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  1. Nyatiboss

    Kudu Rifle

    Kudu are soft in my humble experience ! Anything will do, but .270 + is wise, just in case.
  2. Nyatiboss

    Oryx shoulder mount for sale.

    Thanks Brickburn. He will be going to an auction house in London soon. Will be traumatic as his first venture into a city ! Horns crossed......... All best Tony
  3. Nyatiboss

    A Giant Eland well suited to its' name!

    Hi Francois, That is a splendid Eland. Congratulations to you and your client. I am a UK agent and have been looking for a reliable and professional outfit who could guide my clients in safety and success for Eland and other CAR species. If you could email me, we can discuss . Best...
  4. Nyatiboss

    Oryx shoulder mount for sale.

    Sadly I have no room for my favourite Namibian Oryx, Oscar..... If someone would like to give me , say ï½£250, I would sell. Buyer collects Surrey UK. All best Tony Picture won't attach email me and I will send pics
  5. Nyatiboss

    Buffalo Calibers

    Hi I always used a scoped .375 H&H and an open sided .416 Rigby Roughly half my 12 Buff were shot with each calibre. Interestingly, the .375 shot buff expired quicker than the .416 ones, except for two which dropped to the shot by shooting too high. Bullet placement rules the...
  6. Buffalo shot in 1990 Kasonso, Zambia

    Buffalo shot in 1990 Kasonso, Zambia

  7. Nyatiboss

    What were some of your favorite meals while on your hunting safari?

    No more needs to be said.............
  8. Nyatiboss

    Telephone repairs ... just thought you would like to know ...

    Funny ! Here's one for you.............. Why are men not Agony Uncles ? Sally emails her local radio station Agony Uncle Jim Dear Jim. Last week I left for work as usual, but having gone only a mile my car sputtered and broke down. So I walked home again and, arriving...
  9. Nyatiboss

    Buffalo Pictures

    Not as impressive as your pics Jerome, but here's the biggest I have ever managed. Shot in 1990 Kasonso, Zambia. Poor pics as light was fading and lions were all around us, as they had been hunting the herd I shot this from. We cut it up after dark and they never left us, coming within 20 yards...
  10. Nyatiboss

    Anyone hunted Ibex in Spain?

    Hi I have some good contacts in Spain. If you hunt Bronze / Silver medal Ibex it's not that bad price wise. Also a friend of mine has a big area where you could shoot some Boar and Red Deer and maybe able to wangle you an Ibex as well. Email me and I will start some enquiries for you. All...
  11. Nyatiboss

    What were some of your favorite meals while on your hunting safari?

    Day 1: I always try to get someone to shoot an Eland and tell them it's the most difficult of trophies. This way we get a huge supply of biltong for the next two weeks and it's the best ! That with a lorry load of cold beer takes care of all your nutritional needs of an evening...
  12. Crocodile Mozambique

    Crocodile Mozambique

    A fine 14 ft 1 inch Croc taken n Mozambique October 2011.
  13. Nyatiboss

    HUNTING Crocodile

    A 14 ft 2inch croc I saw shot in Mozambique by a friend of mine with a .308 last year. Neck / spine shot and it didn't move a muscle on receipt of the round. Having said that, my pal was under a bush and some trees and couldn't get an inch closer, so had to shoot at 100+ yds. I was waiting...
  14. Nyatiboss


    Hi Wayne, Never happened to me, but these guys are getting ever more cunning ! Like the Thai girl adverts that pop up on these pages from time to time. Thanks for the hunt info. I have sent to a couple of pals. Let us know when your website is up and running again. All best Tony
  15. Nyatiboss


    Hi Wayne Sounds like a very good offer. I will see if any of my guys might be interested. Could you tell me how big the area is and camp etc please ? By the way. I clicked on your website and a big phishing scam alert came on from Google. Thought I would let you know. All best...
  16. Nyatiboss

    Guns In RSA

    Hi J'burg International are pretty organised these days. I was there in October and all went smoothly. A guy will find you air side and take your rifles to the Police Station, which is land side. So long as you have all your forms filled in correctly, there is no problem. It's the...
  17. Nyatiboss


    I agree. Wildebeeste can be armour plated if your first shot isn't perfect. Much to my shame, I once shot a Wildebeeste 5 times over a 2.5 hour period with .375 H&H softs, after my first shot, a 300 yds went a bit too far back. Worst of all, I was fly camping in the wilds of Zambia and had...
  18. Nyatiboss

