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  1. 93marlin

    .256 Remington Magnum Ammo

    That went quickly! It's a very cool little caliber!
  2. 93marlin


    I have had that printed and framed on the wall in my reloading/game room for many years!!
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    I'm almost 70 and will be going on my 10th solo Canadian bear hunt the 1st of September. I learned after getting hit head-on 10 1/2 yrs ago to keep moving even if it hurts, even if you just can move a little today,I've a little bit more tomorrow. If you stop moving you'll end up not being able...
  4. 93marlin

    Big Bores on Bear

    Interesting thought. I've hunted with several different calibers. A soft nose with a thinner jacket and around 2000fps would work if you can get it regulated to hit what you're shooting at!
  5. 93marlin

    Winchester Model 70 458 Mag Cabelas 50th Anniversary Pre64 style Safari Rifle

    I would be helpful if you were read the rules and suggestions for advertising anything For Sale here on Africa Hunting...
  6. 93marlin

    Alaskan Lady that loves to hunt and fish

    Welcome to the AH family from Michigan. Happy to have you here. There's some awesome people around here.
  7. 93marlin

    Looking for Experiences

    Good morning Good morning and welcome from the Top O' the Mitt. There is terrific group of men and women here!!
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    The Draw of the Sporting Double Rifle

    Well said @Kevin Peacocke well said
  9. 93marlin

    The Draw of the Sporting Double Rifle

    Second from the top here
  10. 93marlin

    The Draw of the Sporting Double Rifle

    A few times in posts here, I have mentioned my first and still favorite double rifle. It isn't a true "big bore" rifle but it has become my best bear gun. It was born in 1896 in Imperial Germany, caliber; 11.2x60r, pop-up tang mounted rear site, fixed barrel mounted site's, splinter forestock...
  11. 93marlin

    What is this thing? Guess that action type

    Texas magnum for sure. I own one, a lefty and in 7x61 S&H. Nice rifle, weird trigger group!
  12. 93marlin

    .375 A Square

    If it were me, I would save at least one box for a display. A Square did make some good products. And will have value as collector item in the future.
  13. 93marlin

    2024 Double Rifle MSRP's?

    A phone call to the importers will usually get you a choice of options and cost associated with the particular rifle model and options that you chose.
  14. 93marlin

    BRNO Z rifle opinions

    And welcome to the forum!
  15. 93marlin

    BRNO Z rifle opinions

    Here, in the U.S. that would be screaming deal!! And it would be in my hands in an instant!
  16. 93marlin

    Anybody use "military NATO" primers?

    I've also used the CCI #34 for many years. They work very well for most all of large rifle primer needs, including magnums up to 375 Ruger
  17. 93marlin

    Autobiography of one of our most accomplished members

    Add me to that want one list!!
  18. 93marlin

    For Sale Sako 75 Stainless 30/06

    Very fair price! To bad I'd have to reweld the bolt handle to the other side! GLWS
  19. 93marlin

    Mispronounced gun names

    Grand vs Garand
  20. 93marlin

    New Member from Pakistan

    Welcome to the forum! There are many fantastic resources of information here.
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    Canada bear hunt-getting back into US?

    This year will be the 8th black trip to a couple of province's in Canada. The only really thing that I've run into is the number of fish per species that I was bringing back into Michigan. They questioned and the took a look at them. No other issue with bear or anything else as long as you have...
  22. 1896 JP Sauer Double Rifle

    1896 JP Sauer Double Rifle

  23. 93marlin

    Show off your 100-year-old guns

    Currently own 3 long guns that predate 1900. So well over 100yrs old. 1896 JP Sauer double rifle Mid 1870's T&L Pryse 500bpe double rifle. And a 12ga French double shotgun that I believe dates to the 1890's All shoot well, I used the Sauer to take at least 4 black bear. I had to get help digging...
  24. 93marlin

    Want To Trade Scherping Doube Rifle For Mausers

    Beautiful little double @Themauserkid I'm ALMOST tempted to talk to you about some of my own Mausers.
  25. 93marlin

    CZ/Weatherby fan? You need this rifle!

    I don't see my eyes surviving actually looking at that!!
  26. 93marlin

    9.5 x56 mannlicher

    You might be able to use 8x57 necked up. Maybe have to trim a bit. I haven't looked up the dimensions, could be worth a look.
  27. 93marlin

    *** Cowboy Boots ***

    Belleville temperate AFTW in 11Wide for most of year when outside including hunting. Absolutely made in the U.S.
  28. 93marlin

    Recommendations for a range revolver in .38 Special

    S&W model 15.... incredibly accurate, easy to holster also, if you want to go that route!
  29. 93marlin

    6.5 Roberts Improved?

    I would buy it simply because I'm weird. This is the sort of project that I like to mess around with!
  30. 93marlin

    For Sale Remington 788 6mm With Talley Base & Rings

    Every 788 I've had would shoot better than many other rifles. I used a 788 in 222rem on prairie dogs. Out to 400yds or so, if I did my part, it was amazing!!
  31. 93marlin

    For Sale Beautiful & Rare Pre-WWI Holland & Holland .375 H&H Magnum Takedown Magnum Square Bridge Mauser

    Beautiful, magnificent, extraordinary, elegant, exceptional... There are not enough adjectives to describe this rifle.
  32. 93marlin

    Off the Reservation

    Welcome to AH @Cherokeetracker from Michigan . You'll find a bunch good people here!
  33. 93marlin

    My hammer doubles

    That is an amazing rifle!!
  34. 93marlin

    My hammer doubles

    I have a Sauer double in 11.2x60r with a flip up aperture. It has accounted for several black bear for me over the years. The German and Austrian doubles are great rifles! Enjoy your Scherping!
  35. 93marlin

    My hammer doubles

    Beautiful double rifle!! 9.3x72??
  36. 93marlin

    Finally Found a Brno in 9.3x62

    The rifle manufacturer road in Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic is VERY convoluted! Including the model numbers.
  37. 93marlin

    Finally Found a Brno in 9.3x62

    Hopefully when you get your ZKK you can post some photos!
  38. 93marlin

    Finally Found a Brno in 9.3x62

    Hopefully it'll be exactly what you want. I also have been buying Brno rifles. Currently own two model 22's, both are 8x57, one a half stock carbine the other a half stock rifle. Later this year I will expand to couple of different calibers.
  39. 93marlin

    Old German rifle

    Too bad about the "adjustments" to a fine classic rifle.
  40. 93marlin

    Favorite animal hunt

    Black Bear
  41. 93marlin

    Two Hearts, One Passion

    I think this thread will create an addition to quite a few "books to be read" list!!
  42. 93marlin

    European style plaques for skulls

    @Red Leg All of that looks amazing!
  43. 93marlin

    Fresh From Germany: Mauser M98 125th Anniversary Cased Rifle in 8x57

    A true amazing looking work of art
  44. 93marlin

    Any point in a 'small' double rifle?

    I've used a double for bear hunting in 2 province's
  45. 93marlin

    Cz 550, 416 Rigby NIB Fancy Grade For Sale - Last One

    Great looking rifle @krish
  46. 93marlin

    New Indiana AH Member

    Welcome to the AH family!