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    Newbie taxidermy questions...

    You should be fine. Basically it all starts in the field. Skinning the animals out properly and proper salt drying. Once the taxidermist has them for dip and pack they will dip the skins in solution and they continue to dry, crated and packaged then Inspected for approval. They are then...
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    Taxidermy woes

    Had lion skulls done by them same way -way overboiled and crumbly to touch, skins however turned out fantastic.
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    Anyone here on SAA flight this Saturday?

    Have a good trip Dennis!
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    Trophy pick up day!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man that sucks. Hopefully you get them out with out any more trouble
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    The start of dakotas lioness mount

    Depends on the grass. The stuff that I get in that's collected out west are in clumps with the roots on -no dirt so you plug them in to your base where you want -usually making a hole in the foam or if your case probably go wire mesh style base because its a bigger base. Then its secure with...
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    The start of dakotas lioness mount

    Bill, Just pick it dormant. If you want to be on the safe side you can spray raid with the grass in a garbage bag to kill bugs. As far as the grass itself goes once installed in the habitat you can even mist with Elmer's glue and water or seal with a krylon matte finish.
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    The start of dakotas lioness mount

    Bill- You have to use the real stuff. It's collected naturally outside in the late fall when it turns color. Different parts of the US will have different grasses regionally. I used to get my stuff from a guy that had collectors working for him out west/southwest US.
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    Planning my first hunt in Africa

    Michael, - you'll have to get a broker lined up to clear your trophies whether mounted in Africa or brought to US for taxidermy. You can do this on your own, but I'd rather pay $300-350 for a professional broker to make sure everything goes smoothly...
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    Last Minute Taxidermy Questions

    Thanks Eric! Just let me know when you want to stop by to go over your mounts and lunch is on me. -Matt
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    Last Minute Taxidermy Questions

    Yeah crazy how those guys can skin and well with some of those machetes they use. If I'm not using a scalpel, my go to knife is these pairing knives made by victorinox. They have flex and can get really sharp and easy to sharpen with a steel or stone about 7" long and only about $6 a knife.
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    Last Minute Taxidermy Questions

    Brickburn- For sure. Maybe I'm lucky and guys are using some good outfitters. Did have a shipment few years ago -plenty of skin but just skinning cuts all over the faces of a sable, tsessebe, monkeys were pretty bad too around the eyes -but seems to be norm for primates. Skinned out a baboon...
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    Namib Taxidermy dip and pack cost

    Yeah that's a good deal with tanning of 4 backskins.
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    Last Minute Taxidermy Questions

    #1- Kudu horns are removable off the skulls, Wildebeest - you wont get those to come off during the skull cleaning process. We've had wildebeest come in where the dip/pack guys drilled right on the show side of the horns for bug treatment - when in reality they should drill into the backside...
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    Warthog mount question

    Keep in mind if bringing warthog skull/tusks and or skin back to the USA it will have to go through USDA processing. If you are just wanting the skull have them put it on a plaque in Africa then its cleared. But if looking to have a mount done back in the states it will have to go through USDA.
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    Trophy Collection Pictures

    Nyati- Thanks for sharing that is a cool trophy room!
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    What to do when visiting Chicago and Milwaukee?

    270Buck I'm an hour west from Chicago and Milwaukee. There's also a couple Bass Pro shop stores within an hour of Chicago that may have what you are looking for, the one in Bolingbrook is pretty nice. For Gun stores there's gat guns in Dundee near Chicago and Marengo Guns also nearby. Yeah...
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    Wood stove in trophy room

    Some great advice here and- cool pictures of your trophy room red river. Taxidermy mounts really need to stay in a stable environment for the most part. I would mention that a cleaning every so often to remove any dust build up is a good idea once or twice a year or so and while cleaning the...
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    Hello from Indiana USA

    Welcome to AH!
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    Fishing Peacock Bass in Brazil

    Nice, Keep us posted!
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    Suggestions for flatskins

    James - I think you got it covered on the options. Just to add a few - coasters, rifle slings, and ottomans. Cape Buff, elephant, croc and ostrich make cool hair off leather for belts, boots, etc
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    Great Leopard taken in Namibia

    Thanks James I like to see the follow ups! Matt
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    Great Leopard taken in Namibia

    That's awesome! Was that the hunt you had advertised one here? Matt
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    What keeps you dreaming of Africa?

