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  1. JimmyJack54

    Free State Province

    I hunted Free State just S/SE of Boshof, approx. 15-30 miles, back in 2021. Nice experience, good trophies. I’d recommend some of the following: Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Gemsbuck. Always plan on being opportunistic for “whatever the bush gives you”. I learned that lesson the...
  2. JimmyJack54

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Jannie Otto Safaris?

    @19_A_CPT My wife and I purchased one of Jannie’s donations and hunted in the Free State back in October 2001. We likely hunted one of the same concessions as @HuntingFreak. Jannie seems to have been in the business a good while and my impression is that he primarily spends his time marketing...
  3. JimmyJack54

    Delta DL200/201 recent flyers

    Based on Delta’s website, it depends. How is that for clarity? I took the route in October 2024. I paid extra for the WiFi. T-Mobile is Delta’s WiFi partner and as I recall T-Mobile users may access for free. I assume certain level tickets could also access for no additional charge but I was...
  4. JimmyJack54

    Purchases On AH References

    A few recent transactions, all positive reports: •Sold items to @Hillcountry63, prompt payment, good communication •Sold item to @rhoward252, prompt payment, good communication •Purchased item from @Wishfulthinker580, prompt shipping, item as described
  5. JimmyJack54

    Ammo For Sale 416 Rigby

    SPF to @rhoward252
  6. JimmyJack54

    Ammo For Sale 416 Rigby

    Price Reduced. It was brought to my attention that my price is high based on current market conditions/supply. Based on this, let’s try $175 shipped to lower 48.
  7. JimmyJack54

    Ammo For Sale 416 Rigby

  8. JimmyJack54

    Ammo For Sale 416 Rigby

    One unopened box of Winchester Supreme Safari 416 Rigby, 400 gr. Nosler Partition ammo. 20 total cartridges. $210 shipped to lower 48
  9. JimmyJack54

    470 Capstick Ammo, Reloading Components & Stuff For Sale

    I’ll take the TK sling.
  10. JimmyJack54

    Ammo For Sale 9.3x74R

    SPF to @Hillcountry63
  11. JimmyJack54

    Ammo For Sale 9.3x74R

    Cleaning out the ammo closet. 4 Boxes- Federal Premium Cape Shock 9.3x74R 286 gr. Barnes Triple-Shock ($110/box shipped lower 48; $410 shipped if you buy all 4 boxes)
  12. JimmyJack54

    Are You A Member of SCI?

    Life Member
  13. JimmyJack54

    Purchases On AH References

    I’ve had a couple of POSITIVE TRANSACTIONS I’d like to report: • @AZDAVE purchased an item from me, fast payment, good communication • @No Promises sold an item to me, good communication, fast shipping, tracking number provided, item matched description
  14. JimmyJack54

    .416 North Fork 400gr 50ct NIB

    I’ll take them. PM me for payment details.
  15. JimmyJack54

    Monster Klipspringer From The Waterberg Mountains, Limpopo, SA

    Wow! That is a monster Klipspringer. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  16. JimmyJack54

    Model 70 Classic 300 RUM

    Good for you! That was mighty tempting.
  17. JimmyJack54

    Leica Expert Chris Tinkle Introduces The Thermal Imaging Cameras Leica Calonox View & Sight

    What is the MSRP on the Leica Calonox 2? If this was stated earlier I missed it.
  18. JimmyJack54

    Hello from Alabama

    Welcome @Bandera, also from Alabama. I’ve found this forum to be quite informative on all things Africa and beyond. I trust you will do the same.
  19. JimmyJack54

    For Sale Rifles & Cartridges For Large Game- Simpson (Safari Press)

    Safari Press’s Classics in Sporting Firearms Series 13- Rifles & Cartridges for Large Game by Layne Simpson (#287) •Limited to 500 numbered, signed, and slipcased copies $85.00 shipped media mail Condition: Fair. Slipcase may be salvaged, needs to be repaired with adhesive , not torn. Damage...
  20. JimmyJack54

    Wanted Ed Brown Damara Rifle In 300 Win Mag

    I’m open and have the following: Ed Brown Custom, A3 Tactical, 300 Ultra Mag, 2008. PM if interested. Serious offers only.
  21. JimmyJack54

    What did you buy or book at the SCI Nashville convention

    I picked up a cartridge slide from Trader Keith’s. I used one (458 Lott) last fall for a buffalo hunt and it worked well so I thought I would pick up another. My wife and I also purchased two $5 Cliff Bars so we could push through lunch. Relatively inexpensive trip. There is a camo fur...
  22. JimmyJack54

    Greetings and salutations from West Georgia!

