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    Urgently Needed Federal #210 Large Rifle Primers

    If you are near south Alabama (about 50 miles west of Ft Rucker, which I assume the CWO in your name means you’re a warrant officer, so you’ll know where that is) I would be happy to help him out and give him 100 or 200. I cannot ship though. Just let me know if you are near.
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    Wanted Labradar

    Got one. Thank you to all for your help.
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    Wanted Labradar

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    Wanted Labradar

    I’m still interested if anyone has the Bluetooth version.
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    Wanted Labradar

    I just found them at midway and they are called the lite model and are $599. Is the app and Bluetooth worth anything? I think it would be nice, but are there other things to consider before I purchase?
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    Wanted Labradar

    I apologize for my poor use of words. I didn’t mean the magnetospeed is a waste. I meant shooting unnecessary ammo when I’m not able to multitask and shoot for accuracy. (I hate anything that touches my barrel. However, I’ve been shopping around and found that there is a rail adapter to mount it...
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    Wanted Labradar

    Lol. I don’t need one that bad. I can true my drops on my Kestrel and probably get pretty close. Or I could reload a lot of ammo to waste with a magnetospeed for the extra $700 premium that person is asking.
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    Wanted Labradar

    I would like to buy a Labradar for personal use. I do my homework when it comes to scammers, so don’t even bother. Even a lead on where they are in stock at would be very helpful. Thank you in advance. -Will
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    Noblex NZ6 1-6x24 For Sale

    Cool hooter bro.
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    Wanted 7mm Carbon Barrel 22”

    Benchmark or Bartlein preferred. Proof or others may be fine. 22” is a must. 1:8.5 preferred. Thank you in advance.
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    Wanted ISO 375 Ruger Guide Gun

    This is a 3 year old thread, but if I remember correctly, I bought it from another member here. It’s the best handling gun I own.
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    For Trade Magnum Primers For Large Pistol Primers Or Small Pistol Primers

    We need a dedicated trade thread for powder and primers with nothing but “I’ll trade this for this” and a location where we live for a personal transport conversation starter. I know it is very similar to our classifieds, but it would be more of a hazmat specialty thread.
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    For Trade Magnum Primers For Large Pistol Primers Or Small Pistol Primers

    If you are near Alabama/ N. Florida, edge of MS, or GA, let me know. I may can make arrangements. Thank you.
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    Wanted 375 Ruger Alaskan Or Guide Gun

    I fully understand that. I think the 375 is a bit more popular at this point than the 416 ruger. I do believe that cartridges will be available if you are willing to order them online, etc. It is a concern but I believe they will at least be available in the future though. I always wanted to...
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    Wanted 375 Ruger Alaskan Or Guide Gun

    I would not trade my guide gun for the world. I prefer the h&h caliber because of tradition, but the short style and handiness of the guide gun is by far my favorite. Nothing could be better for a quick wielding rifle. I used to hate the look of the stock, but it grows on you because of the...
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    Comment by 'Will 416' in media 'M70 Classic In 458 Lott Left Handed Rifle'

    One of the most beautiful rifles I’ve ever seen!!! Who did the Lott conversion? What was the original caliber? Also, who made the stock for you? So many questions....
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    Want To Buy Ruger Guide Gun Or M77 Hawk In .416 Ruger With Muzz Brake & Normal Barrel Tip

    Go with the guide gun!!! I have one in 375 Ruger and love it. The compactness is the best feature ever. Full power loads without the brake are somewhere in between a 375h&h win model 70 and my CZ550 416 Rigby. So, not great, but not terrible. However, for practice while wearing earplugs, the...
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    For Sale CZ550 375H&H

    Would I be correct to assume that this B&C stock will fit the CZ550 in 416 Rigby? Also, what is you price for it?
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    For Sale Heym Express Martini 404 Jeffery

    Don’t do it Toby!!! I guess if you’re gonna sell a rifle like that, I can at least understand the reasoning. Good luck with the sale. Beautiful rifle.
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    Cape Buffalo Double Pedestal Shoulder Mount

    Beautiful! Approximately how high is it? (Would it fit in a house with 8 foot ceilings?)
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    Taxidermy cost and questions for possible upcoming safari

    Tagging in because this is also an unknown for me.
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    Gear defense against biting dogs in the forests?

    An old college chemistry professor once told us that ammonia in a spray bottle would deter even the fiercest of dogs without any real harm. He used it while riding his bike.
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    For Sale 3 Great Guns For One Great Price!! .416, .338 & .30-06

    If the sale falls through, please pm me.
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    What cartridge have you thought about the most, but never owned a rifle in it?

