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  1. C.W. Richter

    African mounts backskins

    Is there a cleanliness issue or is someone being BS'ed? What if it's a full skin (that includes the back skin??) lol This sounds well thought out...but like Gov't.
  2. C.W. Richter

    Mountain rifles

    I'd personally go w/ a #3 bbl and have it fluted (6 or 8-your choice.) It'll shoot better, like the Bansner. Looks like a factory 700 action in the bottom pic. We've taken Aoudad with the 6.5 WSM Ultimate Ovis out to 760 yds (in a 5 lb, undressed gun.) Sub-MOA @ 300 yds. 400-600 yd shots...
  3. C.W. Richter

    Escrow company that handles firearm sales

    Where are you located? Have you ever bought or sold a firearm in the USA??
  4. C.W. Richter

    Mountain rifles

    Bansner's Ultimate Ovis (any caliber you like.) I have one in 6.5 WSM (7.5 lbs fully outfitted), but you should probably step up to a 7 or 300 using the appropriate bullets for your targets. Because of where goats tend to live, many guides swear by hot 338s to put them down where you can...
  5. C.W. Richter

    When hunting species like zebra or gemsbuck does the sex of the animal matter to hunters?

    You can find some BIG male gemsbok in Namibia! 41"+ I believe their bases are larger as well. This one measured 39 3/4" on one side and 40 3/4" on the other! 'Got one in SA 7 yrs. prior and 7" shorter. I believe a 50" female was taken in Namibia. When you find one it appears to dwarf the...
  6. C.W. Richter

    Wire and Water Documentary

    ***** Watched it on the big screen once I saw your post. 'Have seen Guav hunting Cameroon, et. al. in W. Africa and knew he was from Zim, but through this video we learn of his connection (and dedication) to that land and all its inhabitants, be they 4-legged or 2. He is very lucky (after...
  7. C.W. Richter

    Prayers for Mike

    'Used to ride 60,000 mi/yr, 40 yrs of on/off road riding, enduro racing, road racing, etc. but then I hit 4 deer at night (4 separate incidents-it's overpopulated where I live-i yelled and kicked the last 2 away in panic but went down hard on the 1st two, including one at highway speed) so I...
  8. C.W. Richter

    City Lodge questions

    "don't know what the n1 is N of joberg..." LOL Where in Africa have you been?? The population is quite low compared to other continents, so the other travelers are quite safe! lol Are you telling me you've never been to the NW or Limpopo or Louis Trichardt or Kruger??? This is a VERY weak...
  9. C.W. Richter

    John Deere 440 Dozer/Crawler For Sale

    *I've gotten rid of nearly ALL gas-powered equipment in the fleet over the last several years (as many burn 6 gal/hr)-that's about $20-24/hr under Bidenomics in rural areas. That's the only reason I'm not interested. :( (I'd be filling up gas equipment 1-2x daily whereas the diesels-1-2x...
  10. C.W. Richter

    City Lodge questions

    Have your PH pick you up at the airport and go hunting. Why is thi$ $uch an i$$ue? ;) I'd NEVER stay over with my rifles in a city. Then again, i'd also never vote Dem. I once had a Zim PH pick me up at OR Tambo at 11 pm, we drove on the N1 for hours, hit this Brazilian steakhouse at 1 a.m...
  11. C.W. Richter

    How effective is the 25-06 with either of these bullets?

    i'd use more (.257 Case) on Elk. Wby, Wildcats (WSM-NOT WSSM, et. al.) with the bullets Red Leg mentions. It's a small pill-it needs Steam, solid construction (not necess. solid) and high SD for caliber!
  12. C.W. Richter

    MOZAMBIQUE: My safari With Juan Pace Of Chasseurs de Mocambique

    Zim PH Lloyd Yeatman was completely screwed over by the guy, years back.
  13. C.W. Richter

    Wanted Winchester M70 Stock

    Or a barrel swivel (clamp-on, sweat on, etc.) NECG, Uncle Mike's, etc.
  14. C.W. Richter

    Granite Mountain Actions

    It's essentially a custom blueprinted Mauser action so anything that fits them! I got an estimate from them to install fancy iron sights with quarter rib etc $1,800. Ryan Breeding/Joe Smithson? It's been awhile. You could have the action drilled for anything you like. I personally would use...
  15. C.W. Richter

    What's up with todays' gun shops?

