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    Difficulties exporting trophies from Argentina?

    The $2,500 includes Coppersmith's charge?
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    Last Minute Hunt Cancellation In The Famous Selous Game Reserve - 14 Day Leopard & 2X Cape Buffalo Safari (1x1)

    Would it be possible to get a list of trophy fees for other species?
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    Recommendations for the Best Thermal Vision Scope for Night Hunting?

    Check out iRayUSA. American company 5 year warranty 5 day guarantee they either fix it or replace it in 5 days if something goes wrong.
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    Shipping Trophies has Gotten Outlandish

    Although it may be FWS that tells you no combining or commingling in one crate its generally not a FWS issue...its a Customs issue. See below. There are also exceptions for husband/wife and parent/minor child in which both are permitted...of course your broker, taxidermist, and shipper don't...
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    Shipping Trophies has Gotten Outlandish

    I just cleared a friend’s shipment yesterday at Dallas/Fort Worth these were the charges: Lufthansa Terminal Fee it DFW: $150.00 Handling Fee: $15.00 Credit Card Fee: $5.78 Total: $170.78 Dnata Warehouse where Customs Ag Inspects: Exam Fee: $45.00 Facility Fees (2.50/KG) min $90: $772.50...
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    Special Leupold Pricing For AH

    I'll second that!
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    Mispronounced gun names

    My father-in-law says Hornaby every time.
  8. Shield Mounts

    Shield Mounts

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    What is a Sheild Mount? Splitting Image Taxidermy?

    With the exception of the warthogs, steenbok, duiker, porcupine and cape...those are just what they call bleached skulls. Basically, a euro with no plaque.
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    What is a Sheild Mount? Splitting Image Taxidermy?

    These are my shield mounts from Splitting Image.
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    this sucks

    If I were you, I'd be calling fish and wildlife and finding out when your eDec was filed and why they haven’t cleared your shipment. If there are no primates, swine, rodents or CITES permit animal’s odds are Fish and Wildlife will never put hands on the crate. They will make sure all the...
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    Best Taxidermy for leopards in Houston and Dallas Area?

    My :S 2 Cents:, and that's all its worth. Any cat mount lives and dies in the eyes. This post has been extremely helpful in choosing who will mount my leopard. If the expression in the eye's doesn't match what the rest of the face is saying the mount just looks off. There are other factors to...
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    Lets see some Kudu!

    I never shot this Kudu...sometimes I wish I had, we were only about 65 yards from him. He thought he was hidden in the tall grass behind the small bush. He stood there for several minutes just watching us.
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    Lets see some Kudu!

    Limpopo 2017 Eastern Cape 2022
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    this sucks

    From USDA: WHAT NEEDS TO GO TO AN APPROVED ESTABLISHMENT? Unfinished animal trophies, hides and feathers that come from areas ofthe world with the following foreign animal diseases must undergo special processing to protect against introducing those diseases into the U.S.:  highly pathogenic...
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    this sucks

    If any of these are dip and pack yes USDA will likely require inspection. You can also add porcupine or any rodent species. Basically swine, primates, and rodents that are dip and pack will most likely require USDA involvement. If these are finished taxidermy USDA should not be involved...
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    this sucks

    I just cleared a crate at DFW this morning. It was my buddy’s finished taxidermy from April/May of 2022. He had 5 shoulder mounts and 7 euro's. Came in on Turkish Airways to their warehouse which is WFS. CBP Ag put a hold on it, so it had to be "trucked" to the CBP warehouse which across the...
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    What TV hunting personality?

    Andy and Michelle are brother and sister. Michelle married Chad the hunter that was on most of their shows and is now here in the states. If memory serves.....
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    Trophy Room Build after 45 years of hunting

    What's going on the bottom 4' of the walls? Noticed on the fireplace pics its not textured or painted.
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    Average Shot Range in East Cape SA

    I'd say just listing an average shot distance is misleading, the terrain varies so greatly it's all dependent on the situations of each hunt. I've taken 26 animals in the Eastern Cape and my shots have ranged from 5 yards to over 500, most were between 100-300 but there were several right at or...
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    ZIMBABWE: 10 Days In Zimbabwe With NYAMAZANA SAFARIS

    Left to Right: 55lbs, 50lbs, 59lbs, 61lbs I honestly have no idea, just figured I'd take a guess!
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    New Member from Texas

    Welcome fellow Texan!
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    Trophy Room Build after 45 years of hunting

