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  1. death-from-above

    Hunting Draw Results

    Yep Brick , we have some good goats. I was fortunate to jab one last year that was way above my expectations. Wyoming is a hunters Paradise... Jduck , Hope you get all that worked out. Alaska is high on the list. Especially a big Alaska-Yukon swamp donkey !
  2. death-from-above

    Hunting Draw Results

    Man Brick...that sux. I got my first choice for elk and speed goat here in Wyoming :-) I can't wait for fall. Not to mention , I leave on Sunday for Zimbabwe. Wyoming usually has some leftover tags in some pretty good units. Come on down...
  3. death-from-above

    Kudu - 454 Casull

    Very nice ! Is that a Freedom Arms revolver ?
  4. death-from-above

    Ole the Norwegian Wrestler

    Hilarious , my friend !
  5. death-from-above

    For Sale Winchester Model 70 .375 H&H Safari Express

    Working on a load for Zimbabwe now. This baby is sweeeeeeet !
  6. death-from-above

    Poll: Are you hunting africa this year?

    Will be in Zim in late July/early August for twelve days hunting plains game...can't wait.
  7. death-from-above

    How I lost my teeth ...

    I was in the Mint Bar last night, while standing at the bar waiting for a Tito's and Red Bull, a butt fugly big ol' heifer came up behind me, and slapped me on the ass. She said , "Hey sexy, how bout giving me your number." I looked at her and asked , "Have you got a pen ?" She replied, "I...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Question For Tootabi Hunting Safaris

    Loodt, Congrats , my friend. You have shown that you are a solid man , even through trying times. As I said in an earlier post , "The measure of a man is not in his mistakes , but how he conducts himself after he makes a mistake". I would be honored to share a camp with you someday. All...
  9. death-from-above

    tap on the shoulder

    You got me with that one. I will be OK when I catch my breath.:cool:
  10. death-from-above

    Does anyone use ear plugs while hunting?

    I have used Walker's Game Ears for about 10 years. I wear one in each ear , as it makes locating a sound easier than if only wearing one. I have recently got a new pair of the HD model , and really like them. They take some getting used to , but once I did ...I feel lost without them. One of...
  11. death-from-above

    Whats in your pockets when you hunt?

    My bench made is clipped to one and a wind check bottle in the other. Everything else is in or hooked to my pack.
  12. death-from-above

    Taxidermy and Snakes

    One of the deadliest , and they also have the longest fangs of all the venomous snakes. He can inject a BIG dose of his special cocktail. As for keeping the colors in the skin , get some snakeskin boot oil...
  13. death-from-above

    Taxidermy and Snakes

    :hmmmer:Gaboon viper boots ...yep , I am definitely in !!! Those bad boys would be off the chain !!!
  14. death-from-above

    Double Rifle Pictures

    Very nice , zephyr ! I am drooling all over my screen.
  15. death-from-above

    SOUTH AFRICA: Question For Tootabi Hunting Safaris

    I am nowhere near you guys when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of outfitting in Africa. I have been quietly keeping up with the threads concerning this situation , and feel the need to respond in a positive manner. It seems to me that Loodt has made a mistake or two , this has been...
  16. death-from-above

    Bow hunters / Rifle hunters!! need some goodies from USA!!

    I am not overly familiar with African geography , but I will be in Zimbabwe in July. I have a Cabela's not to far from my home. I will get it to Bulawayo , if it will help the young man out.
  17. death-from-above

    Now this doesnt happen every day......

    Agreed , Brick. We have bears , mountain lion , wolves , and yotes where I live and hunt... As a dyed in the wool bow hunter , I pack my shootin' iron not for them , but for moose. Hell hath seen no fury like a pissed off cow moose with a calf !
  18. death-from-above

    How big is Africa really...???

    Very interesting :hmmmer:
  19. death-from-above

    Now this doesnt happen every day......

    Brick , you are absolutely correct , but da%# wouldn't it be fun...
  20. death-from-above

    Now this doesnt happen every day......

    I got a rush just watching ! That is one big swamp donkey. I would give up important body parts to get a moose that close while bow hunting. Thanks for posting.
  21. death-from-above

    Walker's Game Ear?

