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    SOUTH AFRICA: Lion Hunt Plus

    That is a beautiful Lion!
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    Hello from England

    Thanks for posting those Hunthard - I would be very happy with a trophy like either of those!
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    Hello from England

    Thanks for bringing up the rugby Loodt - I should have guessed a would be a big target for rugby jokes! :) Hunthard - The size difference (and trophy fee) between Eastern Cape and Limpopo for Kudu is something that I am still trying to decide upon - do I go for an EC Kudu which while slightly...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Tsala Safari August 2014

    Some fantastic trophies there, that Sable is a beauty!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Elephant & Buffalo

    An excellent report - I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures of your trophies!
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    Hello from England

    Thanks Phil Hopefully Spike will spot thus thread now he is mentioned but I will also drop him a line at some point too. James
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    Hello from England

    That is a great Kudu Scott! It is a great idea to have extra budget for impulse animals - there are a few that do not appeal to me at the moment but I have a feeling if/when I see them in the flesh I will be desperate to get one! James
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    What is the TRUE cost of my African Hunting Safari!

    A great topic Jaco As someone who is in the process of planning my first hunt it is good to get a feel for what it is normal to expect from a hunt and what others have experienced James
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    Hello from England

    Thank you to everyone who has replied and offered advice so far. We are going to go for a 1x1 hunt but like the idea of having a couple of days 2x1 as well if the opportunity arose. Marius - it is good to hear other English people have transported their own rifles - maybe it is not as much...
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    Hello from England

    Hello Everyone I have joined this forum in order to learn as much information as possible for when my friend and I go on our first African hunting safari to celebrate our 30th birthdays in 2017/2018 - a while away yet but I have always been taught it is best to be prepared! We shoot regularly...