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    BOTSWANA: Hunting With NKWE SAFARIS - The Adventure Begins 2024

    Really enjoying this report! Thanks!
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    Wire and Water Documentary

    Thanks for posting Hank! Me and my wife watched it this evening. How would someone get in touch with them if they wanted to hunt on the property?
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    Exciting News!! North Fork Cal.375 300gr & 350gr In Stock

    When will the 350 gr SS be available in the US? I’m very excited to use them to develop a load for an upcoming buff hunt.
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    Financially ready for a Safari?

    1.yes 2. No 3. 8% 4. Yes 5.yes 6. No. 2.
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    Imagine Importing Your Own Truck to Africa

    Here’s a really fun blog read of a guy that takes his keep wrangler from Morocco down to ZA and then up to Egypt.
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    Age of first African hunting trip

    I was 28 my first time. I just got out of grad school and spent 3 months over there in 2010 working for free at a hunting concession in Limpopo. Spent another 3 months riding the taxis and hitchhiking around SA, Moz, and Malawi doing the dirt bag tourist scene. From then on I was hooked on all...
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    Jet lag- how do you handle if?

    If you can swing it try and book an extra day or two on the front end of camp. I just booked a trip for 2025 to Zim and the outfitter let me book two days of fishing and hanging around camp on the front end of the hunt for only a few hundred a day.
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    African Safari With Limited Mobility

    @Ironside I saw your thread and I posed a similar one awhile back. Here’s some of the forum wisdom on the topic.
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    Booked my First Buffalo Hunt!

    Please write us up a hunt report when you get back. Good luck!
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    SPAIN: Gredos Ibex Hunt (+ Some) - Dec 2023

    Nice report, thanks for the write up
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    Dande vs. Bubye vs. Save: Where would you hunt buffalo?

    Hey Everyone, thanks much for the replies. @WAB, thanks for the description, that’s exactly what I was thinking. For the fun of the forum, I will follow up with who I end up booking with.
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    Dande vs. Bubye vs. Save: Where would you hunt buffalo?

    @WAB, would you elaborate a bit more on what you think of when you say traditional buffalo hunt? Thanks!
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    Dande vs. Bubye vs. Save: Where would you hunt buffalo?

    I'm in the process of booking my first buffalo hunt. The timing will be May or June of 2025, and will be a 7 day hunt. From my research so far, I've narrowed it down to one of these three areas. Prices are comparable. I've perused the hunting reports here as well as what I could pull up online...
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    Cape Town hotel and sights

    My experience there is about a decade old, but I spent a week bumming around Cape Town. I really enjoyed the robben island tour and learned a lot there. The hike up table mountain was also great. Touring the wine country around Stellenbosh if you imbibe is always great. Going down to the cape of...
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    NAMIBIA: Own Use Elephant Hunt In Namibia With ZANA BOTES SAFARI

    Congrats and thanks for the post. Really like that first pic.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Western Safaris 2023

    What a great report! I particularly found your closing thoughts a great read and good food for thought.
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    ZIMBABWE: Leopard, Buffalo Hunt With MJK Safaris

    Ohh, this looks like a good one!
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    African Safari With Limited Mobility

    Thanks so much @Pathfinder19 for the recommendation!
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    African Safari With Limited Mobility

    Great replies everyone. Thanks for the information and ideas. I’m gonna take these to my cousin and see if I can’t set a fire under him.
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    African Safari With Limited Mobility

    Hey African Hunting Folk. I've got a question for you all. I have a family member who is in a wheelchair, but otherwise great physical fitness. We've casually discussed the potential for him to go on a hunt, but he's unconvinced that his limited mobility could be accommodated in the bush. So to...
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    Aside from Africa, what are some memorable guided hunts around the world that rival the experience of an African Safari?

