale Updated & Expanded List Of Hunting & Gun Books From Personal Library

    I would like to buy S-3 and S-5, if still available. PM sent.
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    For Sale Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm 30mm tube B&C Reticle

    Would you take $425 shipped?
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    AA5744, H4227 - low recoil 375 H&H

    Powder Valley had 4227 a couple of weeks ago.
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    Ruger M77 338-06 Custom Bolt Action Rifle - $999

    Just asking. We’ve had some scammers of late and I saw it was also in GB. GLWS.
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    Ruger M77 338-06 Custom Bolt Action Rifle - $999

    Is this gun listed elsewhere?
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    Classic Winchester Model 70 For Sale

    Damn. I saw this and got a little excited. When you see “senior member” you would think it’s safe to go in the water.
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    Remington 3200 Trap For Sale

    Gun is located outside Knoxville, TN. I see you have just joined the forum today.
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    Favourite quotes - Here's mine, Quite a long list. What's yours?

    “If you roll around in shi+ long enough, pretty soon you start to smell like it.” -My Dad on being careful of the company you keep.
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    Guess I should have done this earlier..

    Welcome. Lots of good people with good information for first-timers. I have just planned my first hunt, as well. Good Luck.
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    Cooper Arms Model 52 Magazine

    Thank you. I reckon I’ll have to be careful with this one until I find someone who can make one.
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    Cooper Arms Model 52 Magazine

    I recently bought a Cooper Arms Model 52 338-06 from an estate sale. It came with one detachable magazine. I have scoured the Internet and can find none for sale. The website for the Cooper Arms that is supposedly in Arkansas, has zero info about any production in the near future. If anyone...
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    Remington 3200 Trap For Sale

    Found the receipt for all the work. Previous owner had it done prior to my purchase. Slick
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    Remington 3200 Trap For Sale

    It was re-blued. I can’t speak to the chokes. I found the receipt. It’s below.
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    Remington 3200 Trap For Sale

    I have a Remington 3200 Trap 12 ga I bought but don’t shoot enough trap anymore to keep. The gun has 30” barrels, F/IM, ported barrels and very little wear. Stock has very minimal marks; bores are bright and shiny. It was fully worked by Laib’s Gunsmithing in 2014 or 2015-I’m looking for the...
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    A Forgotten Relic Of Corbett - The Talla Des Tiger Resurfaces

    Thanks for sharing. Good read.
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    338-06 BRASS!

    Thanks for your input. I have found a few people who were willing to sell some, so I do have some on the way. As far as any being produced, you’re correct-there isn’t any. Resized 30-06 does seem to be the most common. I have contacted a couple of brass dealers and currently haven’t heard...
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    338-06 BRASS!

    Good evening, Well, I finally got my dream oddball caliber. Does anyone have any info on where to grab or buy any brass from a 338-06 for sale? I’ll even buy any 338-06 ammo if you have some-reasonably priced of course. I know, I know, it’s an oddball. However, I’m gonna take this rifle...
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    Ruger M77RSEX MKII .300 WM For Sale

    Good looking gun. GLWS.
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    MRC 1999 AVR .375 H&H For Sale

    Nice rifle. I can’t believe it is still for sale.
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    Can someone help me put an approximate value on my Belgium Browning .338 mag.

    Actually, Browning used a salt drying process to speed up drying time of the walnut stocks they used to increase production. I think it was used to fast dry furniture wood. Unfortunately, it ruined a generation of fine shooting rifles and shotguns. I had a 300 WM Safari from ‘71. Shot...
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    New guy from PA

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    First Kill of the Season

    Hahahahaha. Reminds me of the old rat-and snake-infested camp house we had out at the deer lease. One October we went out to “clean a little.” It was still Mississippi hot. After lifting up a couch to check for snakes, this huge rat ran out and ran to the other side of the room. As it backed...
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    What was your best firearm deal?

    Fire sale during a divorce. Best/worst type of guns to buy. I landed this pair after digging through piles of old targets: early 70’s Mdl 700 .270-sub MOA everytime with 150 gr BTSP- and an 870 20 ga Wingmaster with two barrels. Can’t say what I paid, but it was a steal. Love both those guns.
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    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With ZANA BOTES SAFARI?

    Good evening, Does anyone have any experience hunting with Zana Botes in Namibia? Thanks, Slick
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    Kahles 1.5-6x42

    Scope is sold.
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    Little red giraffe

    It’s a boring rug.
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    Kahles 1.5-6x42

    For Sale: Kahles 1.5-6x42 scope, 4a reticle. Comes with Warne quick detach rings. Asking $1,700 OBO.
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    Death In A Lonely Land - Capstick

    Could you send me your address so I can send the check? Thanks, Steve
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    For Sale Swarovski Z5 5-25x52 BT Plex

    I’ll take it.
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    Death In A Lonely Land - Capstick

    I’ll take it.
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    Barnes .375 300gr TSX load work-up - Which powder to choose?

    I’ve been working with the Barnes 300 TSX in the 375 I got from @PARA45. I started with the loads below and worked up 0.5 gr each step up to find the right spot in the CZ. IMR 4064 @64 grains-max of 66 IMR 4350 @72.5 grains-max of 77 H4895 wasn’t too impressive in 300gr Barnes but worked...
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    One of my hunting videos went viral, but so much hate…

    He fell like a leaf off an oak in the fall. Good shot. Those keyboard cowboys don’t even wear spurs.
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    For Sale Barnes 458 Bullets

    Do you still have these?
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    Wanted Remington 700 BDL Irons

    I’m interested. My gun is a 70’s model BDL. Are the sights compatible with that model?
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    Safari & Shooting Accessories

    I’ll take the big bore slide and remaining smaller slide if still available.
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    Brno 602 Gunsmith Work

    Thanks. I’ll give that a try.
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    Brno 602 Gunsmith Work

    I have a CZ 550 that is shooting LOW(5-6”) @100 yds) with factory express sights. 270 gr Barnes loads drop 3-4”. 300 gr Barnes drop 10” @100yds. Any recommendations for someone to do sight work? Thanks, Steve
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    Barnes .375 Bullets

    Do you still have the 375s?
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    Ammo Clean Out Sale

    I’ll take 5 of the the Armscor 375. PM sent.
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    Purchases On AH References

    I recently completed a gun deal with @PARA45. THE CZ 550 arrived with the one mark he showed in pics. The Nikon scope with quick detach rings was clean as well. Double boxed and secure. Easy transaction and a FANTASTIC rifle for this hunter. First group with Barnes 300 TSX is below. It...
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    Wanted Remington 700 BDL Irons

    I know others have had a thread on this before, but does anyone know where I can find some irons for an old BDL 270? I bought it from a guy and the gun is beat to hell, but it still shoots lights out. I’d like to shoot it with irons. Thanks, Steve
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    Planning First African Hunt

    Good evening, I’ve been looking at CZ 550s and the newer Winchester model 70’s-which are scarce as hen‘s teeth. I’ve seen a couple of Rugers and today I spoke with a guy about a Rem 700 that he doesn’t shoot anymore. Basically, I’m looking under $2500. I want a rifle that is dependable and...