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    Article on heavier vs lighter for caliber bullet penetration

    I used the A-frame in discussion because you had it in your testing, so you'd obviously be familiar with it and it was already in the thread, I also use it because it is ubiquitous as far as bonded lead bullets go. Honestly was not trying to do some one-upmanship, wouldn't be having this...
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    Article on heavier vs lighter for caliber bullet penetration

    I think you missed my intent of the second point, the point to which your response started "I am not here to argue." But that's fine, I'm not here to argue either, I'm here to understand the entirety of the performance. So, moving on: To the first point, are you stating that once we are past...
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    Article on heavier vs lighter for caliber bullet penetration

    When testing those 458 raptors in your medium, how far did the petals penetrate? Did you measure that specifically, as that would be what I'd want to know to compare them to an expanded A frame or the like. Essentially, it's the "expanded" damage wound channel length, past that is just the...
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    458 Lott Ammo Deal

    Opticsplanet has a good deal going on right now. I have no affiliation with them.
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    New toy

    Is it winter in MN? I can't tell, I'm NW of Cloquet and we don't have any snow, it's 41 and sunny, the river next to me is wide open. Makes me wonder if the fury is going to come 10-fold over the next couple of months or if we're really not going to have a winter.
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    Dangerous Game Hunting and the case for bigger not always being better

    First person on planet earth to think A frames are a bullet prone to failure... I've never even read another comment like that with regard to A frames, let alone met anyone that had issues with them.
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    Double Rifle Training

    Ok, but give more details. What gauge is the shotgun, where did you get the hornet inserts/who makes them, and show some targets so we can see what kind of accuracy that can be expected. Oh, and do you need a gunsmith to install them. Please
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    Wolves Have Been Released in Colorado USA

    Have them bring in Griz, the rich skiers I'm sure are just besides themselves not being able to see the cuddly teddy bears.
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    Does Anyone Have Anything Cool Or Useful To Trade?

    Where are you located?
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    Double vs Bolt .. Speed/Accuracy

    Joe Biden on the bolt, he was lost. None-the-less, it's fair enough, practical accuracy is the goal with these guns, as far as I can tell that guy with the double did great. So whether that was a master titled guy running the bolt and a master titled guy running the double, to some degree...
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    500 S&W "Brass Lodged"

    And for what it's worth, if I had problems with extraction, I'd be running one of those hones through my bore as a "let's see if I can fix this." It may, may not, but the reason I knew of them is because I've heard of extraction issues and I researched and prepared for what I'd do. My gun has...
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    500 S&W "Brass Lodged"

    So I shoot a load with those cutting edge bullets solids right now, it's from Aria Ballistics, I decided to give them a shot, and from my experience I'd tend to say, proceed with caution, but we'll shelf that, I've got a couple new loads to test before I determine whether I'd completely trust...
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    500 S&W "Brass Lodged"

    I have one, haven't had the issue, but yes, have heard of it from hot loads. Of course, the number one thing asked is, when you look in your chamber holes in the cylinder, do you see any pitting or anything like that? But the recommendation regardless tends to be to hone those chambers...
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    Best electronic hearing protection?

    The Axil name change. Boy, I got the email a while back and could swear it was to defense hearing (I believe), which, their site is But I have my hearing pro so I tend to delete the emails all but immediately. But maybe it was just an announcement regarding the upper end...
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    Best electronic hearing protection?

    I wasn't speaking in absolutes. My most expensive at this moment are my Axil GS Digital 2.0, purchased because they claimed 29db NRR, they also had a trial period, in which, I tested that as best I could. 500 S&W 5" total with brake, three 9mms, two have twin port compensators, one is V6...
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    Best electronic hearing protection?

    LOL, he said best, not cheapest. They get better as you go up in price, as you can imagine, my current most expensive were about $800, which actually puts them right at about "decent," in reality. Excellent would be $2k+ Good we could call $1k+ Decent $500+ Serviceable sub $500 And I have...
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    That doesn't make it ok though, you understand that right? I mean, if you care about their rules and a business's right to do things as it sees fit. I honestly believe somebody should be taking USPS to court over not shipping handguns and such, items used for constitutionally protected...
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    Brno 458 Lott By Jack Lott & AHR

    Dark stock and the pictures are dark and that makes for a tough bit of seeing. But it looks like it may be a Bell and Carlson to which the end user just added some grip texture, akin to what Mike at Tac Ops does on his rifles if one wants to see other examples. Stock is also bedded, I can...
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    Heym 470

