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    Good evening John & Katherien Excuse the late reply, as you know, I have been out in the bush busy with a couple of things… Thank you so much for your kind words, it was great having you two in camp and to see someone appreciate everything going on around them as much as we do! It is as you...
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    Got my Kudu home and on the wall

    Well done and beautiful animals! It’s quite refreshing to hear positive feedback on taxidermists. We only use bullseye and Craig is a great guy to deal with. I think I might have seen that kudu during a visit there a couple of months ago! Kind regards Aj Fourie
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    Big bore recoil

    We are We are doing very well thank you! I’m starting another hunt tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait! I don’t want to hog the original post so I hope that you are doing well too! Kind regards Aj Fourie
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    Big bore recoil

    I I’ve been accused of many things before, but a boring bugger has never been one of them…
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    Hello from NC via Panama

    Welcome to the site! As mentioned above you don’t need to be concerned about wastage of meat, in Africa, everything is utilised! What is an undeniable fact is that you and your family will build memories in Africa that will stay with you forever. Good luck on making your decision, if Africa is...
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    Favorite game to eat on your safari

    We’ll be sure to cook up some proper game meat for you both and it seems like he is willing to share with you! a Favourite in camp for us is also Kudu and my personal favourite is between Mountain Reedbuck and Bushbuck. Looking forward to having you in camp and June will be here faster than you...
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    Planning for Mozambique

    Looking forward to having you back in camp!!!!!
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    Our campfire has started

    It is unfortunate but as you say understandable, we ended up getting a Crocodile, Hippo, Giraffe, Blue wildebeest, Blesbuck, Ostrich, Nyala and a Bushpig.
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    Our campfire has started

    Hi all, Our season has kicked off and it’s been good fun to get back to hunting. Sitting at home yesterday reflecting back on the past couple of days, I went through a couple of pictures and I decided to share them with everyone here, our clients have asked not to post photos of them on any...
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    New old guy from the Rockies

    Welcome to the site, Swakopmund is a beautiful area, I’ve only been there once but it was a great experience and a well kept and clean place (at least all the parts we saw). Looking forward to seeing some reports come through on your current planned hunts! Kind regards Aj Fourie.
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    New Aus Member

    Hi Dan and welcome to the forum! I‘ve been fortunate enough to visit AUS but I haven’t hunted there. We did go out crabbing close to Port Douglas and I remember the little boat (dingi) just being big enough to carry two people, some crab nets and a rather large ice chest filled with cold...
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    March 20 SA Planned Protest.....

    I was keeping an eye on the news yesterday and managed to get to O.R Thambo international without any problems. The people flying in had no problems what so ever except for a layover issue in Addis Ababa. There were a couple of incidents but nothing to lead to a shut down of any kind and they...
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    New Member from North Carolina

    Good day MntMan82 Welcome to the site. We hunt in South Africa and Mozambique. I will send you a DM to explain a little more about us as well. Kind regards Aj Fourie.
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    March 20 SA Planned Protest.....

    There might be varied opinions on this one but you can have a look at news24 South Africa. We have better news channels although I’m not sure how much Afrikaans you’ve picked up on.
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    Big bore recoil

    I’m with Colorado on this one, get a gun that you can shoot comfortably, a 375 H&H is great and it’ll do the job.
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    March 20 SA Planned Protest.....

    Sooo… what a topic… Africa has African problems, I am forever optimistic and hopeful and I love Africa and living in South Africa. Currently we do have allot of challenges and frustrations within the country, protests are not uncommon in South Africa and as a matter of fact they will protest...
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    Unplanned Dangerous Game Hunting?

    Many things can happen while you are on Safari and Kevin and BRICKBURN both have very good points. Usually on wild areas we have a set quota. On privately owned properties you might see something like what you describe, but you have to ask yourself a couple of questions first. Is it truly a good...
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    My wife is wanting to attend some Christmas markets in Europe in December. Where can I hunt in December?

    You can hunt in Africa and she can shop somewhere nice in Europe, afterwards you can meet up with her, this way you don’t have to walk down every little passage… If we arrange this well enough we could even make it look like a kidnapping situation and she can dig around for a randsom that we‘ll...
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Has Anyone Hunted With Chasseurs De Moçambique?

    There are a bunch of good outfitters and professional hunters that are not members of PHASA for various reasons. There’s also other organisation to be affiliated with like S.A. Hunters to name but one for South Africa alone and the list continues. PHASA has also had some troubled members in...
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    New member from Louisiana, long time lurker

    Welcome to AH!! Looking forward to hearing more about the hunt! Keep us posted
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    Greetings from Hampshire

    Welcome to AH, like Kevin said,tell us more about that double and maybe even spoil us with a photo!
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    New Member

    Hi mxgust and welcome to the site! It might be a great idea travelling with a friend as you could look into two on one packages and end up saving a bit of money. Enjoy the site! Kind Regards Aj Fourie.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Has Anyone Hunted With Chasseurs De Moçambique?

    Good day Roy, maybe I can help out? You can send me a private message or send me an email at We hunt in the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique and I can tell you more about our operation and send you some references as well. Kind Regards Aj Fourie
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    How To Choose An Outfitter?