    Can't wait to see the finished product.
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    this sucks

    I had 14 european mounts shipping was $1300 Buddy had 5 shoulder mounts and 6 euros and a rug was $2400 Other buddy has 10 shoulder mounts and 2 euros his is $5500
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    this sucks

    I hear ya, I'd never had any issues at all until this year. Everything has always been very easy and way cheaper than hiring a broker to import. This year there was a new supervisor at CBP and he tried numerous times to tell me it was federal law I was required to hire a broker on shipments...
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    this sucks

    The individuals placeing the hold are not with the USDA. They are agricluture specialist within CBP. I'm not saying that USDA can't get involved because they can. I'm not certian but I believe this is a farily new "department" or repedative waste of waste of money our goverment is known for...
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    this sucks

    I was told something similar by CBP Dept. of Agriculture here in Dallas. I was clearing my own shipment, was all finished taxidermy but I did have 2 warthogs. I kept in touch with them by phone and email and let them know exactly when it landed. They cleared it in less than 24 hours after...
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    The "ideal" AH Hunter - welcome note

    Well played...well played. Welcome!
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    Favourite quotes - Here's mine, Quite a long list. What's yours?

    “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. I am haunted by waters.”...
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    Truck - what do you drive, and why?

    2020 Ford F-150. Why... it's a basic XLT 4-wheel drive and checked all my boxes and was the cheapest I could find across the brands with similar features. Had a firend drive me 200 miles up to Oklahoma to pick it up. I'm like you in that I usually keep one 10 years or more. I do tend to buy...
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    African Spiral Slam & More - Only US$6,950

    I believe in '22 when we took that round trip it was $130 round trip all taxes/fees/etc. Some outfittes do have Gemsbok, price will vary obviously between outfitters I'd say $800-$1,200.
  32. TXhunter65

    African Spiral Slam & More - Only US$6,950

    Absolute great offer Wik. If you're a first timer to Africa this is a killer deal, if it’s your second or third trip and you need 1 or more animals to complete your spiral slam the options to substitute other animals in the package is awesome.
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    Lion hunting SA

    Now you've done it @One Day... , not only have you pointed out the irony in this argument:S Beat Dead Horse:but you went and mentioned TEXAS....:ROFLMAO: We love our corn-fed deer down here! They taste better…:ROFLMAO: Just kidding with ya @One Day... For everyone... Maybe someday we can...
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    Anyone else butcher?

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    New from TX

    Welcome fellow Texan! Once upon a time I lived near 290 and Jones Road not far from Hockley.
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    South Africa Taxidermy Worth Remembering With SPLITTING IMAGE TAXIDERMY

    I hunted April/May of 2022 got my crate from Splitting Image on Nov. 5th 2023. All European mounts. Had a couple of the skulls carved. I'm sure '22 was rough on a lot of taxidermist rehiring, training, and retraining everyone lost due to COVID.
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    Which Hides?

    Thats nuts!......:E Rofl:
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    Dreamer from Tx

    Welcome fellow Texan!
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    Elk at 688 yards with a 243

    When our progeny no longer enjoy the rights we cherish we'll need but a mirror to find the culprit. Keep tearin em down boys. The anti's don’t know the difference between a .243 and a 50 BMG. The lady made a hell of a shot. For some of those eagle-eyed snipers who jumped to ethics and what is...
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    Supressors good and bad?
  41. TXhunter65

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOW: RIFLE: August 22 Hunt With Limcroma Safaris

    Wonderful so far keep it coming!
  42. TXhunter65

    REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Bongo In The Congo

    What an adventure!
  43. TXhunter65

    REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Bongo In The Congo

    If that's not a WR its gotta be pushing the hell out of it.
  44. TXhunter65


    Congrats on your first safari. My first was with Limcroma as well, great people and you'll love every minunte. Hannes' brother help me get my kudu after hunting hard for one for 3 days. If you get the opportunity, I wouldn't pass on a trophy kudu.
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    Argentina 7 Special Hunt Packages For 2024 Season

    How long does it take to get trophies home from Argentina?
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    What sticks in your mind about Africa?

    The Southern Cross The sand in Limpopo The Indian Ocean in Eastern Cape The hornbills in the camel thorn trees Of course, the sunsets By far and away above all, the kindness, generosity, and hospitality of the people
  47. TXhunter65

    Trail Cam Bongo From Central African Republic 2023

    I'll take a #10 please!!!!