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  1. bakerb

    ZIMBABWE: My Recent Hunt With Dalton & York Safaris

    Awesome! Keep the story coming!
  2. bakerb

    Merkel 140AE,DE - 470NE For Sale

    Oh I wish! Heck of a deal
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    BOTSWANA: Hunting With NKWE SAFARIS - The Adventure Begins 2024

    Awesome writeup! Makes me miss the Kalahari, man I wanna go back
  4. bakerb

    Let's hear about your first dangerous game hunt, from start to finish

    1. What' made you want to initially hunt dangerous game? Might as well ask why I wanna hunt anything. Just a compulsion to chase. And I discovered capstick at 13 years old and the desire has been there since then. 2. Had you hunted Africa previously? Plains game hunt? Or did you dive...
  5. bakerb

    Public Land Tag Draw

    I guess I shouldn't be as gloom and doom as my prior post suggests. One of those good elk tags I drew did result in this elk. Of course it took me 18 years and a dozen elk hunts to get one this good. But I had a lot of fun along the way and killed a few elk as well
  6. bakerb

    Public Land Tag Draw

    There's too much here to really get into it too much. I've been putting in for western states draws for about 18-19 years, since my early 20s. I've drawn a few good tags, but I'm still waiting on many others. I apply for draws in 7 different western states, and generally put in for about...
  7. bakerb

    Favored Red Dots for Double

    I cannot speak to doubles. But I have a Trijicon RMR with 1 MOA dot on a 45-70 lever action and a Trijicon RMR 3 MOA dot on my daughter's 410 turkey shotgun. I'm partial to the Trijicons. Both are QUICK and clear The 1 MOA dot is clear and easy to hit at 100 yards. I haven't shot my 45-70...
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    ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwe With Buzz Charlton

    Dang looking forward to the "rest of the story". Congrats!
  9. bakerb

    What will Big 5 hunting look like in 20 yrs?

    I think you'll still be able to hunt an elephant in 20 years. I have my doubts you'll be able to import without some serious changes to how we allow the USFWS to do rule-making without any authority.
  10. bakerb

    2024 Double Rifle MSRP's?

    I've been pretty actively looking for used rifles for a couple years and from what I've seen, the used prices in Rare Breed's post seem a little low. Especially for Heym doubles, of which very few seem to come on the market from what I can find. Admittedly maybe I don't know the best places to...
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    Hog Hunting Banned in Kentucky??????

    Missouri conservation did that on public lands around Truman lake a few years ago. It was effective. They didn’t get them all. But they were able to trap and very effectively cut the numbers down. They didn’t do any ban on private lands, it was mostly on Corps of Engineers land surrounding the...
  12. bakerb

    Trusted Traveler Program Times

    As I said above, we applied May 5, 2024, and we received our cards in the mail today. So pretty quick here
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    Cape Buffalo Mount Question

    Looks the same to me. According to my taxidermist it's pretty common for some of the African trophy places to overboil trophies and damage the bases. He showed me some bosses that had been heavily damaged that he would have to repair. Looks to me like that gap was widened up by overboiling...
  14. bakerb

    Round Chambered…or Not?

    4 trips over, I don't remember having a discussion about it any of those times. I always hunted with a round in the chamber, or with rounds in the chamber of the double. Everything is unloaded or unchambered before it goes in the soft gun case. My last two trips were after elephant. My PH...
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    Trusted Traveler Program Times

    I'm just hopeful we see some benefit from our $200 tax. We have a couple trips coming up and I guess we'll see if we get through quicker
  16. bakerb

    Trusted Traveler Program Times

    Holy cow! We got ours in 1 WEEK. We applied on May 5 of this year. Got our email with conditional approval on May 6. Two days later I got us scheduled for May 12 interviews in Kansas City. We each got emails that we were approved within a couple hours of our interviews. I don't know how...
  17. Elephant Tail

    Elephant Tail

  18. bakerb

    Hats on safari

    I’m a ball cap guy. Partial to this Kuiu hat currently but just bought a nice Stetson. I might wear the cowboy hat if I ever get to go back
  19. bakerb

    Over a year in the making... Almost there

    You'll never be the same. Most of my idle thoughts are schemes on how to get back to Africa. It's an addiction for sure
  20. bakerb

    Any reason not to use a 300 PRC for Plains Game??