    Limbsaver's Nitro line of recoil pads are 1 1/2" which generally extends length of pull over normal 1" thick pads, depending upon what pad it came with. The nitro line is made for these bigger Africa calibers, I have one on my 458 lott, I went to a hydraulic, expensive pad, then went back to...
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    .458 Lott recoil is no joke

    I just added another pound+ of lead to my 458 lott, she's just sub 12lbs unloaded, was 10 1/2. Balance point prior was just in front of the mag box, now it's more toward the back of that mag box and I must say, I actually like it better, I don't really feel the extra weight over what it was...
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    Aria Ballistics Ammunition

    * An aside. My 500gr Federal Trophy Bonded Bearclaw loads, factory loads, noted at 2300fps. 2296 and 2284 was what I got out of my gun, which has had the barrel shortened a touch as I had a muzzle brake added. I like that. I tested other loads along with the Aria Ballistic loads as I wanted...
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    Aria Ballistics Ammunition

    So I am looking to keep this updated until this hits resolution for me, again, just in case it becomes another avenue for us big bore shooters to get ammo. However, both my loads did not perform as expected. They are going to send me new ammo at no cost given what happened. So this is still...
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    Wanted 470 Ammunition

    Contact Aria Ballistics, you can google them. I just recently bought ammo from them, they don't have any 470 loads up on the site, but they may very well have them if you contact them, not only that, from my experience, they'll cook up loads how you want. So if you want a max load you can...
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    Aria Ballistics Ammunition

    I got the ammo, the company contacted me and asked if I was alright with a different 458 lott load, the 500s instead of the 480s in the DGX, I didn't actually realize those were different bullets these days, I mean why would a company make the same bullet 20 grains apart...? I always just...
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    .500NE Double Rifle - "Artisan Belge"

    Limbsaver Nitro pads are 1 1/2" thick, I went from one of these to the Falcon Strike hydraulic pad on my 458 lott, bought another Limbsaver Nitro, I'm going back, they're nice. And at 1 1/2" thick it'll get you length of pull.
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    What do you all think this bear?

    Female and she's around 400lbs live weight.
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    Practice Drills

    Go hunt coyotes and/or if you're in the right part of the US, pigs. Call them to you if you can, e-caller, or hand calls which is my thing, kill them close. I also practice for defensive shots, same as with my 500 S&W and 9mm EDC guns. I'm looking to hit a peach with the rifle/500 S&W...
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    Aria Ballistics Ammunition

    I ordered a box of the 458 lott DGX at 2600fps and their 400 grain CEB solid 500 S&W load noted at 1800fps out of a 6.5" x frame. So I will try one of each of some "big boy" loads, I'll chrono them and see if they are reasonably within claims. Certainly thank you to those who have replied...
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    Aria Ballistics Ammunition

    I just spoke with Jason, believe he noted he was CEO, he spoke with me for quite a while as well, seems to like big bore revolvers so me having a 500 S&W turned it into a long conversation. I believe you're right, seem to be legitimate. I actually just ordered a chronograph, here in a couple...
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    Aria Ballistics Ammunition

    Yes, that is the company, I didn't know if linking to their site would be appropriate. Anyone used their ammo? Looks like about 100 views with no reply, doesn't look too good. I may just buy a box of something and try, I'd feel safer grabbing a box for the 458 lott and running it through a...
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    Aria Ballistics Ammunition

    I searched for this and couldn't find a thread on them. Has anyone bought ammunition from them? Looks as though you can check out with a credit card, doesn't exactly come off as a scam or what not, doesn't ask you to pay in bitcoin and the normal BS. But the velocity claims on some of their...
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    New Production Winchester Model 70 in 375 H&H back in-stock

    Have the barrel cut down to 20" and use the thing, should be a killer rig in SE Alaska. You can also decide if you want a different front sight at that time, you may want something like an NECG barrel band front with their super giant bead, or bead with flip up night sight bead... or.. not But...
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    Favorite Lubricants 2023?

    I started using grease this past year, I'm in Northern MN, range in my backyard, I shoot whether it's 30 below, or 90. 3 rounds through the 500 S&W testing some 500 and 600gr hardcasts today. Breakthrough Battle Born gun grease, works from -75 to 500 + degrees. Run it in my P320s, both have...
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    460 Weatherby opinions?