    I have been using them for years. I am now on my second pair...yep , pair. I first bought just one , and had trouble with sound direction. I now wear the pair , and won't hunt or shoot without them ! Like bluey says "they are the ducks nuts".
  22. death-from-above

    Newbie gear list

    Thanks guys. Any and all info. is appreciated !
  23. death-from-above

    Newbie gear list

    You experienced guys and gals help out a newbie. I am getting geared up for my trip to Zimbabwe to hunt PG. What do I need in my bag ?
  24. death-from-above

    Your Libation of Choice...

    Ketel One vodka , Red Bull , and few ice cubes.:biggrin2: Or an ice cold bottle , or three , of Killian's Red.
  25. death-from-above

    475 A&M Mag - the ultimate CANNON for Hunting African Dangerous Game

    I know zero about it , other than , it is a beauty ! :thumb: I look forward to following this thread , though. Probably some very interesting history associated with it.
  26. death-from-above

    Kudu back from taxidermist

    Very nice bull . Add me to the list of fans of the deep curls. I can't wait to see the sheep , also.
  27. death-from-above


    You ever box with one ? :punch: I hear ya , Brick. My 375 has been here for 2 months and I still ain't shot it...been to dang cold and/or windy. :cryingcry: Come on spring ...
  28. death-from-above


    Dangit Bluey...knew I should have logged on at lunch time. Them roos over there must be ferocious .:biggrin2:
  29. death-from-above

    Who makes the best gaiters in your opinion and why...

    I've ordered a pair from Rowland Ward. I will give my first impression of them as soon as they reach Wyoming. For what it's worth , heym , the tags would be my second choice. They look to be very well made.
  30. death-from-above

    A great day

    Good point , Hitch
  31. death-from-above

    A great day

    All the more reason to come to Australia soon.
  32. death-from-above

    Best/Funniest Mount Ideas

    We did a wallaby in a tux with both hands out and up. He stands on the end of the bar holding a silver platter with hordevours (spelling???).
  33. death-from-above

    A great day

    Maybe tomorrow will be better , my friend. I will take a little bump of Jack tonight in hopes that it makes tomorrow better for you. Thanks for the b-day wishes , guys.
  34. death-from-above

    What's the top two songs that make you drive the fastest?

    Man , you guys rock !!! When I opened this thread I expected something boring...why I do not know. I listen to some hard stuff too , and it's funny that where I live (Wyoming) , most folks have no clue who most of the artists are. :rockon::barmy::rock:
  35. death-from-above

    A great day

    Today has been great ! (Other than the Mrs. is under the weather). It is sunny and in the 50's with almost no wind. Unbelievable for Wyoming in January. The kids and I started off with some breakfast at our favorite , The Silver Spur. Then haircuts for me and little man. Now , we just got...
  36. death-from-above

    the bacon tree

    Bluey , my friend , you owe me a new tablet...I just spewed "Goose and Bull" all over mine.:biggrin2: That is friggin' hilarious !
  37. death-from-above

    Death threat at DSC over rhino auction

    Absolutely absurd !
  38. death-from-above

    Kuiu gear in Africa

    Good thread. I will be wearing mine this year in Zimbabwe. I will have to wear some of my other stuff also, as there is a no camo policy in Zim. A lot of my Kuiu is camo :( I have no doubts that it will perform , but would also love to hear from anyone who has worn it in Africa.
  39. death-from-above

    Building your own shooting sticks

    Thanks guys. I think I will give it a go.
  40. death-from-above

    Building your own shooting sticks

    I did not know that. That is cool. I would love to come over for a "tour"
  41. death-from-above

    Building your own shooting sticks

    What in the blue-corn-hell you doing at sea , my friend ?
  42. death-from-above

    Building your own shooting sticks

    Dang , bluey...I already had desert , but if you decide to include the rest of us , I could use another:draught: "koolaide"
  43. death-from-above

    Building your own shooting sticks

    Did you make them yourself ? If so , would you mind showing some close up pics ? Thanks ...
  44. death-from-above

    Building your own shooting sticks

    Anyone ever made their own shooting sticks ? If so , any pointers ? I want to make a set of African style shooting sticks. Thanks.
  45. death-from-above

    Spain hunt dilemma

    Thank you , friends. GOD bless you all !
  46. death-from-above

    Spain hunt dilemma

    Jane, Your idea is far from stupid. If the outfitter will push it to 2015 I may just do it. Even still it would be a very busy couple of years. Zimbabwe this summer for plains game, Spain the following summer, then back to Africa in 2016 for buff. I am sorry to say , but one week ago we...