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    Scope for Win70 in 375

    I installed a Leupold VX3HD 2.5-8 on my 376 M70 and couldn't be happier with it. It has worked great on Texas pigs and plains game form 30 yards to 160 yards. I have been able to hit a torso sized steel plate at 500 yards yards using a 260gr Partition. it is a trim and lightweight scope that...
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    Barnes TSX review

    My experience with Barnes bullets is that the exit holes are much smaller than a comparable lead core bullets. This is not to say that they don't expand, because they certainly do, but they don't expand to the same degree as a lead core and the permanent wound channel is sometimes smaller. I...
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    458 Lott Suppressor

    I am waiting for the stamp for a Hybrid 46DT. I emailed Silencerco and asked them about 458 Win Mag since it isn't explicitly stated in the specs. They replied quickly and said that 20" was minimum barrel length for 458 WM through the Hybrid 46DT. I am looking forward to shooting it once the...
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    Wanted Winchester M70 Stock

    My Classic Stainless dropped right into a Safari Express stock with no need to modify the barrel channel. It has a fairly heavy barrel profile, and I have heard that Winchester used the same barrel profile for 375 and 458. I would assume that the Classic Synthetic Matte has a similar profile...
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    Fixin' to load up some 375H&H

    IMR 4350 has worked very well for me in my M70 375 with 260gr Partitions, along with H4350 and RL15. It is a great powder.
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    Wanted Winchester M70 Stock

    I don't have a stock to sell, but I did the same thing a few years ago to my M70 Classic Stainless. It was a good decision for me and made the rifle much more enjoyable, and better looking too. I got a Safari Express stock from CDNN when they had them. I highly recommend the upgrade.
  7. 200+Lb Texas Pig Hunt

    200+Lb Texas Pig Hunt

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    .375 h&h for whitetails

    I used a 260gr Partition to good effect on a 200+ lb Texas pig. Hit her two out of three shots as she ran across at about 100 yards. The one through her shoulders stopped her with authority.
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    Shoulder bump or neck size?

    My method is partial full-length sizing/shoulder bump. I set the full length die to set the shoulder back .002-.003. I size this way so that the rounds should always chamber without overworking my brass, especially with belted magnums.
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    Is the 7mm prc suitable for plains game?

    The gentleman I was partnered up with when I hunted at Limcroma in 2023 used a 7 PRC with 175 ELDXs. They worked well on all the plains game he shot, including a blue wildebeest, which ran about 50 yards into the bush. The only animal that ran any significant distance was a blesbok that was...
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    Recommended Ammo for .375 H&H?

    I used 300gr TSX in my 375 last year on my hunt with Limcroma Safaris. They worked great on a blesbok, an impala, zebra, wildebeest and a cow wildebeest. The cow wildebeest was the only one to stop on of the bullets and it was under the skin on her far hip after I shot her in the near shoulder...
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    illuminated reticle

    @Ontario Hunter What are your thoughts on that Bushnell scope? How does it handle recoil? I got one and am thinking of putting it on my 458.
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    Why no love for the .358 Win?

    @Bob Nelson 35Whelen Agreed, just like the 35 Whelen doesn’t do anything that my 375 won’t do. But that’s no reason not to build one up. I’m thinking 250-300gr gets me just about the same ballistics as a 318 WR or 333 Jeffrey A 35 Remington would be very fun in a Marlin 336. I also need a 35+...
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    Why no love for the .358 Win?

    I just had my gunsmith build a 358 Win on a pre 64 M70 action with a 20” Shilen barrel. Still doing load development with Ramshot TAC and 200 TTSX, but getting good results so far. It’s a great companion to my 35 Whelen Improved and will soon have a 338-06 and a 9.3x62 to keep it company. I...
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    New Member from Texas

    I hunted with Limcroma in April of 2023 and had a great time. I saw a ton of animals and had a great time.
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    RCBS Precision Mic 30-06

    RCBS 30-06 Precision Mic. $40 shipped
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    270 Wby Mag Dies & Brass

    RCBS 270 Weatherby die set plus Redding neck sizer die and 47 fired Weatherby cases. $150 shipped
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    Lapua 243 Brass For Sale

    I have 4 unopened boxes of Lapua 243 brass, 100 cases per box, for sale. They are all from the same lot. $400 shipped
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    @Deepfork With my 35 Whelen AI, I don't even bother with special fireforming loads. I've tested my loads in both new and fireformed cases, and the loads shoot the same, with similar SD/ES numbers. With similar case capacities in 35 Whelen AI and 338-06 AI, you might not have to worry too much...
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    @Bob Nelson 35Whelen Thanks for the heads up about the 338 projectile toughness. Most of my shot are pretty short (200 yards or less) and I have magnums if I need to shoot longer. I will wait for the Woodleigh 338 bullets and use those for hunting loads. I also have a 35 Whelen AI that I...
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    The RCBS dies from midway are a great deal. I picked up a set of them and necking 30-06 up to 338 is very easy using Imperial Sizing Wax. 225gr is probably the most efficient in the 338-06, but I will start off using 250gr Speer Grand Slams or 250gr round nose Hornady for most hunting...
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    I'll be a bad influence here and say Get Both. I have a 35 Whelen AI and it doesn't gain enough over the standard 35 Whelen to be worth the extra cost of dies. Using Speer's data for CFE223, I have 250gr bullets going about 2660 fps. I know I could get them going a bit faster, but this was a...
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    Statistics 101: How To Actually Interpret Accuracy & Build Loads

    Hornady has several good podcasts/Youtube videos covering statistics, group size and mean radius. They go into fairly good detail.
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    Supressors good and bad?

