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  1. J

    For Sale Wild West Guns 457 Magnum

    This doesn't have their big loo lever, anything else on it differ from what their current package includes? Do you have an itemized list of the gunsmith work included?
  2. J

    Dangerous Game Ready CZ550 375H&H w/ AHR#2 For Sale

    Any interest in selling bare rifle?
  3. J

    Euro Mounts

    I'll be going on my first safari next year and plan on coming home with about 6 plains game. I plan on doing euros with the skulls, as I do with all of my NA trophies. I enjoy creative taxidermy and have done some cool things with euros in the past. It's a little overwhelming to think of how to...
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    For Sale Ruger Safari Magnum 416 Rigby

    May be interested in scope if you split.
  5. J

    For Sale Ruger Safari Magnum 416 Rigby

    What is the scope?
  6. J

    CZ 550 In 375 H&H With Aramid Stock For Sale

    I'm guessing this is the short barreled Aramid composite rifle? What is barrel length? Thanks