    Greetings from your next door neighbor in Alabama.
  23. JimmyJack54

    Ruger M77RSEX MKII .300 WM For Sale

    Ruger website indicates it was shipped in 1993.
  24. JimmyJack54

    Ruger M77RSEX MKII .300 WM For Sale

    Price reduction: Priced at $3,100.00 + buyer pays shipping and insurance. FFL to FFL
  25. JimmyJack54

    Heym 55B O/U Double Rifle Regulation Ammo Question

    Thank you @rookhawk
  26. JimmyJack54

    Heym 55B O/U Double Rifle Regulation Ammo Question

    FWB, I’m not sure when I’ll have time to make it to the range but I’ll let you know once I have a chance to acquire some ammo and shoot it.
  27. JimmyJack54

    Heym 55B O/U Double Rifle Regulation Ammo Question

    Thank you @Hunter-Habib. Do you happen to know at what distance they used to regulate?
  28. JimmyJack54

    Need help with trophy/gun room ideas

    Great looking trophy room, JHT!
  29. JimmyJack54

    Heym 55B O/U Double Rifle Regulation Ammo Question

    I have a Heym 55B-SS Sidelock in 375 H&H (1978) and I am searching for what ammo it may have been regulated with and at what distance. If any of you happen to know or may be able to point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
  30. JimmyJack54

    MRC 1999 AVR .375 H&H For Sale

  31. JimmyJack54

    Wanted Red Stag Cape

    Pm sent
  32. JimmyJack54

    Ideal Couger bullet?

    I’ve had much success with a box of red wine. I use Botta Box but I’m not sure it matters.
  33. JimmyJack54

    Three Ruger RSM's For Sale

    Barrel band in or forward of stock?
  34. JimmyJack54

    Hi, from Louisiana

    Welcome to the forum!
  35. JimmyJack54

    For Sale 404 Jeffery (Rimless NE) Norma African PH Ammo

    2 boxes (10 rounds/box) Norma African PH 404 Riml. NE (404 Jeffery head stamped) for sale. 450 Grain Soft Nose Woodleigh. 20 total rounds. $155/box of 10 rounds shipped to lower 48. Local pickup $150/box
  36. JimmyJack54

    Any reviews on Mr X?

    My wife and I went to South Africa in 2021, my third trip. I didn’t bring rifles that particular trip, however, Covid testing requirements were in full swing. Mr. X did assist in navigating these protocols and it was evident he had great relationships in and around JNB. I think it would be money...
  37. JimmyJack54

    Recommendations in Argentina- Buenos Aries

    Sorry to go on and on but I’ve enjoyed reminiscing on the non-hunting portion of my trip in light of your post. I don’t recall having done so until now. Most of my recollections have been on the hunting portion. The trophy photo below is of my SCI gold roasted cauliflower dish at Mishiguene in...
  38. JimmyJack54

    Recommendations in Argentina- Buenos Aries

    Recommendations- Arandu Recoleta- shopping, Beretta Gallery feel without the guns. dinner and a tango show. I highly recommend if you are looking for this sort of experience. It was recommended to me by an American friend living in BA. Reservations recommended...
  39. JimmyJack54

    Recommendations in Argentina- Buenos Aries

    My wife and I stayed at the Intersur Recoleta in April 2022. This is what I remember: -safe, clean -nice central location for seeing Buenos Aries, we walked a good bit -decent breakfast -adequate rooms, nothing special -good value -not luxurious
  40. JimmyJack54

    MRC 1999 AVR .375 H&H For Sale

    Cross listed
  41. JimmyJack54

    Purchases On AH References

    Positive Transactions: I’ve had positive transactions over the past couple of weeks with the following purchasers. All communicated well, paid promptly, and confirmed receipt of goods. I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with each one of them again. They are: @aminkus @Angelo_orygun @Avus22...
  42. JimmyJack54

    For Sale Husqvarna M1640 30-06

    I’m offering a work horse, not a show pony, in Husqvarna M1640 30-06. Simpson Ltd. import marks. I paid in the upper $400s about 10 years ago if I recall correctly. I put a box of Barnes Vor-Tx ammunition through the rifle 8 or 9 years ago with good success with open sights at 100 yards. I’m...
  43. JimmyJack54

    A Funny Thing Happened on my way to Dinner…

    This seems like a classic “take what the bush gives you” sort of moment. Congratulations.
  44. JimmyJack54

    South Africa's Economy Loses Momentum Amid Record Power Cuts

    Upon arrival in Johannesburg (JNB) on October 5th I expeditiously proceeded from the back of the airplane to Passport Control. When I arrived, I was three rows deep in the non-RSA citizen que. After 10 minutes or so only a few people were processed through by the two or three agents working. At...
  45. JimmyJack54

    MRC 1999 AVR .375 H&H For Sale