    And the bear are generally a closer range affair.
  16. C.W. Richter

    Winchester Classic Super Grade Stock As New

    Not sure what he meant by a cut piece of leather on the lug but shoving a piece of leather in the lug recess of the stock is a cheap way to improve accuracy
  17. C.W. Richter

    What's up with todays' gun shops?

    I've made so much fun of the industry over the last 10 years I've just given up black plastic junk everywhere! I've picked up a number of fine guns in Cabela's gun libraries you can even look at them online and finer places as well... The real answer is they're peddling the lowest cost...
  18. C.W. Richter

    Winchester Classic Super Grade Stock As New

    Is it sold? What's the LOP although that can be corrected easily with a smaller pad. If it's not sold I will buy it.
  19. C.W. Richter

    Shoulder bump or neck size?

    On non-DG bolt-action rifles, just neck size. NEVER have I gotten one stuck in the gun it was intended for use in. Because the case fits that particular chamber PERFECTLY and it contributes to maximum consistency (accuracy) for longer range shots. Other actions and any DG gun should be FL...
  20. C.W. Richter

    Winchester Model 70 Super Grade in 7x57 As New - Stunning Wood!

    275 Winchester Ave. Not coincidence!
  21. C.W. Richter

    MNR Custom

    'Hoping that the scope rings are just sitting there posing for the photo, or otherwise they are severely out of alignment! lol Nice piece. Also strangely no comments on the bore conditions.
  22. C.W. Richter

    AA5744, H4227 - low recoil 375 H&H

    What's the gun?
  23. C.W. Richter

    AA5744, H4227 - low recoil 375 H&H

    Any powder is low-recoil if undercharged. Add some heft to your gun. Hg recoil reducers, etc. Steel parts (NO aluminum,) sling w/ 4 rounds in it, quality scope, talley/warne/alaska steel mounts, et. al. It's a 375, not a 500. My 375 weighed 13.5 lbs fully outfitted, my Son's is like 11...
  24. C.W. Richter

    AA5744, H4227 - low recoil 375 H&H

    That's a tad light for a 375. Factory American? Black recycled ABS plastic drain pipe stock?
  25. C.W. Richter

    Spam Post

    black magic indeed lol
  26. C.W. Richter

    Comment by 'C.W. Richter' in media 'William, Not sure if this tractor was your grandfathers at one time'

    It's an early Fordson. Many sold worldwide (par for the course for Henry Ford-he mass produced ans sold the most tractors initially.) My neighbor has 3. I want to buy 2 as an unconventional sort of columns for a gate at the head of the driveway! :)
  27. C.W. Richter

    Spam Post

    'Check ALL your staff's phones while they're sleeping... ;) Give the culprit a donkey!
  28. C.W. Richter

    Spam Post would the PHASA consider some own use hunts on these ilk? ;) Asking for some friends! Pics w/ trophies and head home. No caliber restrictions. Absolutely NO darting. I'd be proud to hang a recreation in my trophy room! Real black magic psychic may lord kassappa 2024...
  29. C.W. Richter

    AA5744, H4227 - low recoil 375 H&H

    Increase the gun heft and shoot regular loads you intend to hunt with, pleasurably. The 375 doesn't kick too much unless severely underweight. Mine were a pleasure compared to bigger stuff...(gun weight? recoil pad style/butt size? pics?)
  30. C.W. Richter

    What broadheads is everyone bringing to Africa this year?

    Fred also bagged an elephant (smaller alum. shaft shoved inside larger + the 2 blade only 140 fixed razorhead and a 100# recurve). but yeah an 850 gr archery projectile is optimum for DG. And to make it even cooler, in the fmr. British East Africa (Mozambique) with famed ivory hunter turned PH...
  31. C.W. Richter

    Spam Post

    The result of Bidenomics in America! ;) You get what you voted for. High prices for everything results in an uptick in crime.
  32. C.W. Richter

    What broadheads is everyone bringing to Africa this year?

    Buffalo: 2 blade 160 gr, 750 gr shaft. Also spin those inserts vertically. Nothing less/nothing more. My son has hunted the bigger stuff extensively and this is what works (not what some marketer tells you.) GL enjoy! Crossguns and too lightweight shafts/bows result in too little energy...
  33. C.W. Richter

    What broadheads is everyone bringing to Africa this year?

    3-blades are among the best (not recommended on DG as the penetration is reduced,) but NAP's thunderheads and many more work wonders on deer-elk-bear (soft stuff.) African antelope are built much tougher to reduce the effects of predator attacks. There was a great 3-blade in the 80s-90s that...
  34. C.W. Richter

    What broadheads is everyone bringing to Africa this year?