    I know you said guided, but I did a DIY caribou hunt out of Kotzebue where we got dropped off in the foothills of the Brooks Mtns. It was a pretty magical 7 days of hunting. The scenery was gorgeous, saw grizz every day, moose, musk ox, dall sheep up high…but no caribou. Still one of my most...
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    ZIMBABWE: Buffalo & Elephant With NYAMAZANA SAFARIS In The Save Valley Conservancy

    Woo hoo! Excited to read more of this report.
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    AUSTRALIA: Few Foxes - Australia

    Looks fun. Couple questions from as fur trapper here in the states. Is there a market for their fur? Also do people trap them?
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    Looking For A Lefty Bolt Action Big Bore ~8k

    I don't do enough buying/trading to know it's value. I recently bought a NIB win model 70 LH in 375 that was an early 2000 model with CRF. I paid nearly 4k for the gun. I think some folks would laugh me out of a room for that, but this is what I was working with. I wanted a CRF rifle with that...
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    Looking For A Lefty Bolt Action Big Bore ~8k

    @NIGHTHAWK . Fun questions. To start, I think the base material is pretty good. The M77 is CRF and is supposedly a tough action. I listened to an interview with Kevin Robertson that in the Zim PH shooting tests, the only bolt actions that stood up to that abuse were the M 77, Win M 70, and the...
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    Looking For A Lefty Bolt Action Big Bore ~8k

    @Garrett89 Here’s a ruger M77 LH 458 win mag on gun broker. I’m a fellow leftie. You could turn this into a great rifle.
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    Best Shellfish?

    Winter caught maine scallops that look like a Copenhagen can sautéed in a bit of butter and garlic is hard to beat.
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    Looking For A Lefty Bolt Action Big Bore ~8k

    I’m a lefty and it’s always hard to find what I actually want, especially in a larger caliber rifle, that’s LH. I looked for over a year for a model 70 CRF in 375 and paid through the nose, but it was still cheaper than getting one built. If I ever graduate to a big bore, I think I’m going to...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: A Second Trip To the Eastern Cape With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS

    Nice write up! Looking forward to the rest
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    Just how much does a concession cost?

    Thanks very much @DLSJR
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    Help me compile a list of all the must-read books on African Hunting

    So this one is a bit different but has anyone read “The Sheltering Desert” by Henno Martin? It’s about two German geologists who are in Namibia (SW Africa back them) before WW II, and at the outbreak of war run off and hide in the desert for a couple years before coming out. It’s a true story...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: The Bushbuck Hunt I Dreamt Of

    Gorgeous bushbuck(s), congrats to you both!
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    NAMIBIA: ZAMBIA: Namibia & Zambia, The Tale Of Two Leopards

    Woohoo! Great story so far! Can’t wait for more!
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    Speaking of beer question?

    traveling through Mozambique I drank a fair amount of 2M. Not bad at all
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    Hello from North Idaho

    Welcome fellow Idahoan!
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    A thanks all the tracker’s and the things they do

    The unsung hero’s of the safari experience.
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    Wanted Book "Into The thorns" By Wayne Grant

    I would too.
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    ARGENTINA: Good luck with Black Bucks

    Very nice! Blackbuck are such a gorgeous animal. Thanks for sharing.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: May 2023 / 2nd Trip With Gamka Safaris

    Very Nice! the Eastern Cape looks like a fantastic place to hunt. Only hunted in the Limpopo myself.
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    Just how much does a concession cost?

    @Tokoloshe Safaris, @PeteG, @HENRY GRIFFITHS SAFARIS, Thanks for taking the time to walk me through some of the options that exist, and show just how complex it can be. Like @Safari Dave 's list, and the comments provided by you all, the safari concession model sounds alot like realestate...
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    Just how much does a concession cost?

    That's not surprising, but still wild. At that point, it's not about conserving wildlife and wild places (i.e. conservation) but being spiteful towards hunting.
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    Just how much does a concession cost?

    @Tokoloshe Safaris. Yes, I appreciate the vagueness of my question. With your analogy in mind, what do you consider a luxury vs middle of the road concession to have in terms of resources and cost?
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    Just how much does a concession cost?

    All, great info. Thanks everyone. So are the trophy fees for a given species a govt. charge on top of the concession fees?
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    Just how much does a concession cost?

    Yea, I thought that was really interesting too. That’s too bad when people can’t make it worth the risk to bid on a place. Specifically since that management tends to improve the land for wildlife.
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    Just how much does a concession cost?

    Yea I can understanding not wanting to broadcast what specific outfitters paid, I’m just interested in more of a general range.
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    Just how much does a concession cost?

    Thanks @krish. Will do.
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    Just how much does a concession cost?

    I find the logistics of the safari world fascinating. From my limited observations, the "make a plan" attitude of safari outfitters, and what they bring back to local communities is impressive. One piece that I've been curious of late is, what is the cost to get the rights to hunt a piece of...