    Very good post, well said!
  25. AjFourie

    How To Choose An Outfitter?

    Hi Mark The term “bigger or smaller outfitters” could be very deceiving. a Big outfit could be an outfitter with many ph’s and clients running all over to get their animals and a client could potentially end up just being a number basically. a Big outfitter could also be someone who has been...
  26. AjFourie

    Shot distance

    We do quite a bit of hunting in Limpopo in the Waterberg area, obviously terrain will have an effect but we seldomly take shots over 120 yards on plains game, with some exceptions as mentioned by @Desperatezulu. On buffalo you want to get a bit closer so maybe around that 50-70 yard bracket...
  27. AjFourie

    Hello from Texas

    Hello Ryan and welcome to AH! There‘s plenty of information on the forum! You cannot go wrong with the Niassa Special Reserve. I will send you a dm. Kind regards Aj Fourie.
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    Bonjour from France

    Welcome to the site!!! Post us some pictures of hunting in France!
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    Hello from Indiana

    Welcome to the site! 2024 will be here before you know it!!!
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    Judging Kudu

    That second bull won’t go to deep fifties, I’d put him in middle fifties but yes, definitely the older one between the two and he displays beautifully as well!
  31. AjFourie

    Judging Kudu

    The second bull in my opinion is almost ready, but I would give him more time as well.
  32. AjFourie

    Judging Kudu

    Field judging a kudu bull has various aspects to be taken into consideration and depth of the curl, length of the tips and thickness of the base has an impact but so does horn mass and even the area that you are hunting in, some areas are known for better trophy quality than other areas. I...
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    Hello from Knoxville, TN

    Welcome to AH!!
  34. AjFourie

    Until we meet again…

    Hi Sue, we were quite busy as well! But it’s not a problem, we will be back next year and hopefully we can catch up then!
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    Until we meet again…

    And so our marketing time in the U.S have come to an end, We would like to thank everyone met or visited for your kindness and hospitality. Now it’s time to get back into the bush and start hunting! We look forward to seeing you there! Kind regards Aj Fourie.
  36. AjFourie

    Kwalata Safaris SCI

    Good day everyone! We are all set up and ready to go in Nashville!!! Be sure to come by our booth and don’t forget to mention AH!! Kind regards Aj Fourie
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    Heartwarming moment at the Great American Outdoor show

    Thanks, but it’s definitely a team effort!
  38. AjFourie

    Heartwarming moment at the Great American Outdoor show

    Hi Doug We told them about that trailer and they said they will see if they can find it!
  39. AjFourie

    Hello from Canada!

    Welcome to the forum Mark, there is something for everyone on here! Kind regards Aj Fourie
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    Heartwarming moment at the Great American Outdoor show

    We had a great time at the Great American Outdoor Show! Thank you to everyone that came by to spend some time with us! Our favourite visitor was a kid called Vinnie, his family bought him to our booth to ask whether he could touch the taxidermy! Vinnie is blind but he loves animals and the only...
  41. AjFourie

    How far do you have to travel to even hunt?

    I’m very fortunate to live on a place where I can walk out the door and hunt some species although I must say, the further away I can get, the better! I have some kudu, bushbuck, blesbuck, Duiker and Steenbuck around my house but I prefer just enjoying having them there! That being said, we live...
  42. AjFourie

    Great American outdoor show

    Good evening! We would just like to say thank you to all the members that has come by our booth to greet us! We still have tomorrow left and Sunday (I know it is Superbowl Sunday) but if you have thought about attending the show, please pop in and mention AH! We are in booth Nr 5707. If you...
  43. AjFourie

    Apple Air Tags inside gun cases?

    It’s a cheap piece of technology that will give you piece of mind, I’ve used them in my luggage as well and I think they are great!
  44. AjFourie

    New from Wisconsin

    Welcome to AH! Africa has enough beauty to keep you occupied for a long time!! Kind regards Aj Fourie.
  45. AjFourie

    Early/Late Season Hunt & Air Fare Included Special With KWALATA SAFARIS

    This package is for clients coming from the US but I will send you a DM to discuss options for Europe.
  46. AjFourie

    Early/Late Season Hunt & Air Fare Included Special With KWALATA SAFARIS

    Hi Jaqeus As stated above, this package includes two economy class tickets. Thank you. Aj Fourie.
  47. AjFourie

    What animal to shoulder mount

    Hi trperk In my opinion I would go for a European on the kudu, a Sable has a beautiful mane and the presents great on a wall. But as @Mwag said it depends, if you get a great kudu a sable can have a classic clean look as a European as well? You have time to make this decision, wait until after...
  48. AjFourie

    CZ 550 375 H&H

    I have the CZ 550 in a .458 Lott and it is a reliable rifle, I had to work the bolt a little bit initially to get it a little smoother but I have been happy with it since the day I bought it, and as mentioned above it’s a robust working gun!! Does a backup rifle need to be pretty? In my opinion...
  49. AjFourie

    How dangerous are the ‘Big Five’?

    Hi Rubi, @BeeMaa said it well and with DG hunting there will always be risks involved. All being said I don’t think that it should discourage you at all, if it is something that you want to do you can make it work. We have all heard or seen the horror stories yes, and some members here have...