    You could get away with anything for the tiny 10. But beware, this year the broadheads marketed have totally changed so you CANNOT possibly use what they told you was effective last year. You MUST buy what they say. ;) LOL (I both saw it on TV and read it on the Internet!) For the bigger...
  35. C.W. Richter

    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    LOL Don't shoot the messenger. I'm with Charlie...
  36. C.W. Richter

    What is the purpose of carrying a knife out in a safari..

    In case your gun fails (or is dropped) at a bad time, in case you find yourself wrapped up by a python, if you're about to be mugged, etc. And, the Skinners LOVE 'em...
  37. C.W. Richter

    Spam Post

    i often respond. I'm still at work (FBI). <,followed by an apology or silence>
  38. C.W. Richter

    Spam Post

    all kidding aside, i see 4 more posted already. SMH. It's going to get universally worse.
  39. C.W. Richter

    Spam Post

    The money detergent doesn't seem to work either!
  40. C.W. Richter

    RJ Renner vs Complete Restock on CZ Safari?

    You're onto something. Fully custom rigs never quite sell for the initial price (some are amazing and capitalize,) but the factory rig, hot-rodded isn't worth all that much (only to the beholder that recognizes its accuracy.) ;) Custom has a relatively high sticker price from the get go.
  41. C.W. Richter

    RJ Renner vs Complete Restock on CZ Safari?

    Kevin Robertson talks about what mods a 550 S requires in Africa's Most Dangerous, if I recall the book correctly.
  42. C.W. Richter

    RJ Renner vs Complete Restock on CZ Safari?

    IDT buying a custom rifle is cheaper than DIY, by a longshot! Fully custom bolt rigs are easily in the $5K-$10K+ range now (even $4K+ for used). You may be thinking about semi-custom factory guns like Wby (excellent), Christiansen, et. al. ($2K+/-). CZ is considered the lower echelon of...
  43. C.W. Richter

    In praise and defense of Wood & Blue

    *the A-Sq is actually coated SS (i had forgotten) and the entire bbl channel of the stock is FL bedded with (plastic) spot putty, so it's exceedingly weatherproof. No checkering, monster "coil chek" stock but it's a beauty (and tied with 2 others for best accuracy! #1 if factory rig.) I'd...
  44. C.W. Richter

    on a lighter note...

    So I bought the bank note dye washing compound marketed here on AH and by golly it works wonders...just sitting at home this Holiday washing my money. Thanks again! lol (They need to cast their marketing net much wider, as bank robbers must know about this available chemical.) "Unmarked...
  45. C.W. Richter

    In praise and defense of Wood & Blue

    'Very first rifle was a .22 WMR (Mossberg 640KD "Chuckster" model.) Cost $90 plus Weaver mounts/rings and Bushnell 3-9x (total around $150.) Bought it out of the proceeds of plowing snow w/ a '65 JD 110 garden tractor at age 10. Still have both. That damn .22 Win Mag is my most favorite...
  46. C.W. Richter

    RJ Renner vs Complete Restock on CZ Safari?

    There are modern stock duplicators out there, so IF you have the shape you like, they trace it via wood CNC machine and then it can be checkered (by hand or machine.) MUCH cheaper than a fully hand-made custom wood stock (which almost doe$n't make sense on a CZ.) They used to trace stocks...
  47. C.W. Richter

    In praise and defense of Wood & Blue

    My favorites (and all they had when I was a kid-what most of us grew up shooting with!) However, I treat them with respect in the N. U.S. as the climate during hunting season can be brutal (and as the "camp cook," I need every millisecond to get things arranged upon return after dark-no time...
  48. C.W. Richter

    470 Capstick Ammo, Reloading Components & Stuff For Sale

    A fellow was selling another 470 C on here just recently (2nd of the recent Win 70 Customs)...You may wish to reach out to the buyer (or seller if not yet sold to make would-be buyers aware of supplies!) GL. Whatever you do, Goin' Postal is always an option, and I suspect you just might!
  49. C.W. Richter

    Hand made shield and spears

    A lion head might look nice on it (or the skin draped over it?) I can just see the Massai singing surf songs when they saw it!! :p
  50. C.W. Richter

    Our 139-mile Elephant hunt in Namibias famous Caprivi.

    I saw so many there the tribal game scout told the PH that I could come back for a sort of zebra varmint hunt on the cheap I still think about it would be a lot of fun using all sorts of rifles! And as you know the tribes love eating zebra. There is no shortage at all.