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    .458 winchester silk purse from a sows ear project

    Just read this thread...I'll just add to the chorus of beautiful and congratulations! You persevered while building a house, (I've built a house it was long and at times arduous), and all of life's other ups and downs and ending up with a remarkable rifle.
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    45-70 for dangerous game?

    I found this thread when someone on 24 Hour Campfire posted a link. After reading all 22 pages I joined. My first post was to acknowledge all I learned from michael458's posts and now my second post is just to say what fun it has been to find this site. I have much to learn.
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    45-70 for dangerous game?

    michael458 your posts are too filled with common sense and experience. Thanks for your posts! I'm about 15 years behind bullet technology. I learned a great deal.