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  1. Forrest

    63 inch Kudu

  2. Forrest

    Hello From Indiana!

    Howdy from a fellow Hoosier
  3. Forrest

    Tanzania & The Hunting Monks

    Awesome photos and story. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Forrest

    Friendly reminder for those who reload.....

    Wonder what kind of shine that would have put on the brass?
  5. Forrest

    The Man Eater Of Kanpur

    Was the picture of the forest panther with you in the middle taken from an Out Door Life story called "Tiger, and the Unexpected"? The gentleman holding the leopards chin looks familiar,
  6. Forrest

    Best hunting movies Africa or otherwise

    I enjoyed "Harry Black and the Tiger"
  7. Forrest

    A Shikari, A Pack Of Hounds & One Very, Very Angry Leopard

    Sounds like another great story. Looking forward to it.
  8. Forrest

    The Man Eater Of Maulvi Bazaar

    Excellent narrative. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Forrest

    The Very First Royal Bengal Tiger Shikar Which l guided In My Career

    As always a wonderful account. Thank you.
  10. Forrest

    Rifles Used For Indian Buffaloes (Gaur)

    Best wishes and prayers for your niece.
  11. Forrest

    Buffalo - They walk like they own the world

    Swagger personified....and justified.
  12. Forrest

    Hello from the Hoosier state

    Welcome from a fellow hoosier.
  13. Forrest

    Comment by 'Forrest' in media 'Hunting Tiger'

    There was a story in "Outdoor Life" many years ago titled 'Tiger....and the Unexpected'. The gentleman pictured looks a lot like one of the hunters in the story.
  14. Forrest

    Drillbit's Trophy Room Build

    Everything looks great.
  15. Forrest

    Gun or caliber you’ve never owned but always wanted?

    Full stocked257 Roberts
  16. Forrest

    Africa Sayings

    "Hurry faster, and be quiet". My PH told me this several times during our hunts. I finally told him I could do one or the other but not both and to pick out which one he wanted me to do.
  17. Forrest

    My Blue Wildebeest

    Good looking trophy room
  18. Forrest

    Wilbur Smith

    Great writer. His stories draw you in.
  19. Forrest

    Hello From Indiana!

    Welcome from a fellow Hoosier
  20. Forrest

    Free Book Giveaway There's Something About Buffalo by Kevin Thomas

    There’s Something About Buffalo"
  21. Forrest

    Ruger No.1

    300 H&H would be fantastic
  22. Forrest

    How You Save A 10K+ Transcaspian Urial For A Client

    An artist at work
  23. Forrest

    Can you remember your first African animal?

    South Africa October 2012. A very fast zebra.
  24. Forrest

    Anyone read Horn of the hunter?

    Both really great books.
  25. Forrest

    Trophies Are Here, Happy and Sad

    A lot of great memories there.
  26. Forrest

    Reality Check By Hans Vermaak

    Thank you sir. Your writing was right on target.