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  1. Frank Cavallo

    What broadheads is everyone bringing to Africa this year?

    Zambia in September for hippo, croc & buff + PG Sirius Gemini 300 VPA 3 blade 150gr, 75gr HIT @ 494gr. I decided to try the Gemini in lieu of GT Airstrikes) Sirius Apollo 200 Cutthroat 2 blade 250gr, 200gr half sleeve @ 834gr. I also decided to ditch the 75gr HIT behind the half sleeve this...
  2. Warthog Bow Hunting South Africa

    Warthog Bow Hunting South Africa

  3. Zebra Bow Hunting South Africa

    Zebra Bow Hunting South Africa

  4. Buffalo Bow Hunting South Africa

    Buffalo Bow Hunting South Africa

  5. Lion Bow Hunting South Africa

    Lion Bow Hunting South Africa

  6. Frank Cavallo

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Lion & Buffalo With Bos en Dal SAFARIS

    Tock a couple of bows with me to South Africa. Just got back. Shot my second buff with a bow. All cutting tracks and spot & stalk. No blinds/pan shooting bullshit. Fully expected it to be tough with the animals being on high alert given we were the last hunt of the season. And it was, but...
  7. Frank Cavallo

    PL Holehan African Hunter Custom 416 Rigby On A Dakota African Action

    I've decided to thin out my gun safe as I've decided to pretty much bow hunt Africa. I'm keeping my .500 double so this one has to go. I bought this 416 Rigby back in the late 90s, sighted it in and put it in the safe. Haven't shot it since. A few years ago Patrick Holehan called me up and said...
  8. Frank Cavallo

    Cape buffalo bow-hunt arrow & BH set up

    A couple of thoughts: It's all about flight. I don't care about bullet holes. Never chase them. I only use paper to nock tune bare shafts and gross cam shimming at 15'. As long as my arrows all tear under an inch in the same direction I'm done with paper. I then go outside and tune my bow. I...
  9. Frank Cavallo

    Cape buffalo Archery Setup

    My PH had 8 of 9 buff killed with one arrow in '22, including mine. All spot & stalk, no blind bullshit. Many of the follow up rifle shots are due to trigger happy PHs. One of the most prolific buff bow hunters actually taught my PH a lot- such as do not be trigger happy & shoot with a low (one...
  10. Frank Cavallo

    Bow Hunting Zimbabwe

    IIRC $1500 license for DG is the only thing extra I believe for a bow. Everything else was SOP as with rifles, but I've slept and drank since then.
  11. Frank Cavallo

    Hunting SA or "Wild" Africa - Which is Better

    Pick up a bow. The fun really starts the last 30 yards, makes fences kind of meaningless...
  12. Frank Cavallo

    Are Neck Shots Preferred Than Broadside Shot To Prevent The Damage Of The Meat?

    Used to neck shoot only. But now I'd rather waste rib meat, which I always threw out than usable neck meat, which I grind.
  13. Frank Cavallo

    Best airline to Zimbabwe?

    I've done Emirates three times- First and Business. Heard Qatar is just as good. The real advantage to Qatar is you get to Harare at lunch time so you can fly out to camp that day. Emirates get's there too late to do that.
  14. Frank Cavallo

    Your "second" once in a lifetime trip to Africa

    My first was a leopard in Namibia. My second was actually the most magical safari of all- lion in the Save. Third was for ele in the Save, the whole safari I used a double. Fourth was buff & PG with a bow, again in the Save. On par with the lion hunt. I never was interested in buffalo, my...
  15. Frank Cavallo

    Buffalo Hunting In The Zambezi (Caprivi) Region Of Namibia

    Shouldn't be. No need for solids in a .500 on buff. Maximum damage with similar penetration. Unless you are thinking VC still were regulated with Norma ammo.
  16. Zebra Hunt Zimbabwe

