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    Overnight in Bulawayo

    I will be hunting in Zim next June and am looking for recommendations for lodging in Bulawayo. We will be in town for just one night before heading to the safari camp. If possible we would like someplace where we could walk to see some of the town and do some sightseeing and shopping. Thanks...
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Has Anyone Hunted With Luambeze Safaris?

    Sounds like a great trip. Cheers to you on the trophies taken and condolences on the Sable. I appreciate the info.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Has Anyone Hunted With Luambeze Safaris?

    I wish you good hunting and safe travels. I look forward to hearing about your trip.
  4. Botswana Elephant

    Botswana Elephant

    Botswana Elephant With Clive Lennox of Safaris Botswana Bound
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    BOTSWANA: Safaris Botswana Bound - Elephant

    I have just returned from Botswana and my first Elephant hunt. I was hunting with Safaris Botswana Bound and PH Clive Lennox in area NG47. My hunt was scheduled for 10 days but I took a 50# / 50# bull on the first afternoon. The good news was that my hunt was successful, the camp and PH were top...
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    Gun Transit Through Joberg

    Thanks so much for this info.
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    Gun Transit Through Joberg

    I am flying United from San Francisco- JFK, South African from JFK-Joberg, SA Link from Joberg-Maun. Im being told that United and SA have an interline baggage transfer agreement that includes firearms. It shows that SA is the only airline in which this type of transfer agreement exists.
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    Gun Transit Through Joberg

    Jerome, Thank you for the information. I do have a Letter of Invitation from the outfitter. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again
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    Comment by 'FUELMAN' in media '57 Lb. Botswana Elephant 2013'

    Great bull! I'm headed for Bot next week to hunt with Graeme Pollock. 1st Elephant hunt
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    Gun Transit Through Joberg

    I have a question about guns in transit through Johannesburg. I will be flying from San Francisco-JFK-Joberg-Maun. My bags will be checked all the way through to Maun, Botswana. What is the process for the guns once I have landed in Joberg and am tranfering to an international flight? I will not...
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    BOTSWANA: Graeme Pollock Safaris In Botswana & Elephant Hunting

    That's me. This will be my first Elephant hunt and my first trip to Botswana. I am doing this simply on the recommendation of Jack Atcheson, Will you be going on other dates?
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    BOTSWANA: Graeme Pollock Safaris In Botswana & Elephant Hunting

    No but I am leaving to start a hunt with him in mid July. When are you looking at going?
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    SAT Phone for Botswana

    I need some advise on which kind of SAt phone to rent for a trip to Botswana. I have not rented one in several years and know the technology must be changing all the time. Thanks for the help.
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    BOTSWANA: My Most Excellent Kanana Adventure

    I am looking at a hunt opportunity in Botswana next month. How were the roads out of Maun? If you were to go again would you overnight again at the Afton house or push on to Maun and spend a night there
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Has Anyone Hunted With Luambeze Safaris?

    The correct name is LUAMBEZE SAFARIS ( Jamie Wilson, PH. I was looking at some poor handwriting, mine. My son and I met Jamie at SCI this year.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Has Anyone Hunted With Luambeze Safaris?

    Has anyone had any experience with Luambeze Safaris (posted originally as Zuambeze Safaris)? I am particuarly interested in Buffalo and Sable. Looking for a spot in 2013. Thanks
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    Dakota Rifles

    Dakota's are CRF
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    Dakota Rifles

    I have been using Dakota's for about 10 years. The first one I purchased from Dakota directly, the second one was pre owned, the third and forth came through Gulf Breeze Firearms. Calibers are 280 Rem, 300 Win, 375 H&H, and 416 Rigby. I think they are great. Call LD @ Gulf Breeze and let him see...
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    Question about non-hunting wives on DG safaris

    I took my wife on a PG hunt in Namibia in 2006. My wife did exactly what yours did, stayed in the truck most of the time. She had a great time, we saw some wonderful areas, took some great trophies and made some good friends. My wife passed on the invatation to travel back to Namibia this year...
  20. Leopard Namibia 2011

    Leopard Namibia 2011

  21. Caprivi Buffalo Namibia 2011

    Caprivi Buffalo Namibia 2011

    Caprivi Buffalo