    Maneating Tigers of India

    Hi Monish Do you know of any records of LT Colonel Bill Shannahan ? He lived in Jhansi in the 1920s and 30s and is supposed to have killed a few man eaters. He also hunted with Jim Corbett. His son, also Bill, is still alive aged 82 and shot his first tiger, a man eater , aged 15. I am...
  19. Nyatiboss

    Looking for a Bird Hunt in Tanzania

    Sorry. Before anyone sends me a map of Africa, both those recommendations are in Kenya. It's been a long day..........!
  20. Nyatiboss

    Looking for a Bird Hunt in Tanzania

    Hi Rockhunter, What a good place to go and work ! Speak to Richard Bonham of Richard Bonham Safaris. He has a great Lodge in the Chyulu Hills, called ol Donyo Wuas. When I was last there he was doing Sand Grouse and Francolin hunts. Also has horses there. Also speak to Gary Cullen at...
  21. Nyatiboss

    GNU Hunting $200 per head (meat not included)

    Hi Marius I am interested in general hunting in your area. Definitely Buffalo. Any fences in your areas ? Could you email me your prices to please ? Many thanks All best Tony
  22. Nyatiboss

    Hi Sergey What a bad experience for you. I am sorry. As a booking agent for over 30 years, even...

    Hi Sergey What a bad experience for you. I am sorry. As a booking agent for over 30 years, even I sometimes get misled and narrowly missed booking some regular clients into an area in Mozambique which had no Buffalo ! I use a very good outfit. You pay nothing for my advice. 100% of the money...
  23. Nyatiboss

    Choice between 2 rifles for Africa

    Hi Definitely take your .308. All African animals are tough, especially the Oryx. A good heavy bullet for it, that will expend it's energy in the animal, not zip through. Good hunting ! All best Tony
  24. Nyatiboss

    outfitter pricing?????

    Hi The highly reputable outfit I hunt with in Mozambique are very strict regarding anyone hunting ( pulling trigger ) without a Gov hunting license pre issued to that specific person. Their 10 day hunts are US$12,000 for 2012 and trophy fees US$3,000 per Buff. I agree that, why should a...
  25. Nyatiboss


    Hi You and your hubby should get on a pane asap to Africa ! The areas we can hunt and the constant battle against poachers, government 'interests' ( often the same thing ), eco lodges and pure human expansion, mean that areas are shrinking fast. Best areas for total wilderness hunting...
  26. Nyatiboss

    Hunting Days India

    Hi Monish, Those are , indeed, rare pictures ! I met an old India hunter recently and he has asked me to write his memoirs and has, only a few images saved. He hunted an killed his first Tiger aged 15 and shot his first Leopard aged 11. His father, Lt Colonel Bill Shannahan often used to...
  27. Nyatiboss

    BONGO 2012 - 30% Discount hunt with Prime outfitter!

    Cold beer That is very kind of you ! I will have to pop out and rob a bank, then will be in touch re deposits etc All best
  28. Nyatiboss

    BONGO 2012 - 30% Discount hunt with Prime outfitter!

    US$50,000 and cold beer not included ?!?! Any Goliath Tigers in your area ?
  29. Nyatiboss

    SOUTH AFRICA: Info On An Outfitter Roy's Lodge & Safaris Out 0f Pretoria

    Indeed it is a heads up Anyone welcome to contact before booking please
  30. Nyatiboss

    SOUTH AFRICA: Info On An Outfitter Roy's Lodge & Safaris Out 0f Pretoria

    I am not one to publicly denounce people. I can only go by my own experiences and am willing to share them by private messages or email only. Plus. I am not overly fond of being shot in the arse by an irate operator when having a cold beer at a bar ! Happy to correspond on this and other...
  31. Nyatiboss

    SOUTH AFRICA: Info On An Outfitter Roy's Lodge & Safaris Out 0f Pretoria

    Hi Email me asap re this. I have a lot of info to share Tony
  32. Nyatiboss

    Tiger Fishing and or Buffalo Hunting Mozambique

    Sorry. I will clarify. $2,675 is for the fishing week. A 10 day Buffalo hunt is currently $12,000 for 2012 + trophy fees etc Buff is $3,000 Trophy fee. All best Tony
  33. Nyatiboss

    Tiger Fishing and or Buffalo Hunting Mozambique

    I have reserved a week's Tiger Fishing on Lake Caborra Bassa for Sept 2012. The guys who had reserved this booking are looking a bit shaky, so I will consider offering it to another group. 7 days fishing US$2,675 Includes : Accommodation. Single occupancy for party of 6 or sharing...
  34. Nyatiboss