    Zebra Hunt Zimbabwe

  17. Bushbuck Hunt Zimbabwe

    Bushbuck Hunt Zimbabwe

  18. Warthog Hunt Zimbabwe

    Warthog Hunt Zimbabwe

  19. Buffalo Hunt Zimbabwe

    Buffalo Hunt Zimbabwe

  20. Frank Cavallo

    ZIMBABWE: BOWHUNT: Save Valley Buffalo Bow Hunt

    Just got back from Humani. Hunted with Butch Coaton. The first 4-5 days we concentrated on PG as rain was forecast, which would render the pans useless. First morning we put up a popup blind and I shot a Zebra within 20 min. My first ever shot with a rifle in Africa was a (mountain) Zebra in...
  21. Frank Cavallo

    Zimbabwe bow hunting Elephants

    Dangerous game requires a $1500 archery license, PG the (?) $200 license. Ele cannot be taken in Zim but can in Zambia.
  22. Frank Cavallo

    Giant Croc Shot at Save

    That's the skinning shed at Humani. Going there to hunt with Butch in 3 weeks.
  23. Frank Cavallo

    Extra 75 gr or a few more FPS Buffalo arrow?

    Thanks to all. PSE Levitate 28” draw length @ 75#. Have an Athens Vista 35 but decided I’ll take the Levitate as it is lighter and a much faster bow. FYI I can tune either, so flight will not be an issue. Also have not noticed any flight difference using either 3 or 4 fletch at 40 yds - TAC...
  24. Frank Cavallo

    Reimbursement for rotten hide

    Hide is ruined. No integrity. Those were the pics after the initial rehydration. When the hide came out after the second (agitation) stage it got worse as you can see below. After speaking with my taxidermist today we’re gonna try to save the mane and then maybe do a replica. Lion shot 09/16/18...
  25. Frank Cavallo

    Reimbursement for rotten hide

    I spoke to the taxidermist and tannery who thought either grease or heat/sun damage. PH thought water damage. Anyway, the guy handling my elephant importation told me to speak with speak with Kanati taxidermy who do (synthetic) reproductions. All 3 guys said to continue the tanning process and...
  26. Frank Cavallo

    Reimbursement for rotten hide

    Has anyone been reimbursed for a rotten hide that was improperly cared for? I assume the exporters have insurance against such claims(?). Importer is in Zimbabwe. These pics are after the first rehydration soak, before agitation or shaving.
  27. Frank Cavallo

    Extra 75 gr or a few more FPS Buffalo arrow?

    Yes. The Sirius (new) 200 gr steel half sleeve/insert and the brass 75 gr Easton HIT inserts. I'm not a fan of the really skinny arrows- I do like the 5 mm quite a bit. Using an Option 4 sight which means I can barely fit 10-50 y in the scope @ 911 gr, which is perfect.
  28. Frank Cavallo

    Extra 75 gr or a few more FPS Buffalo arrow?

    I’ve built and tuned an arrow, but as all y’all have probably experienced- after the perfect tune you look down and see a broken strand by the peep. So while I await a new set of strings and since I’m gonna need to probably retune I thought I’d ask. Currently- Sirius 200, 250 gr Cutthroat, 200...
  29. Frank Cavallo

    Bow Set for first trip to South Africa

    Yeah, I've read the Ashby stuff. I've been in contact with one of my PH's clients who's bow hunted quite extensively in Africa (half a dozen buff & the Big 4) for guidance. At his suggestion here is what I came up with. My PH who is also a bow hunter gave it the thumbs up as well. PG- Airstrike...
  30. Frank Cavallo

    Dangerous Game Range

    Yes. The last thing anyone wants is a wounded dangerous animal in the bush. I once had stalked a grizzly bear to 300 y before he scampered off and was not allowed to shoot at it as it was too far. Ele at 15 y, leopard at 75 y, lion at 55 y, buffalo at 70 y with my 3-7-5 & 40 y with my 500...
  31. Frank Cavallo

    Wanted RCBS 500 Nitro 3” Dies

    I’ve got an extra set I bought in ‘20. I never used it. Need to find out how much I paid for it. Are you the same guy on AH looking for a set?
  32. Frank Cavallo

    Managing Safari Rifle Recoil - Every trick in the book?

    It's not the live animal. Why don't you feel recoil on the field? Simple. Because you're not shooting off a bench and your rifle and body are in the correct position to dissipate recoil. No science, calculations or charts needed- just common sense.
  33. Frank Cavallo

    Managing Safari Rifle Recoil - Every trick in the book?

