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  1. svinejakt

    A few questions regarding Andrew Baldrey (Royal Kafue Safaris)

    I have never hunted with Andrew or been to the Royal Kafue, but know people I Trust very much who have and would hunt with him in a heartbeat. What he has done with his area is amazing and he does it with the community for mutual benefit. Hopefully some day I can join for a hunt. A gentleman who...
  2. svinejakt

    404 Jeffery Heym Express By Martini Rifle For Sale

    I have one like that in 375H&H, without a doubt my favorite rifle. Amazing to shoot and as smooth as rifles goes:) Can recommend it, good luck with your sale!
  3. svinejakt

    Heym Martini Express 404 Jeffrey in route!

    I have one in 375H&H, by far my favourite rifle :) Congratulations, you will not be disappointed!
  4. svinejakt

    My work here is done.....

    Great stuff Marius :) Where was the elephant hunted? APNR?
  5. svinejakt

    Wilbur Smith

    Nice :) Seems like you got some good advice. He`s for sure an avid hunter and have been for many years. He speaks very good for hunting in his memoirs. Now he actually fishes in Norway every year:)
  6. svinejakt

    Wilbur Smith

    Personally? If so, you lucky guy ;) Mr Smith introduced me to Africa and a passion that still lives with me to this day! Even have an "adopted" South African family that I visit. It was one of those visits I eventually became a hunter. So I have many things to thank him for :) I actually got a...
  7. svinejakt

    Wilbur Smith

    I always wanted to hunt with mr Sharp for the same reason!
  8. svinejakt

    Wilbur Smith

    He was the guy who sent me to Africa. My fascination was intense when I read those first books when I was 12-13 years old. That gave me my first bucket list item. Go to Africa. I went when I was 20. Now have a second family in Port Elizabeth and had my first rifle hunt there when I was 32 years...
  9. Blesbok Spitbraai

    Blesbok Spitbraai

  10. Warthog Spitbraai

    Warthog Spitbraai

  11. svinejakt

    NOW We Are Going To BRAAI....!

    Blesbok and warthog I hunted in South Africa. We had a spit braai with family and friends. It`s my favourite type of braai and always gets people together around the fire :) The warthog is hands down one of the best meals of my life :)
  12. svinejakt

    TV star hunts livestock

    That seems to have happened. He hunted reindeer in Sweden, they only have domesticated reindeer. Maybe that hunt was oversold to him by the swdews that arranged it. sounds very exotic to hunt Lappland with the Sami people. don`t believe he hunted tame animals with that intent. hope not. Edit: I...
  13. svinejakt

    TV star hunts livestock

    Lets just advise mr Shockey to come to Norway to hunt the next time if he wants a wild reindeer. My favorite kind of hunt :) I like his show and believe he`s a good figure for the hunting community.
  14. svinejakt

    My Buffalo Rifle

    Seems like all I have to do is decide how versatile the rifle will be ;) I have to admit that I have looked mostly at the 1-6. I will only use it for moose her in Norway and teh 1-6 should do very well for that. I will probably be hunting most PG with a lighter rifle and I`m not a long range...
  15. Heym Express 375 H&H Rifle & Hunting Knife

    Heym Express 375 H&H Rifle & Hunting Knife

    Hunting Gear
  16. Heym Express 375 H&H Rifle & Hunting Knife

    Heym Express 375 H&H Rifle & Hunting Knife

    Hunting Gear
  17. Heym Express 375 H&H Rifle & Hunting Knife

    Heym Express 375 H&H Rifle & Hunting Knife

    Hunting Gear
  18. svinejakt

    My Buffalo Rifle

    Thank you Witold :) Having a hard time deciding on the optics, so I have been practising with open sights. Shoots very well actually, but thinking about a Swarozski 1-6 or 1-8. Then I can use it for Moose hunts in Norway and DG and PG in Africa :)
  19. svinejakt

    My Buffalo Rifle

    My goal is to go on a buffalo hunt the latest 2020 when I turn 40. I got some of my kit ready :) Heym Express 375 H&H. Got that rifle for a steal even though it was more expensive than I was planning ;) Hand forged damascus roach belly knife with mammut handle. Made by Thomas Williams in the...
  20. svinejakt

