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    Philip Glass On Round The Fire Podcast

    Philip-our ranch is in Ballinger. Would be fun to talk Africa around the fire some time! Fenstar
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    The Double Rifle Primer Book By Cal Pappas

    Sorry, I am out. Not to tech savvy - so thanks guys.
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    The Double Rifle Primer Book By Cal Pappas

    I’ll take it- will pm in the morning. Fenstar
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    9.3 x 74, Ruger #1, Want To Purchase

    AZDAVE- I’m glad you said it first… my .500J and my .505G are my favorites to tinker with and shoot!
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    9.3 x 74, Ruger #1, Want To Purchase

    The 9.3 metrics have my attention lately. Looking for a plain jane, #1, in a not so plain jane caliber. With all the scammers on the “wanted to buy” heading, I’d like to only deal with mature AH members. If you have a rifle for sale, please post “pm sent” before sending a pm. What I appreciate...
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    Hornady’s Factory .275 Rigby - Reproduced Load Data

    Thank you for sharing- useful information to keep!
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    505 Gibbs

    I’ve been doing load development w the .505 Gibbs- and I’m here to say it’s like no load development I’ve ever done. Wow! You know when you pull the trigger!
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    Wanted 9.3x62 Bullets

    Raptor59 helped me with Accubonds (Thank you!) but the 250g A Frames are still a no go. Load development will start regardless. Thank you all for the help!
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    9.3x62 - Large or Large Magnum Primers?

    Thank you for input.
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    9.3x62 - Large or Large Magnum Primers?

    I’ve been a handloader for a long time- but I tend to be old school and big bore. Primers types were always easy to determine. The 9.3x62 has had my attention for a long time… just now, it has my focused attention. From what I gather, 286g bullets work best with RL-17 and Big Game powder. 250g...
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    Wanted 9.3x62 Bullets

    Sorry, Jason367. Pre- coffee I pulled trigger too soon. Looking for 250 gr Accubonds and A Frames, not BTips. Thank you, though! Fenstar
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    Wanted 9.3x62 Bullets

    I’ll take it. Thank you Jason367. PM Sent.
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    Pierre van der Walt Books

    I’ve email several times to get the “small animal” copy- no response. Either email on internet is wrong or just non responsive.
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    Wanted 9.3x62 Bullets

    I have plenty of Woodleigh to trade, if interested- .375 - .510 and all in between.
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    Wanted 9.3x62 Bullets

    Swift A Frames .366 @ 250 gr., and Nosler Accubonds, .366 @ 250 gr. If anyone can part with some I’d say thank you very much!
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    For Sale CZ 550 375 HH With #2 AHR Modifications

    I’ll take it. Sending pm now. Big farming family with lots of high energy, hunting nephews. Nice gun for sure.
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    Another CZ 550 9.3x62 For Sale

    I’ll take it. Pm sent.
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    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    Green Chile, right again! .275 is the only real answer.
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    So, I Was In The Loading Room Today...

    Got moved up to summer cabin in Sandpoint Idaho, for summer. I was supposed to get on weeds, mowing, planting, spring cleaning- I went straight to reloading room and loaded .505 Gibbs, .500 Jeffery and .450 NE! Good to be back!
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    Wanted Slightly Used Heym Double Rifle In 450-400 Or 470 Nitro

    Green Chile is correct in my opinion… the .450 NE is the real darling of the bunch. Good luck on search.
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    CZ 550 9.3x62 Needs Forever Home

    I’ll take it if not sold.
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    ZIMBABWE: Mokore Safaris Sengwa Research Tuskless Elephant & Plains Game

    I’ve hunted w Duckworth’s a few times. Charted airplane one, drove Harare one… drive is best in my opinion. The drive puts you into the mood of Africa, before you reach camp. The anticipation build to reach camp, start Safari, for me, was priceless. Gary Duckworth, Barry and Bertie, Neil and...
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    Delta DL200/201 recent flyers

    Going to Africa a month ago- nothing. Coming back from Africa on the Delta flight, yes… and worked well.
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    Outfitters operating in the Niassa Special Reserve, Mozambique

    good choice- Grant is absolutely top notch.
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    Woodleigh Bullets - Feedback for Production Requested

    .505 and .510, 570 gr solid and soft.
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    Which Elephant Rifle and cartridge?