    The biggest recoil reducer is a live animal in the sights. Nothing hits you harder than shooting at paper. Frankly, I don’t consider the 3-7-5 a hard hitter at all- the case taper is more conducive to a push rather than the jolt of a Wby Venturi shoulder. To me the 3-7-5 feels no more...
  34. Frank Cavallo

    Lion Hunt South Africa Kalahari 2022 Starting At US$6,000

    Are these tracking s&s hunts? Can they be done baited & with a bow? I am also confused as to import into the US- I was under the impression one cannot parcel out parts IOW take home the floating ribs & claws and leave the rest. Thanks
  35. Frank Cavallo

    500 Nitro Ammo & TSX, 375 H&H Fed A Frames 416 Rigby Brass, RWS 270 Brass

    I have some extra stuff and/or that I really don't need. I know the stuff is hard to find so I am offering it at cost. I used MidwayUSA (and Huntington's for the RWS) to price. I'll toss in the shipping. The only trade would be for RL 22 and Swift A frame 300 gr bullets. (I also have some loose...
  36. Frank Cavallo

    Elephant Relocation In Sango

    Just saw this. I was there. 5 days after I got my lion. Got to put a collar on one of them. What a treat!
  37. Frank Cavallo

    Running a double rifle

    For bottleneck cartridges the feel would suffice, but what is the weight? No substitute for the real thing. Certainly better than those for a 500 nitro.
  38. Frank Cavallo

    Running a double rifle

    You want practice with similar sized and weighted objects. Dummies are what you want, not snap caps.
  39. Frank Cavallo

    Running a double rifle

    If you're not working up handloads your rifle should already be regulated to some ammo- point of aim dead center. IMO and my PH you'll have either two solids or two softs (good premium bullets). I guess you can set your red dot to the right barrel if you like as that is the "money shot" and...
  40. Frank Cavallo

    577's VC

    Having owned both a bespoke VC and an off the shelf 89B (though both in 500), there is no comparison, at all. I sold the VC after 4 months and bought my Heym and couldn't be happier. The QC issues with VC have been documented both here and on other forums. I had issues with mine: the action...
  41. Lion Hunt South Africa

    Lion Hunt South Africa

  42. Frank Cavallo

    Let’s hunt Lion

    Yup. After 3 years, he's at the tannery right now.
  43. Frank Cavallo

    Just an FYI: Well-USA stopped clearing trophies

    September 2018. Took 2 years for the import permit- August 2020. I was told some of the delay was USF&W was transitioning to E-permits (which mine was as I never received a paper permit). Then COVID screwed up exportation- took a year. The export permit expired once, fortunately while the lion...
  44. Frank Cavallo

    Nosler E tips any good?

    Thanks. I guess I'll try the Hammers. I just looked them up- look interesting. I forgot to mention GSC, which seemed promising but they have been unavailable even pre COVID.
  45. Frank Cavallo

    Nosler E tips any good?

    I've used TSX (and then TTSX) pretty much exclusively since '04 for the majority of my hunting. A Frames and solids for Africa. But for pretty much everything else it has been TSX. Never had a reason to look elsewhere. Tried a few of the similar CEB look-alikes but couldn't get them to group...
  46. Frank Cavallo

    Just an FYI: Well-USA stopped clearing trophies

    Just an FYI: Well-USA closed their trophy division in June of this year. They forwarded all of their pending trophies to Lynette Lilley of Noatum Logistics (you may remember her at Well in Houston). She just helped me clear my lion on Friday. Lynette Lilley Fauna & Flora division of Noatum...
  47. Frank Cavallo

    Two rifles for Africa

    3-7-5 and the 7 mag
  48. Frank Cavallo

    Let’s hunt Lion

    Oh, you mean the fence surrounding all 3,000+ km sq of the conservancy? Yeah ARDA used to be a biggie I understand. We helped dart and relocate some of the ele back in '18. 100 went from there to the Zambezi IIRC. Last year Ivan Carter had organized moving 600 more, but that fell to the...