    Yep, lost luggage would be my concern. I lost luggage going to Russia in 2018, and my rifle made it, but no bullets. I was shooting a 300 RUM. I bought 10 rounds from a shifty-eyed Russian in a dark alleyway for $300 US. I don't think mailing it will work. In early December 2023 I mailed...
  21. bakerb

    Malaria Medication Next Week in Limpopo - Take or Not

    I took Malarone last year in Botswana, broke out in little red pustules within 2 days all over my arms. Stopped taking the meds and went on with the safari. I went back in July and on doctor's advice didn't take anything. I did have a prescription for Doxy and had the meds with me, but didn't...
  22. bakerb

    SPAIN: Return To Spain

    That’s awesome. Spain is on my list to hunt someday. My wife and I are going next March to tour for her 40th birthday. No hunting this trip. We’re doing a few days in Lisbon then a 10 day tour through Spain. Ending with a few days in Seville on our own. We’re stoked
  23. bakerb

    Which Elephant Rifle and cartridge?

    Same for me. Heym 89B in either 470 or 500, and either a Heym 404J or a Martini 404J
  24. bakerb

    A cautionary tale - Traveling with ammunition in luggage

    I was coming home from Petropavlovsk and getting on a plane there, when I was pulled out of line by a 6'3" recruiting poster Russian military guy. I must have looked scared, because he tried to smile (the only Russian official I ever saw smile), and kept saying "S'okay. S'okay." I kept...
  25. bakerb

    A cautionary tale - Traveling with ammunition in luggage

    This is a worry of mine. I recently bought a new backpack just for traveling. The worst thing is I have a Maxpedition "man purse" that I use for both. Guess I just need to get a second one and use one for traveling and one for hunting. This crap is too scary to risk it.
  26. bakerb

    “Safari” vs Hunting Trip?

    Safari is an African word. So to me, safari is an African adventure, whether it be hunting or photography. Hunting trips are anywhere else.
  27. bakerb

    Custom Boots

    Ostrich. You see them in boots all the time. I actually have an ostrich hide right. And need to find a custom boot maker to make me some boots
  28. bakerb

    Looking For Recommendations for Elephant

  29. bakerb

    Looking For Recommendations for Elephant

    I was the lucky winner of the 2023 SCI Foundation $100,000 drawing. Elephant was my dream, but well out of my financial ability. After consulting with Corey Knowlton and Greg Brownlee, I was booked for Botswana. I’m not exactly sure how the partnership works, but I was booked with Mike Murray...
  30. bakerb

    African Huntin Boots

    Mine were true to size. I normally wear a 9.5 and ordered that size. They fit just fine as far as size.
  31. bakerb

    Got my ivory import permit!

    That's awesome. Hope I get mine that quick. I too am curious about ivory weight, as I just like to work on my judging skills (or lack thereof). Heck of a hunt. Man I'd love to go back. . .
  32. bakerb

    10's & 12 3.5"

    I don't know anything about 10 gauges. However, I wonder if the 3.5 12 guages have the shot stringing issues that 3" 20 gauges have? I've wanted a SXS 16 gauge. The 16 guages disappeared with the advent of the 3" 20 gauge, but my belief is that a 16 gauge will still pattern better and not...
  33. bakerb

    African Huntin Boots

    So far, I'm a little mixed, but I haven't worn them much. Just while doing some yardwork and this morning I wore them on a short turkey hunt where I didn't have to walk very far from my ebike. The heel rubs a little different, which is my only complaint. Maybe I'm not tying them tight enough...
  34. bakerb

    African Huntin Boots

    I prefer light hiking boots. I’m always on the lookout for a new pair of boots. Just bought some Ariat Lookout boots and giving them a try. Those LEM boulders posted above are very intriguing. I’ll have to try them for sure
  35. bakerb

    Lets see some Kudu!