    You could buy Mark Biggerstaff's CZ 550 in the classifieds. It's controlled round feed. In 458 Win Mag, which should mean, re-chamber and then work over for feed and function for a gunsmith, wouldn't have to install a new barrel if you don't want. Then you'd have the 460 weatherby and in a...
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    460 Weatherby opinions?

    2800-2950fps out of a Lott 460 Weatherby can push things hard if you want, I don't know that anybody does it with those light bullets, but it'd be interesting to see. Just keep it to very thin-skinned game. Point was, you have a ton of options if you reload, most will stick to 450-500gr...
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    460 Weatherby opinions?

    You know Krish is selling a 505 Gibbs right now... You can load those to modern pressures and get like 2600fps out of a 600gr bullet. That's the big boy 500 caliber territory, you can also keep the loading down to the 2100 fps area, or wherever in between. I run a 458 lott, not only that, I...
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    Sabatti Big Five EDL in 500 NE

    It seems they come in cycles, I think the 500s were here before these 470s, so I don't know what's next, will it be 450s, will it be 2yrs before we see anything... Call, what is it, IFG that imports them? Or I'd want a 500 as well, good luck
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    First Buffalo Hunt

    Are you wanting to use handgun, bow, or rifle? Are you wanting fair chase, or as fair chase as is possible? Are you wanting to put miles on, on your feet, in a vehicle, or would you rather sit over bait/water/whatever of some sort? Do you require any type of special accommodations? Like, I...
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    Wanted CZ 550 American Wood Stock

    It's completely stock, gun was never even fired in it.
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    Wanted CZ 550 American Wood Stock

    Forgive me I'm going back and forth between phone and computer. As mediocre as these look on my phone they look far worse on my 120" projector Some more
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    Wanted CZ 550 American Wood Stock

    Do you need a right or left hand stock? This thing is in perfect shape. k let me see if I can get the pics to attach Dark with very consistent coloring, nice lines, I really loved it or I'd have just burned it forgive the photos
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    Wanted CZ 550 American Wood Stock

    Jesus, I have one, and it is gorgeous (well, or I found it better looking than it should be), off my 458 lott but I really am not interested in selling. What are you looking to pay, I believe you've got a great reputation for being a decent egg, so perhaps I'll let it go, I've got a B&C on mine...
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    Some Good Prices On Big Ammunition (500NE & More)

    As long as you read the round count and know what you're buying... don't expect 20rds to show up like may be traditional. Well, unless you order 4 boxes, then 20 may arrive...
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    When I was wanting my 500 S&W re-barreled recently I hit multiple "good" smiths that were even 2yrs or so out. It's amazing how much work seems to be out there for gunsmiths, I got lucky and took a chance on an odd avenue and have my 1/12 twist 500 S&W now, but yea, it seems that the known good...
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    458 Lott for Cape Buffalo

    I've got both for my Lott and I would take the Trophy Bonded Bearclaw, which, it appears you did. Good luck on the hunt.
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    Opinions on case configuration #2

    Not only test with torque, but make sure you tighten in the same order, I can't remember the "proper" order and it may be different for different guns. But I believe it's rear action screw first, then to front, been years since I've done the precision game and worried about this, now these...
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    Merkel 140ae Bent triggers and Auto Saftey

    Couldn't you heat-treat them? Heat them up with a torch, drench with oil? Should cure their willingness to bend, go too far and they could shatter but I can't imagine this is actually a concern here, you aren't using the triggers to hammer and you'd really have to over heat-treat it. Do...
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    Merkel 140ae Bent triggers and Auto Saftey

    Go out and hunt coyotes with your double, run the caller right next to you so they come to you and get some practice. Ain't nothing going to help you if you're passed out, so get out and thin out the local yote population and get some experience stopping charges. And Alberta means wolves as...
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    Heym 577 89B Anyone Seen One???

    That's a shame. I sent an email to see if I can find you an avenue that may, may, work. If it turns out to be a possible ammo route I will let you know.
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    Wanted Nosler 416 Rigby Ammo & 458 Lott Ammo

    This company on Etsy makes neat looking displays. Doesn't look like they do 416 Rigby nor 458 Lott stock/normally. However, they have this custom option, and before you freak out over the price, the guy notes that isn't the price. In fact the price may be the exact same as the normal ones...