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    Help me complete my 3 gun collection

    Thanks Velo for you thoughtful reply. I know I can use my existing rifles for springbok hunting. The 8x68S is truly a magnificent hard hitter even at longer ranges and I have had many a successful hunt with her. But I have already convinced the wife that I need a new rifle for springbok so...
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    Help me complete my 3 gun collection

    Yes after the 6 I will definitely need a 9.3x62 as well. And maybe a 10.75.
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    Help me complete my 3 gun collection

    Now that does sound really exciting. If I can find a rifle chambered in this cartridge we may just have a winner...
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    Help me complete my 3 gun collection

    Like most of you fine folks on this forum I've found myself not needing another rifle yet definitely needing another rifle. I've currently got a Mauser 7x57 and a Krico 8x68S which can shoot anything and everything in Namibia without issues. So that's why I need another rifle, I'm sure you all...
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    300 PRC for long range hunting cartridge?

    I know it's not on your list but an 8x68S or its American equal the 325 WSM will be just about perfect for you application, they put big stuff down from far out.
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    Big bore recoil

    Let me start by saying that I am an absolute novice with big bore rifles. I can shoot a 300wm or 8x68S all day without problems but recently got a chance to shoot a friend's .458 winchester with a 500 gr bullet and it felt like a truck had smashed into my shoulder after just one shot. I am...
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    Is the 275 Rigby up to larger Plains Game like kudu?

    I have shot red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, oryx, kudu, baboon, impala, springbuck and warthogs with my 7x57 and it has not failed me once. Heavy for caliber bullets (160-175 gr) going at moderate velocities = penetration. Don't need premium bullets, good 'ol cup and core will do the job at...
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    I need help..

    If you are coming to Namibia there is no minimum caliber requirement for DG, but you need a minimum of 5 400 Joules (3 980 ft*lb) at the muzzle. I speak under correction, but I don't think the 9.3x62 achieves this with standard loads. Take the 375 and hunt everything, more than enough for PG and...
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    What is HANDSPANNUNG in a break action rifle?

    Direct translation would be hand tension. No idea what that could mean for break action rifles, maybe easier to open/close?
  10. Blue Wildebeest Hunt Namibia

    Blue Wildebeest Hunt Namibia

    7x57 Mauser Oberndorf with 173gr PPU soft point factory ammo
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    Blue Wildebeest Pictures

    Taken with a 7x57 Mauser Oberndorf with 173gr PPU soft point factory ammo
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    8x68S owner's opinions

    Don't think all the photos uploaded with my previous post, this is the eland.
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    8x68S owner's opinions

    Another successful hunt with the 8x68S with 200gr RWS Evolution bullets. Massive eland bull taken with neck shot, bullet did not pass through. Gemsbok and hartebeest taken with heart/lung shots, bullets exited and animals down within 30 meters. Very happy with the caliber and bullet combo, it...
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    What do I take to Namibia? 30-06

    30-06 and .308 Win with standard 180gr cup and core bullets have probably killed more plainsgame in Namibia than any other caliber and bullet weight combo. Very few locals here hunt with TSX (to my knowledge) and I do not have any personal experience with them in 30-06. However, all of the...
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    Best bullets for plains game

    7x57: 173gr PPU Soft Points or 158gr PPU Grom. I have an original 1929 Oberndorf Mauser which chucks the 158's at about 2300 ft/s so any conventional cup and core will do the job. 8x68S: 200gr RWS Evolution (bonded) at 2900 ft/s With both rifle/bullet combinations I have yet to find anything...
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    Wounded animal?

    Thanks everyone for your opinions! Just to clarify, this did not happen to me. Just a classic case of "asking for a friend". It happened on a culling hunt and the hunter tried to brain shoot an eland cow, took off both her horns near the base. In my opinion it was an obvious case of wounded...
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    Wounded animal?

    Came across an interesting situation recently and would love to hear others' opinion on it. If a hunter shoots off an animal's horn(s) and the animal is not otherwise injured and gets away, does that usually count as a full price wounded animal? On the one hand that animal cannot be marketed as...
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    PPU ammunition 6.5x57

    I have also used them on springbok, impala, warthog, oryx, kudu and blue wildebeest from my 7x57 with great success.
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    First Safari! Most versatile Plains Game cartridge...

    All your options will work, but if you want something truly magnificent go with an 8x68S. The cartridge is not all that well known globally, but an absolute hammer on plains game and used frequently throughout Namibia, South Africa's north-western neighbor. 200 gr fly at about 2900 - 3000...
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    Rhino bullets

    Does anyone know if Rhino bullets are still made?
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    8x68S owner's opinions

    So I got a load that shoots very accurately out of my rifle, using Norma 204 and these 200gr bonded RWS bullets. Get 2880 ft/s, which is not pushing it but a sweet spot accuracy wise. Went on a culling hunt this past weekend and took three oryx with high neck shots, all of the animals...
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    8x68S owner's opinions

    Hi garasi, could you please elaborate a bit on your experiences with this bullet? Expansion, penetration, what game you have taken with it? I have loaded up a decent batch of these and will be hunting oryx with them next weekend!
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    RWS ROTTWEIL Ammunition .30-06 Evolution (11.9G)

    Did you ever get to use these bullets and how do you rate them?
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    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Had Any Experience With Bergzicht Game Lodge In Namibia?

    I know this is a very old post but I hunted with them in August last year. Took a blue wildebeest with my 7x57, using 173gr PPU soft points. Hannes got me to within about 100 m, quartering to, bullet entered just inside the shoulder and exited behind the rib cage on the other side. Still ran...
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    Bullet Performance Database

    I also bought them for my 8x68S. How have you found their performance?
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    8x68S owner's opinions

    Unfortunately have never seen these in Namibia, but am interested to see how they perform! The Norma ammo with A-Frames should be an absolute hammer in this cartridge. These are the RWS Evolution bullets I am currently developing a load for, quite a few gun shops stock these around here (must...
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    What Have You Killed with the 7x57

    Nice trophies Red Leg! What bullets were you using?
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    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    Nearly bought one from a local gun shop last year! Read up a bit and the reviews on the caliber weren't great, it isn't a 404J blah blah blah, so I instead went for another metric 8x68S which is better suited to my purposes. Do you have experience with the 10.75? I am fascinated with metric...
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    What Have You Killed with the 7x57

    S Surprising that the GMX lost so much weight with the mild 7x57!
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    8x68S owner's opinions

    The scope came with the rifle, it's an old Zeiss West Germany Diavari-ZA 2.5-10x52 T*. Unfortunately, one of the dials is missing and the reticle is a bit impractical (gets thicker as you zoom in). I have in the meantime put a Nikko Sterling 4-24 on it that I had lying around. I also removed...
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    8x68S owner's opinions

    I would love to hear about your experience with the 170 SST when it comes to meat damage? What do you hunt with it? I've got some Norma 204 that I am trying to pair with a 200gr RWS, let's hope it works.
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    8x68S owner's opinions

    Gert, thank you very much for your interesting posts, I have been following your work for a while now. I bought a 2nd hand Krico 8x68S at the end of last year and have since been trying to read anything I can find on this caliber. Have not hunted with it yet, currently doing load development...
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    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    7x57 8x68S 9.3x62 There's just something about metric calibres...
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    What Have You Killed with the 7x57

    I specifically created an account just to reply to this (old) thread! I have spent countless hours reading forums on the 7x57 and ammo choices for specific game and can finally contribute with a post of my own, since inheriting a 7x57 in 2020. The rifle is an original 1929 Mauser Oberndorf...