    Cape kudu
  36. bakerb

    SCOTLAND: Early Roe Buck Hunt

    Love your story. I’ve been to Scotland twice and it feels like home to me. I guess some genetic throwback as most of my ancestors were Scottish. They emigrated (or were transported maybe ) in the 1700s. Besides return trips to Africa, I really badly want to hunt Scotland someday. Stalking is...
  37. bakerb

    What TV hunting personality?

    I don't watch enough TV to know, but it would be an elephant hunt somewhere.
  38. bakerb

    New member from Central Midwest

    I think the minimum requirements above are a pretty good place to start. My arrow weights are around 550 grains, and I shoot 70 lb draw. I didn't shoot an eland or anything bigger with a bow, but I had zero problems with waterbuck, kudu, oryx, zebra and the smaller plains game species...
  39. bakerb

    What Caliber For Dangerous Grizzly Bear, Open & Read This Link You Won't Believe This

    My theory on black bears was to carry my .40 caliber auto, as I figured I'd be more accurate and could get more rounds downrange than I could with a big revolver. Now when I bowhunt elk in black bear country, I don't even carry a sidearm anymore. Too much of a hassle for such a little risk...
  40. bakerb

    For Sale 375 HH Custom On FN Action

    I can’t believe still available. Beautiful rifle.
  41. bakerb

    173 Pieces oOnce-fired .300 RUM Brass

    I have 94 pieces of once-fired .300 RUM brass, Nosler trophy grade. I have 75 pieces once fired R-P stamped once fired .300 RUM brass And then 4 pieces of once fired 300 RUM brass stamped “F C” Comes with 3 20 round cabelas ammo boxes and 1 MTM 20 round ammo box. $250 shipped to lower 48...
  42. bakerb

    My name is_______ and I have a problem

    I can't tell you to stop. I'm currently lusting after some type of double square bridge in 404J with a gorgeous piece of wood on it. And I've lusted after a double rifle for most of my life it seems. I can't afford either. And I don't have another hunt booked where either of those rifles...
  43. bakerb

    After Polar Bear Import Ban

    I know a couple guys that either just completed or are close to an archery super slam. Polar bear is already done for them. The repo mounts are very realistic. There were several at SCI and I don’t know if I would have been able to tell without signs
  44. bakerb

    Giraffe question from newbie

    I guess I’ll put in my .02. I was never interested in hunting a giraffe. But my wife saw a picture of a big dark bull and wanted a rug. So in 2021 I was in RSA bow hunting and made a giraffe a priority so that my wife could have a rug. We tried to bowhunt these giraffe but we just couldn’t...
  45. bakerb

    Disposing Of Books About Hunting In Africa

    I would like the list as well please. Thanks!!
  46. bakerb

    The Little Big Buck

    It was really interesting with the dog. My PH had a young beagle as a blood tracker. He helped with a kudu and a couple other animals. As soon as he got the scent he started a trailing bark, and then he'd bark "treed" (as I would call it), when he found the animal. With the bushbuck he got...
  47. bakerb

    The Little Big Buck

    I definitely need more of them myself. This is a cape bushbuck taken with Crusader Safaris in 2016 with a .338 Win Mag. I missed one a couple inches longer just 20 minutes before I shot this one. We weren't sure about the shot, and my PH was ultra cautious on the track. And the...
  48. bakerb

    Giraffe question from newbie

    I have a giraffe rug, it was expensive to ship and tan over here, and I still haven't found anyone that will stretch it. But I can't remember that it added a ton of expense to the shipping to US. Nothing more than the usual robbery anyways. . . .
  49. bakerb

    What camo pattern

    I prefer solids from Kuiu. Brown. And brown shirts from Icebreaker Merino Wool. I wear this stuff at home while bowhunting, turkey hunting, etc. I have camo, but I try to buy everything in brown so I can wear it day to day as well. Wrangler makes some good lightweight brown shorts too...