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    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique 2023

    Fine, we had everything in order, it took some time but Valie had been through the routine many times before and knew what to do.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique 2023

    Maybe in 2025, I am putting a deposit down for next year shortly. I have my eye set on a good Waterbuck next trip.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique 2023

    We sure did, they took some huge bulls of this concession and the neighboring one this past year, one bull in the high 80's the other two in the 90's.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique 2023

    I flew from Joberg to Hoedspruit, Valie picked me up and we drove through the Pafuri gate into Moz, he has two concessions which you can access this way and another in Niassa which you fly into Maputo and catch a connecting flight to Lichinga.
  5. Buffalo Hunt Mozambique

    Buffalo Hunt Mozambique

  6. Eland Hunt Mozambique

    Eland Hunt Mozambique

  7. Nyala Hunt Mozambique

    Nyala Hunt Mozambique

  8. Kudu Hunt Mozambique

    Kudu Hunt Mozambique

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    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique 2023

    It was indeed very hot, I was quite happy with the results despite the heat though. We just dodged the rain, right after I took my Buff the temperature dropped and it began to rain. I know Valie took one client in November and they got the Buff that they were after.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique 2023

    October of last year.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique 2023

    I hunted with Valie Enslin of That's Africa Safaris. We hunted a game reserve totalling 367K acres bordering the Gonarezhou National park in Zim and the Save river to the North. Crossing the Limpopo Last petrol before we headed in to camp. Camp was comfortable, the food was very good, the...
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    4 Bore Muzzleloader For Sale

    Made by Jim Gefroh from Ft. Collins colorado maybe?
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    Wanted 500-450 #1 Express Dies

    Still looking.....
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    Vintage Catalogues Ebay Listings

    Cool stuff, I have an original Jeffery catalog myself. Neat to browse through what was on offer.
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    Wanted 500-450 #1 Express Dies

    I need a set of 500-450 #1 express dies, anybody?
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    Grant 500-450 #1 express

    A wonderful rifle that I'm delighted to have in my collection.
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    Gibbs .303 #837

    It was a little over 15 years from when I first encountered this rifle until it finally made it in to my collection. I'm really looking forward to getting this one in the field.
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    Wanted 350 Rigby Dies

    I have 240 brass(belted and flanged), 360 2&1/4" brass, 500 ne brass, 470 brass, also 360 dies, maybe a set of 240 H&H dies as well. I would be more interested in selling than trading. Steve
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    Wanted 350 Rigby Dies

    I have an extra set of 400-350 Rigby dies, made in Australia or New Zealand, not maker marked 110$ delivered. I have quite a few other die sets as well as a bunch of Nitro express brass in various calibers.
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    George Gibbs Farquharson 303 British

    That will be a handy rifle, very nice. I take delivery of my own Gibbs .303 this week. Enjoy that rifle!
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    George Gibbs Farquharson

    I really enjoyed this restoration. Gibbs falling block rifles are right at the top of my list as far as desirability goes. Someday I will finish my own Gibbs build.
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    What is the future of the fine firearms market

    I find the market to be strong, with the general exception being doubles. Most doubles, either shotgun or rifle, are down from the peak a little over ten years ago. Exceptions exist in the doublegun market though, Rigby, Fraser and a few other makers have extremely strong demand driving the...
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    Steve Earl Alex Henry Style Barreled Action For Sale

    I built that one long ago, it was one of two barreled actions I submitted to the ACGG to be accepted as a professional metalsmith. Somebody should really finish that rifle. Here is the other barreled action, complete and on its first trip to Africa, I just returned from Mozambique and took this...
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    Wanted 500-450 #1 Express Dies

    I need to feed her...
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    Looking For Unprimed .30 Super Flanged Brass

    So you bought that rifle, my friend Ken is kicking himself for not going after it more aggressively. Good buy on that one, a really nice combo. Drop me a line and we can work something out on the ammo.
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    Looking For Unprimed .30 Super Flanged Brass

    I do not have any brass that I am willing to part with but I do have a bunch of late run Kynoch ammo that is boxer primed, Bruton street address on the boxes. If you are interested, let me know. What are you shooting? I have a PD Farquharson built up by Holland in that caliber.
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    Charles Ingram Retailed 1903 Mannlicher

    I try to buy every rifle case I can find at auction, they are getting harder to come by. You have sold quite a few cases, what do you think a full length Purdey O&L case goes for?
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    Charles Ingram Retailed 1903 Mannlicher

    That case came out of a UK auction.
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    Wanted 500-450 Magnum Brass

    What do you have that you can part with? This is the H&H 3&1/4" brass I'm looking for. Thank you. Steve
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    Charles Ingram Retailed 1903 Mannlicher

    SPF to Greg.
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    Charles Ingram Retailed 1903 Mannlicher

    Yes indeed, 6.5x54
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    Charles Ingram Retailed 1903 Mannlicher

    A nice solid hunting rifle with zero issues, cased in a proper mannlicher takedown green canvas Brady case. Well used but no abuse, repair to the toe, bore is a bit dark in the grooves but plenty strong enough to shoot well. Trap grip cap, trap buttplate, cleaning rod present, sound wood, never...
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    W.J. Jeffery 3" 12 Bore Waterfowler

    A very high original condition gun, extractors, Nicely re-blued 32" barrels choked .035" in both, square Greener cross bolt, side clips,Tight and on the face, great bores, nicely engraved, better than 50% original case colors, 7&1/2 lbs. on my scale, semi-pistol grip stock in fine shape...
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    Restoration of an extra finish .375 H&H

    A special gun came in for restoration and I thought some of you might enjoy seeing it. Single square bridge Oberndorf magnum action, letters as a extra finish gun from Holland. The story I heard was that it was owned by a wealthy family in the North East and Stored in an attic for years where...
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    For Sale 6.5mm Bullets 160gr Sierra Pro Hunter

    Perfect for the .256/6.5 Dutch too!
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    Wanted Swift .375 300gr A frames

    ordered Monday, shipped today!
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    Wanted Swift .375 300gr A frames

    I looked yesterday and did not see the 300 grain bullets in stock. I just grabbed a box off the website, thank you!
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    Wanted Swift .375 300gr A frames

    Looking for a box or so, they seem to be made of unobtainium as of late. Thank you. Steve