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    Got my first elk hunt this year - Help me pick a cartridge

    300 WM. 180 grain Barnes TTSX
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    Pronghorn antelope mount

    Nice looking mount.
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    Best Taxidermy for leopards in Houston and Dallas Area?

    I was at Houston safari show this year and was impressed with the leopard mounts they had at b and b taxidermy.
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    GREENLAND: Caribou Hunt

    Nice looking caribou
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    Financially ready for a Safari?

    1. Just a truck payment 2. Yes had about 10 years left of a 15 year house mortgage. 3. About 20 percent of annual income on first safari. Total cost hunt, taxidermy, tips, flight 4. Didn’t finance anything on safari 5. Contribute closer to 10 percent toward retirement 6. First safari 2022 and...
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    Age of first African hunting trip

    44 years old SA my first trip for PG. scheduled to go back to Zimbabwe ‘25 for DG at age 47.
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    First bobcat

    Congrats on your bobcat. Here is my mount one of my favorites
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    Early booking or last minute?

    I agree you can get some unbelievable deals on last minute cancellations. The problem that I have is scheduling off from work for 2 weeks without a lot of notice. Guys with flexible schedules or are retired can definitely take advantage of the great deals.
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    Hunting multiple buffalo

    Thanks for all of the help and responses. I booked my hunt yesterday at the Houston show. Going to hunt with Wayne at Nyamazana Safaris in Zimbabwe. Going to hunt one buffalo and an elephant bull. Hunt is going to be in September of ‘25.
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    Hunting multiple buffalo

    Thanks guys for the help. Still doing my research but you’re right a second buff adds a lot to the price. Hoping to have something booked soon for 2025. Thanks
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
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    Whitetail deer season 2023-2024

    Some serious mass
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    Call Out to Mark Biggerstaff

    Mark is a great guy. I’ve had the pleasure to visit him at the shop in El Campo. Bought a .416 Rigby from him as well as a couple scopes. He mounted the scopes while I waited and enjoyed talking Africa with him.
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    Whitetail deer season 2023-2024

    Wow that is a huge bobcat. I’ve never seen one that big.
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    Carpathian Chamois Trophy Hunting!

    Marius enjoy reading your posts. I have a question. Is it possible to come to Romania and hunt a stag, fallow and chamois on the same hunt. Possible a 7 day or so hunt? Do the hunting seasons over lap to make this happen. Thanks
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    USA: Whitetail Hunting In The Midwest

    Great deer thanks for sharing
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    USA: Whitetail Hunting In The Midwest

    110 down and 62 up. 172 gross.
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    TANZANIA: Tanzania Report - First Safari

    Going to be hard to top that safari
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    TANZANIA: Tanzania Report - First Safari

    WOW…thats a heck of a safari. 4 buffalo on one trip that’s awesome. Congrats
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    Any hunts you wouldn’t do again?

    Yes exactly what revturbo said. Seen it to much in Texas where outfitter wants you to shoot a deer that they see everyday
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    Elephant Permit has been issued

    That’s great news congratulations
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    Any hunts you wouldn’t do again?

    Any hunts that are pay by inch or any hunt that you targeting just one particular animal.
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    Another Texas hunter

    Welcome. I’m in the Houston area as well. Near lake Houston.
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    Agree 100 percent with Andrew on the socks. Good wool socks just as important as the boots.
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    Just finishing my safari and joined yesterday

    Heck of a list you got there. Congrats on your Safari and welcome to the forum.
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    ZIMBABWE: Buffalo & Elephant With NYAMAZANA SAFARIS In The Save Valley Conservancy

    Sounds like a great hunt. Enjoyed reading about your safari. Thanks so much for sharing
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    GREENLAND: Has Anyone Hunted With Erik Lomholt Of Trophy Hunting Greenland?

    I have a caribou/muskox hunt scheduled with him for September ‘24
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    Special Leupold Pricing For AH

    Mark thoughts and prayers.
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    Where best to hunt in October/November time frame?

    That is hot!! Red Leg glad you were successful. Also at those temps animals would most certainly have to utilize any water around.
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    Exciting News From TROPHY SHIPPERS

    Great news close to me. Used them back in May. Great service.
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    Frugal Hunter

    Great advice so far. The shipping is what will get you. I paid 6600.00 to get my finished work home from SA in shipping and to clear (10 trophies finished work). It was my first time over so glad I did it but will really think about what to do with trophies on second hunt. My advice would to...
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    Taking advantage of a small space

    Great use of your space. Really like the way the sable is mounted. Very creative thanks for sharing.
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    Wire Transfer Scam

    Yes my bank makes me go in person as well. I wonder if you get scammed if there is protection against this? Sorry FWB that you had to go through that. Glad your bank was able to catch it. Wish they would find the evil folks that do this and prosecute to full extent of the law. Thanks for...
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    Sable Big Game Hunting Package US$9,000 Per Hunter

    That new lodge looks great. Folks might get too comfortable on those cold mornings and stay back and drink all day at the new lodge.
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    Hunting multiple buffalo

    Can you do 2 buffaloes on a 10 day hunt?
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    Africa I am Coming!

    Heck Yea. Have a great time and good luck.
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    Hunting multiple buffalo

    Guys thanks for the advice. Some great info here. As always appreciate the help.
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    Hunting multiple buffalo

    Spike T yeah would definitely be interested learning more about this hunt. Logistics, approximate price, hunting area, logistics, getting trophies home, etc. probably would be 2026.
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    Hunting multiple buffalo

    Thanks for the replies. Good information. I should have been more specific. Tanzania is going to be out of my budget. Been looking at Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. If only one buff makes sense might do a buff/eland combo. Outfitter suggestions in those countries you guys have hunted with...
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    Hunting multiple buffalo

    So the set daily rate was the same for the number of days whether you shot 1 or 2 buffalo? Did he ask you to extend the days if you wanted a second buffalo
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    Hunting multiple buffalo

    I’ve only been on one plains game safari and had a blast. Now looking at a buffalo hunt in a wilderness area for my second hunt. Still a couple years out but already starting to look at options. My question is do any of you try and take 2 buffalo bulls on the same hunt? Reason that I ask is...
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    Am I being scammed? Import into Toronto

    Yes sir I paid 200.00 a day waiting to clear customs. I was expecting it though. Trophy Shippers gave me warning. Worst thing that can happen is your trophies make it in Friday afternoon and sit until Monday over the weekend. 4 days 200 per day.
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    Another “hunt” from YouTube Cape Buffalo

    Best line in the whole video is when he says” in the interest of sport” Really that’s sporting. WOW
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    Mounts on the wall

    I have 3/4 inch plywood behind the wall. I just mounted them on a large bolt. I really didn’t plan out I picked my mounts off the taxidermist website with the form that I liked and then when they arrived mounted them on the wall.
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    Mounts on the wall and search savannah
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    Mounts on the wall

    Yeah I agree but knew they were coming. Trophy shippers warned me about them and they are out of his control until they clear. I would be ok at 50/per day or something reasonable. Two hundred a day a little excessive.
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    Mounts on the wall

    I don’t know but can reach out to taxidermist and see if there is a name for it. Taxidermist is in SA so I will send them an email tonight.
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    Mounts on the wall

    Yes absolutely glad to help with shipping info. It’s a big relief when your crate finally reaches your home.