    1) double in 500 ne or 470 ne 2) 404 Jeffery 3) 458 Lott 4) 338 Edge or RUM 5) 28 Nosler 6) 6.5 and 300 PRC My all to time favorite was a 416 Rigby, but I now own one, so that disqualifies it as a caliber that I haven’t owned.
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    .416 Rigby - Will this stock hold up?

    A.) Prepay for thumb surgery. My cz in 416 Rigby is not overwhelming, but pretty stout. I had a stroke 8 years ago, leaving my right hand pretty weak. If I’m not really focusing on holding the pistol grip very tightly, the trigger guard tends to slam into my middle finger with enough force to...
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    R8 - My Sick Rig!

    Sweet rifle! Love the stingray leather. Is that a custom piece or is it an upgrade offering? By the way, great conservational arguments in the Netflix documentary. I really enjoyed it.
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    *Scope Added To Package!* Beautiful Custom AHR Ruger RSM .458 Lott For Sale

    Ugggh....congratulations, I guess. I am one sad fella seeing that this has sold. You got one fine rifle. If I didn’t have to scratch up 10% down on a new house (we recently had our second son and are in need of more room), it would have definitely been mine. All kidding aside, congratulations! I...
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    Best beginner brand/reloading kit for big rifle cartridges?

    Lol. I was having a blonde moment. It completely skipped my mind. Sleep deprivation makes for some interesting reading.
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    Best beginner brand/reloading kit for big rifle cartridges?

    I have never heard of running a torch over cases with a powder charge in them. Please tell me more about how this works. I am intrigued but very cautious of flames in the reloading room.
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    For Sale Mossberg Stainless 6.5 Creedmoor Sig Kilo 1400 Combo

    Buy with confidence! I recently purchased from him. Communication was excellent, well packaged, and quick shipping once funds were received. I would definitely recommend for a smooth transaction.
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    Raw Nature/Natural World

    Tagging in to see more. Some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever laid eyes on.
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    .375 Ruger Dies & Brass For Sale

    Great guy to deal with! If he ever has anything else for sell, buy with confidence. Great communication the whole way through, items as stated, and quick shipping. I could not ask for a more smooth transaction.
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    Under 40 days —— Arrrrrrrrgh

    +1 for the Bell & Carlson. You can’t buy a better stock for the money, in my opinion.
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    Well wishes for our friend Dennis from The Artistry of Wildlife

    Well wishes and God bless you sir. We all pray for a complete recovery.
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    .375 Ruger Dies & Brass For Sale

    Heck, I’ll bite. I will take them. About to pm you for payment info.
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    BRNO Front Sight Hood, NOS & FREE

    I think you have to create an account for the cz webstore, so don’t be discouraged. But, yes, they are pretty cheap and show in stock at this moment in time. I can confirm that the one sestoppelman sent me will fit a CZ550.
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    458 Win Mag vs 458 Lott

    Those are some fine mod 70’s!!! The walnut is especially beautiful on that 375! I believe that I have spoken to you before and you have been an excellent source of info over the last year or two (since I got bitten by the Africa hunting bug) I will definitely try and schedule a time to meet up...
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    458 Win Mag vs 458 Lott

    Hi WAB, I live in south Alabama and was highly considering a Mod 70 conversion to either a lott or a 404j. If you have time in the near future, would you pm me some details on your lott conversion? I am particularly interested in who you would recommend to do the conversion, rough idea of cost...
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    Looking For A Bell & Carlson For A CZ550 Magnum

    I know somebody must be willing to part with one???
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    Looking For A Bell & Carlson For A CZ550 Magnum

    I am in the market for a Bell & Carlson that will fit a CZ550 magnum in 416 Rigby. I know that I can buy a new one, but I know them to be of good quality, so I would not hesitate to buy a good used one for the right deal. This is the one that has the second recoil lug, full length bedding block...
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    BRNO Front Sight Hood, NOS & FREE

    Arrived yesterday and on my Rigby today. Fits great! Thank you for being an excellent person to deal with. I hope to do more business with you in the future if the opportunity should arise.
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    BRNO Front Sight Hood, NOS & FREE

    I’ll take it and try it on my 550. If it doesn’t work, I’ll pass it along for the same price. Please pm me payment info on what’s best for you. I do PayPal usually, but I’m flexible in case you want another method. I’ve been wanting to try one on my 416 Rigby. Thank you.
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    Big Bore Hunting Rounds Wanted

    Following. If I get a set of dies for my 375 Ruger, I will be happy to ship you one free of charge.
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    For Sale .416 Ruger Guide Gun

    Wish I would have had the money for this one. I just bought the 375 Guide Gun a couple of weeks ago and I love it!
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    Wanted ISO 375 Ruger Guide Gun

    To everyone who responded and to those who offered theirs up for sale, I want to say thank you. I recently purchased one exactly like I was looking for. Those that offered, you should have no problem selling them at those prices on this site. Thanks again.