    Need for travel planners/ agents

    Hi Oliver Tambo is fine if you keep an eye out at all times. They have cleared many of the 'undesirables' who used to hang around and pilfer ! A guy should collar ( airside )you whilst you are waiting for your firearms and he will take you to the Police Station ( landside ). I found these...
  35. Nyatiboss

    Gary Hopkins & Arjun Reddy

    Quite brilliant photography. That has put me back in my box with my poor efforts by comparison ! I knew Gary H many years ago. Great guy. All best Tony
  36. Nyatiboss

    Thank you

    I think Jerome sets the tone for a gentlemanly and intelligent website, which is a real pleasure to belong to. Keep it up ! my Father always told me 'Manners Maketh Man'
  37. One of mine

    One of mine

  38. Amos's Midday Tiger........

    Amos's Midday Tiger........

    Then he caught them at midday, which was even worse. We then had him talk us through it all afternoon and there wasn't enough Mosi to drink to make it bareable ! He is not invited on our next trip Sept 2012 !
  39. Amos's 6pm Tiger Zambezi Sept 2100

    Amos's 6pm Tiger Zambezi Sept 2100

    He always caught a Tiger just before dark. Very annoying habit ! We then had to hear about it all evening. Only one thing to do. Drink more Mosi !!
  40. Nyatiboss

    Is the .375 H&H strong enough

    HI Joodowd, I have hunted with a .375 H&H with scope and a .416 Rigby with iron sights for many years. Funnily enough, the Buffalo I have shot with the .375 have all fallen dead faster than those I shot with my .416. Probably greater accuracy & bullet placement helps ! I have also shot...
  41. Nyatiboss

    Tiger Fish

    Hi Brickburn, If you are in SA the closest place for good Tiger Fishing is the Zambezi River above Vic Falls. But I know of some really serious Tiger Fishing in Mozambique if you can spend more time. Let me know if you need any help. All best Tony
  42. 75 lbs Elephant Zambia

    75 lbs Elephant Zambia

    A big Bull taken in Zambia, August 2011 75lbs a side.
  43. Crocodile Mozambique

    Crocodile Mozambique

    A fine 14 ft 1 inch Croc taken n Mozambique October 2011
  44. Nyatiboss

    Sable Hunt - 2 Mozambique Sables left on quota for 2011

    Hi Mike Sounds like a good area for Sable. Do you have any Buffalo there as well ? I have a client looking for Buffalo and Sable hunts for 2012. Let me know what you have and prices please. All best Tony
  45. Nyatiboss

    ZIMBABWE: Has Anyone Hunted With Roger Whittall Safaris?

    Hi I have known Roger Whittall and his family for nearly 20 years and wouldn't hesitate to reccommend them. I have been to Humani, their home hunting area probably 20 times and it remains one of my most favourite places in Africa. Their Turgwe camp is the nicest. Big Leopard on Humani +...
  46. Nyatiboss

    Exciting Brown Bear Hunt in Croatia

    Hi Thanks for your message They use a scoring system, based on the C.I.C. points method. Lenght, skull size etc. Our guide / hunter estimated it at 330 CIC points, so was pretty accurate ! 300 + is gold medal. The hunt was euros 9,500 inc a Gold medal bear and hotel, meals etc...
  47. Nyatiboss

    Exciting Brown Bear Hunt in Croatia

    I recently did a European Brown Bear Hunt in Croatia with a friend of mine. She has some excellent areas, Government controlled, very good hunter / guides etc. All in all a professional well organised set up. Very high probability of Gold Medal ++ over 350 CIC points we saw, but couldn't...
  48. Nyatiboss

    Comment by 'Nyatiboss' in media 'Fish Eagle Luganzo Tanzania'

    Hi Rich You are quite right . I downloaded the wrong picture. I am pretty sure that my whirlwind was indeed a whirlwind though and not a Bat Eared fox ! Thanks for putting me straight All best Tony
  49. Nyatiboss

    MOZAMBIQUE: Hunting in Mozambique in June

    Hi Jose, Yes, nice weather then, not too hot. Rifle import is easy. Just needs all the details, invitation letter from the outfitter and they will get the permit for you. Depends on where you are flying from, but SA Airlink take firearms and fly to Maputo, Biera and Tete. I have some Buff...
  50. Nyatiboss

    2011 A few Buffalo hunts left for 2011

    Good day, Due to researching Buffalo hunts for my UK clients, I have spoken to dozens of hunting Operators and booked hunts for 2011 for my clients. I have, as a result, got a few hunts left for 2011. Big ( thousands of square kilometers ) areas in Zambia and Mozambique where you will...