    I know Dead Air had some issues a couple of years ago with the threading on some of their adapters, but I haven't heard anything negative about them beyond that. I also have their KEYMO QD adapter on my can and several of their brakes and have had no issues with any of them. A friend has a...
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    Supressors good and bad?

    I have a Dead Air Nomad L and love it. the titanium version would be nice due to the lighter weight, but it was released about a month after I ordered the Nomad L. The titanium version of the Nomad 30 would be another good option. My 300 WM is still very accurate with the suppressor attached...
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    Quick Release Bases for Sporterized M1903

    I also have a sporterized 1903 and the scope mounting options for it are limited compared to an 03A3, as you've probably noticed. I have seen the CCOP mounts and they have one for Leupold rings, but I can't find much information about the quality and my concern is that they are low quality...
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    Happy with .375 H&H load results

    I use RL15 behind 300gr TSXs also. They shoot very well and they performed very well on everything I shot in South Africa this spring.
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    Wildcat Husqvarna 9.3x63

    What are you asking for the rifle?
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    What was your best firearm deal?

    About 15 years ago, I managed to pick up a Model 70 Classic Stainless in 375 H&H for $550. A coworker wanted to buy a 1911 someone had for sale, but the seller would only sell it as a package with the 375, so we split the cost and both got a great deal. Since then, I took off the factory stock...
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    What's the next cartridge your looking to add to your collection and what role will it fill?

    I’m currently acquiring the parts to build a 358 Win on a pre-64 Model 70 action. It will fill a “gap” between 8x57 and 35 Whelen AI and bet used for deer and feral hogs
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    Model 70 firings pins

    @C.W. Richter I really appreciate it. I’ll definitely take the firing pin for $100. I’ll send you a PM so we can work details. Thanks
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    Model 70 firings pins

    @Ray B thanks much for looking at the pins and letting me know how they compare.
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    Model 70 firings pins

    @C.W. Richter it’s a standard/long action pre-64.
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    Model 70 firings pins

    Alternatively, are they close enough that a gunsmith can modify a post64 pin to work?
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    8x57 African big game load

    I’ve got a Husqvarna 8x57 that used a commercial M96 action that shoots very well with 296-200 grain bullets. I bet those 250 grain bullets would really penetrate
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    35 Whelen AI Mauser

    Great choice of cartridge. I’ve got a 35 Whelen AI built on a M700 action and it is a shooter. 200gr TTSX, 225gr Partitions, and 250gr Speer are all very accurate. I just got some CFE223 powder to try out and I’m waiting on Swift 280gd AFrames to become available so I can try them out. I haven’t...
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    Model 70 firings pins

    Will a post-64 long action CRF firing pin fit in a pre-64 long action bolt and safety? I am trying to get the parts together for a build and doesn’t show any firing pins in stock and no one else seems to have them either. From looking at pictures, it looks like the biggest...
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    Hello from Louisiana!

    Welcome from NW Louisiana
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    Krieger 411 Barrel Blank

    I can definitely understand that
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    Krieger 411 Barrel Blank

    I have an unused Shilen 24” chromemoly barrel, threaded for a Model 70 (1”x16tpi), that is chambered for 358 Win, if you’re looking for something like that. .715 at the muzzle, so it should be their #5 contour. Like yours, it was purchased for a project that changed directions
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    I was looking for camp furniture and found this

    @AZDAVE these chairs are really easy to build. There was an article on it in Popular Woodworking a few years ago, and the author, Chris Swartz, wrote a book on Campaign Furniture available from Lost Art Press. There are straps underneath the seat and behind the back securing the leather. I’ll...
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    Mediums that perform

    I shoot 200gr Partitions in my 300WM. I have taken 6 or 7 animals with that combo (1 feral hog, 1 coyote, and several whitetail deer) and all of them dropped in their tracks. It might be due to the relatively softer front section of the Partitions, but 200gr bullets are my go to in 300 WM
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    Mediums that perform

    The only medium bore I have taken any game with is my 375, although I have a 35 Whelen AI and an 8x57 as well. The 375 was very effective on a 200+lb feral hog. A 260gr Partition through the shoulders dropped her in her tracks as she ran crossing in front of me.
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    What scope for 375 Model 70?

    I put a Leupold VX3HD 2.5-8x36 on my 375. I like the eye relief and the small size. I have used it to make hits on a steel plate at 500 yards and hit a running feral hog at about 100 yards
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    New member from Louisiana, long time lurker

    Photos probably won’t be a problem. I’m an amateur photographer, so I tend to take more than a few. Definitely a good suggestion
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    Do you or have you participated in Competitive Shooting?

    And natural point of aim. It’s impressive to be able to fire a round and have the sights come right back to where they were, even with something like an M1 or M1A, and firing again as soon as you see the sight picture you need again
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    Do you or have you participated in Competitive Shooting?

    I’ve shot a little bit of Service Rifle/National Match. I think learning the fundamentals of marksmanship is the biggest benefit for shooting in general. Learning to accept that the the sights will not be benchrest stable while in field positions and then taking a quick shot while not yanking...
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    New member from Louisiana, long time lurker

    I’m hoping to get a gemsbok, impala, blesbok, and a warthog or two, all with a 375. I know it’s overkill but I have it and enjoy shooting it. I’ll be hunting with Limcroma Safaris
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    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    257 Roberts Tie between 30-06 and 300 Win Mag 375 H&H