    Literally on a plane back from Zim / Africa now. .450 NE, 480 gr solid was one shot down at 20 yds, side brain. .500 Jeffery, 570 gr solid on previous hunt w Ele was same result. This year, red dot on double made things 100% easier, with aging eyes. Good luck. Shot placement is everything.
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    Any fly fishing recommendations for chasing King Salmon in Alaska?

    I have a whole fish camp / boats / motors / gear on the Nushigak for the brave to take over! We set up camp early June, for years, and had a great time with the Kings and sockeyes (silvers in early Aug). Been there, done that- plus sold my beloved 1956 DeHaviland Beaver on floats. Fishing isn’t...
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    480g Solids Wanted, .483 diameter For .475NE

    Thank you both! Good info to utilize, if no one on the site has a hidden old box they would part with. I know this is a needle in haystack search. Thx again.
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    480g Solids Wanted, .483 diameter For .475NE

    All, I have a friend who has a nice old .475 NE double- needing reloading supplies for a Botswana Elephant hunt. 480g solids, .483 diameter. Thanks in advance!
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    .470 Bonanza

    I will take this off your hands.. thank you
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    I joined the 505 Gibbs club

    Keep talking about your handload recipes for your .505 G. Lon Paul finishing up his touches on my .505 G hopefully in next week or two. Buff on the bill in Mozambique next year. Can’t wait to shoot the rifle!
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    Winter Safari Yard Sale: Part III (The Final Chapter)

    I’ll take the Falconry print #2
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    Soon Coming John Rigby In 275 Rigby With Everything You Need For Reloading

    Put me next in line if sale falls through. Thanks
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    VV N560 Powder

    …. also in .300 HH
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    Outfitters operating in the Niassa Special Reserve, Mozambique

    Grant Taylor, Mashambanzou Safaris, is a stand up guy, and puts on a great safari. I’d highly recommend him- he will be at DSC
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    Federal 175 Grain 7x57 Mauser 100 Factory Cartridges

    I’ll take them, if not sold.
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    Conquest 2.5-8x32 (Great Scope For A Ruger No.1)

    Funds sent today. Thank you.
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    Conquest 2.5-8x32 (Great Scope For A Ruger No.1)

    I’ll still take it… but don’t know how private PM works, so hope you know how to get ahold of me!
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    Conquest 2.5-8x32 (Great Scope For A Ruger No.1)

    Rings included? If so, I’ll take it.
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    Piper Rifles .500J

    Please report on your .500J load development.
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    .505 Gibbs Load Data

    John is spot on.. (but I’d even suggest 2100-2200 fps), 2200 fps, with the right bullet, is the .505 sweet spot. Don’t be afraid of fillers- the end user doesn’t know the difference… but the shooter does! Powder burn rates and powder charge weights make you love a .505 or hate it. Enjoy!
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    Heym 470NE 88B

    Is there any way you could show the “build sheet”… length of pull, barrel lengths, etc? Beautiful rifle. I think it would be difficult for me to sell this beauty if it were mine.
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    Heym Model 89b Chambered In 500 NE

    Matt did you sell this rifle yet? Absolutely beautiful.
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    450 Dakota vs 458 Lott

    100% w Flewis. I own both. Both are absolute beasts… but the Lott, coupled with African .458 WM availability, makes the Lott an easy winner. Outside the ammo nod, both are good bets on the largest game.
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    New to Reloading

    Pierre van der Walt, African Dangerous Game Cartriges. Also, I frequently use my subscription to “Load Data” for a helpful bounty of handload data.
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    New to Reloading

    Midway or RCBS, direct.
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    Sounds dumb, because it is and I’m not internet savvy, but where do I find the Converstation/...

    Sounds dumb, because it is and I’m not internet savvy, but where do I find the Converstation/ Private Message (PM) system at Africa Hunting?
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    Wanted 1 1/4" to 1" Bushing For Reloading Press

    Papabaer55, if you found the RCBS Press Bushing #57191 ( 1 1/4” -12 to 1” -14 ), I’d love to purchase from you. RCBS was lost on my call with their correct part number and everything- but then again I didn’t talk to Robin, either. If available- thanks. If not, no big.
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    What's the ideal / preferred rifle weight for the following cartridges?

    My .500 J is 11.5 lb, mercury in the stock- a joy to carry and shoot. One of my favorite rifles.