    SOUTH AFRICA: Sophomore Safari With Cabassa Safaris May 2017

    Great report on an awesome hunt :)
  21. Hunting Warthog in South Africa

    Hunting Warthog in South Africa

  22. svinejakt

    Free 2x1 Hunt for Two Hunters from Liam Urry Safaris for 2017/18

    I started hunting at 32 years of age. I`m from Norway and the first animal I shoot was a warthog in South Africa . Even though it was a cull pig for the spit. It`s what got me hooked on hunting in general and the hunt I will never forget. It also tasted amazingly good :D I have never smiled more...
  23. svinejakt

    Best Namibian Plains Game Hunt Package In Years - 8 Trophies US$5,750

    Damn, thats a great offer :) Wish I could jump on this, but have to wait some more :cry:
  24. svinejakt

    New Double Rifle Owner

    Beautiful double:) Eller som vi sier, flott børse[emoji1]
  25. svinejakt

    ETHIOPIA: Northern Operations Africa 2016

    You don`t often hear about Ethiopia and hunting when talking about Africa, but they have some magnificent places and creatures. The mountain Nyala must be one of the most beautiful creatures. Up there with Bongo :) Lesser kudu is a catch aswell :) Congratulations and thanks for reporting !
  26. svinejakt

    Hunting Safaris In Zimbabwe With Martin Pieters Safaris

    Have heard a lot of positives about Mr Pieters, would go with him in a heartbeat. (just need some spare cash and 2 weeks vacation ;)). Some really nice trophies here!
  27. svinejakt

    The .308 Win for plains game

    I have shoot all animals ever hunted in my short career with a .308. Would use it on Eland aswell as long as the the animal is close bye. Wouldn`t take a 200 yard + shot. Prefer shorter.
  28. svinejakt

    NAMIBIA: Backpack Safari For Mountain Zebra Hunt

    This is a true hunt :) Congratulations!
  29. svinejakt

    Drink of Choice in Africa

    That would be a good tip of what you are getting into ;) In Norway we have the same, it`s called moonshine:D Beers:
  30. svinejakt

    Drink of Choice in Africa

    I have been 5 times in South Africa (4 months together)'and once in Kenya. Kenya is easy, thats Tusker beer! Since i have lived with average south africans everytime. Which i proudly now call my second family:) i have tried most types of drinks. Worst is Witblietz, tastes like shit and the...
  31. svinejakt

    Trophy Size: Should Price be a Factor?

    Thank you and :D Beers:!
  32. svinejakt

    Trophy Size: Should Price be a Factor?

    This is easy, never measure your trophies;) I never did, measure my trophies on experience not inches. Wish the word trophy hunting never got used, even if you after the biggest ones. It gets thrown in hunters faces all the time. If you are hunting in Norway, you excactly that. Doesn?t matter if...
  33. svinejakt

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris April 2016

    Congratulations on a great hunt with a great outfit :) When I saw those bushbucks, I suddenly remember what I am hunting the next time I visit Marius and KMG. That is my main goal the next time!!
  34. svinejakt

    Free Range Roosevelt Sable Hunt Special

    Amazing package :) Hopefully the USD will get weaker to our currency soon ;)
  35. svinejakt

    Top Warthog Producing Countries in Africa (based on SCI)

    my new dream is to hunt warthog in all thos countries mentiond :D
  36. svinejakt

    KMG Hunting Safaris 2015 Season so far....

    A lot of good trophies, but that Eland, really really nice!!
  37. svinejakt

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Father & Son Hunt June 1- June 12

    +1 You always have great hunts with that attitude :) Damn I need to go back to try for a bushbuck!! Great report, keep it coming and give my best to Marius and Flex!!
  38. svinejakt

    Uganda Nile Buffalo hunted this morning

    That warthog, damn!
  39. svinejakt

    West Africa Senegal Guinea and Ivory Coast

    Amazing stuff Anton :)
  40. svinejakt

    Vegetarian/Vegan Hunters

    There are some times I don`t eat meat, mostly in night time while sleeping. You could still bet a dollar that I am dreaming about bacon or steak ;)
  41. svinejakt

    Vegetarian/Vegan Hunters

    Spike: I wrote the wrong word here. Vegetarian. He doesn`t eat meat himself, but the meat get`s eaten by family and friends as far as I can remember.
  42. svinejakt

    Vegetarian/Vegan Hunters

    There`s a vegan hunter on another hunting forum. Read a whole thread about this. Fascinating. Even though I don`t understand his choice his not bunny hugger. I can respect that :D