    I'm around it constantly everyday. My pictures, taxidermy, woodcarvings. Then talking with my clients about their experiences in Africa and working on their safaris. It still exciting and few people can relate to it- A lot of hunters out there don't know what they are missing! Alaska is...
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    Taxidermy Floor Pedestal Mount Ideas

    I have a wood worker make custom bases for me. You can also buy premade from a taxidermy supply company or there's the link Royal posted which is a decent outfit. has some real nice bases too. I've always been a fan of having good woodworking accompany the taxidermy...
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    Trophy shipment into Canada

    Bluey, Anytime man. Thank you. Matt
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    Delayed Taxidermy

    Timeoff2fish- After your hunt expect the Dip and Pack and shipping to the US on average 6 months. Yes there are some places that can go 3-4 months and others a year before you get your animals back. At that time they arrive in the US get the taxidermist to get your skins tanned by his...
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    Trophy shipment into Canada

    Try using a small steamer for clothing and that should get the hair to go back in place. Matt
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    Crossbow Lion

    Wow! Impressive...Congrats!
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    Are these the same tusks?

    I can't see it being the same tusks with that characteristic chip and flattened edge on the tip.
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    Giraffe Taxidermy Pictures

    Bluey you are starting to run out of room!!! :)
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Tsala Safari August 2014

    Eric, What a great trip and pictures thank you for taking the time to share them. The way you worded everything felt like I was there myself! Excellent trophies can't wait to see them. Matt
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    ZIMBABWE: Chifuti Safaris Cape Buffalo & Hippo

    Royal Great story, was busy this past month of August and didn't get a chance to read everything you wrote until now. What a cool trip you had from the pangolin to the zebra scarring with the stripes not lining up. Its things like that you shared that I find very interesting. Thank you for...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Tsala Safari August 2014

    Awesome story of your trip so far keep them coming! Matt
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    ZIMBABWE: Chifuti Safaris Cape Buffalo & Hippo

    Keep us posted and good luck!
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    Moose Hunt or Tyrannosaurus Hunt

    Brickburn, Cool article Thanks for sharing. What a wealth of information to scientists can gather from these tracks and to think it was discovered from a guide on a moose hunt!
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    TANZANIA: On Our Way Home From Tanzania

    Congrats, we look forward to seeing the pictures!
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    ZIMBABWE: Safari Gal In Search Of A Tusker In Zimbabwe

    Lori- Great story with some great pictures. Thank you for sharing your safari with us. How many days was your trip? Matt
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    REPORT: Disappointed with Taxidermy by Wild Africa Taxidermy

    Sincitynut, Sorry to hear about this experience. If you wish contact our studio- email is best, , we may be able to salvage your springbok shoulder mount with the original skin, if not we have capes in stock for a remount. We would be able to help you with the European...
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    Support Kendall Jones!!!!

    I agree am so tired of America's media bashing trophy hunting. We also need to educate our own hunters in the US that don't comprehend why someone would go hunting in Africa. Hunters can be there own worst enemy sometimes... Matt
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    New to Site

  41. Lamp by All-American Taxidermy

    Lamp by All-American Taxidermy

    Sandblasted Juniper wood Lamp with zebra skin
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    Greetings from Florida

    Welcome to AH and enjoy your time in Africa with your Dad!
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    hello from tennessee

    Welcome to AH!
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    Warthog shoulder mount - real tusks or replicas

    Yes, that is the way to go if you have an animal that is one for the books or is unusual- have a replica of the tusks or horns made to go into the mount, then real tusks or horns back onto the skull or display stand.
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    Wrong Kudu

    Usually with the horns going back onto the horn cores off the skull - they can be a tight fit sometimes even though its from the same animal. What happens is with horned game is once the horns are popped off the skull, treated and set aside to dry while the skull itself gets cleaned and...