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    Magnum primers for 308?

    Several articles written on the subject. Some claim to have a more accurate round with the magnum primers. Have tried it several times without any results that would cause me to switch. Talked to a ELR shooter last month, explained to him I was putting off building a 375 EnABLER. Availability...
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    For Sale Americase AT-3 3 Rifle Safari Case

    New Americase AT-3 3 Rifle Safari Case. I'm using a R8 so no need for this case. We have a trip planned this year. I'm doing a start up when we get back. I'm thinking my next 3 years will be booked (ie no free time). Might as well let someone use this. 1500.00 shipped.
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    opinions please 1 more time or??

    Have ready many people on here say, " leave the mount and do more hunting". It is easy to say, hard to do. I think it is better to be very selective on what you get mounted. Pictures for the rest. For myself I rather hunt DG, have only DG mounts would be fine for myself. Last time we went it...
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    .375 Cal Suppressor anyone?

    Sounds suppression is only part of the equation. If the can is not straight, it can cause turbulence as the bullet passes through the baffles. You want the space between the bullet and the baffles to be as even as possible. The straighter the can the easier that is to accomplish. The field that...
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    Mountain rifles

    When it comes to a mountain rifle. Don't over look a 7PRC. It might not be a "classic cartridge" it is one of the more fitting for the application. High BC bullet that buck the wind is your friend. Canyon, Draws, updrafts, down drafts, ect. Are at play in the mountains, give yourself every...
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    .375 Cal Suppressor anyone?

    I would not call that a very scientific review. I'm not saying it is a bad suppressor. It is doing what it is intended to do. Call it one of the best on the market? Basing that on the authors opinions, no data to back it up? All I can say is this, TBAC is one of the leading innovators of the...
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    Mountain rifles

    @Green Chile Joe builds one heck of a rifle. He is not only an accomplished shooter, he is also an accomplished hunter. It is worth having a conversation with him on a light weight build. His rifles are as accurate as they come.
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    .375 Cal Suppressor anyone?

    Where are you getting that information?
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    .375 Cal Suppressor anyone?

    They make some of the best suppressors in the industry. Their numbers will be some of the best recorded. I would not worry about the numbers posted, get it ordered. You will not be disappointed. My .02
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    Fixin' to load up some 375H&H

    I'm using H4350 for 300gr.
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    What's up with todays' gun shops?

    I don't find that to be entirely true. Most of the higher end manufacturers make them. You just have to open your wallet. Most of them do seem to be European, their market is different. It shows in their offerings.
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    Swarovski Z6i not holding zero

    Kahles and Swarovski are the same, well I should say Swarovski owns Kahles to be more correct. I only have 2 March scopes. One lives on a 22lr the other is waiting for my other 22lr to be finished so it can be mounted. Have been happy with them so far. They are the clearest scopes I have for...
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    What's up with todays' gun shops?

    If you are talking about LPVOs I'll buy that. The med to high power optics is being driven by the PRS. Forums dedicated to shooting long range look at the membership. I enjoy this forum very much, this place had a very limited reach In comparison. People that want to hunt DG vs people shooting...
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    What's up with todays' gun shops?

    I'm running a 40moa rail on my 22lr. If it makes you feel any better. Haha
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    458 WM to 458 Lott Re-Chambering

    The easy answer to your question is the lack of SD of that bullet. Rule of thumb you want a SD of .3 or greater.
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    What's up with todays' gun shops?

    Yes sir. It is much more cost prohibitive to hunt now than ever before. That and hunting and shooting skills are just not getting passed down.
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    What's up with todays' gun shops?

    No sir you are wrong. ARs have been out a long time. PRS competitions and the Ruger Precision rifle started that slide. Ruger made an affordable rifle that shot small groups the average person could afford. PRS while they don't have a ton of members, a lot of the optic and rifle manufacturers...
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    Need help, Load discrepancy Swift vs Hodgdon

    Range time mean different things to different people. I spend time on the range, it's usually shooting matches. Load development is not something I care to burn up barrels and components with. Most barrels will take between 150 to 200 rds to get to a break in point where you can actually figure...
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    Need help, Load discrepancy Swift vs Hodgdon

    How many barrels have you burned out?
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    Silencer suppressors tax?

    Don't convert your pistol, buy a lower and build it out. Have it SBRed, SBRs are not as easy to travel with. Just my humble opinion.
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    Got my first elk hunt this year - Help me pick a cartridge

    Why so slow on the 338LM? Mine would do 2915 with a 285. Now I see, 20.5" barrel. If you can manage the recoil 338LM.
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    Silencer suppressors tax?

    Tax is not going away. Suppressors ownership alone is over 3MM in the US not including SBR. Times that by 200.00. That's a pile of cash no one on either side wants to give up. The numbers of suppressors are growing 15% year over year.
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    Semi-Autos and Public Ranges

    The last time I went to a public range. An older gentleman was doing load development, he looked to be mid to late 60s. He muzzle swept my son and I. I bet my tongue, thinking maybe he had a lapse in judgment. Then it happened a second time, I did not hold my tongue the second time. The guy...
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    Recommendations for the Best Thermal Vision Scope for Night Hunting?

    Budget is the key. To some 300.00 is a lot for a scope. Other can drop 50k for a set of panoramic goggles. I'm running RH25, it is a jack of all master of none. I scan in hand held, when I see something and have a PID. I clip it on and go to work. For those who have not use a 640, all I can...
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    458 WM to 458 Lott Re-Chambering

    IMHO, try it at 458WM. Honestly if you like it that much you will probably want it in a repeater. Resale on a rechambered rifle will not be as high. And if you did want to take it hunting it's going to be marked 458WM, you will have potential problems with trying to get 458Lott ammo in. At least...
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    Shoulder bump or neck size?

    I full length resize, even for my match rifles. Have never had an issue with accuracy or feeding.
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    Swarovski Z6i not holding zero

    Swarovski has really good customer service. Call them up and get it sent into them.
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    So, I Was In The Loading Room Today...

    We are very close to the same number! Only yours are in days, mine is in years.
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    Hog Hunting Banned in Kentucky??????

    I killed 25 in about 15 minutes hunting. It would be cost prohibitive for most (including myself). You can get alot accomplished in a helicopter.
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    For Sale Winchester Model 70 Lightweight Super Grade 7x57

    Pro tip, save the picture to your gallery. Once in your gallery you can search Google for like images. We have technology, use it to your advantage. Someone might have a better way of doing this, it works for me. Has saved my more than once.
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    Nilgai hunt

    Summer would not be my first choice. 1 heat is bad here like triple digits. 2 snake boots are a must, that much hotter. 3 ticks, they are thick. 4 meat hunt, would not want anything to spoil. These are off the top, want you to know what you are getting into before you get to deep.
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    Nilgai hunt

    Shot placement is key, they do not stay still for long, at least on the hunts we have been apart of.
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    Nilgai hunt

    Two we have taken, one was a neck shot with a 6.5CM, the other was a heart shot with a 300WM. Animals have something we cannot measure, that is the will to live. Some are dead, you just have to convince them of it. IMHO a 30-06 with a well constructed bullet will get the job done. Like...
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    Nilgai hunt

    @Red Leg has taken several. He can probably give you some good advice.
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    Shooting Off Hand

    I'm doing a lot of offhand shooting with the 22. 100 yards on a 3" round target, ground squirrel targets, 8" at 200 yards. That's about as far as I can get at my place.
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    Favourite quotes - Here's mine, Quite a long list. What's yours?

    Life is a shit sandwich the more bread you make the less shit you taste. - Dad
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    Winchester Model 70 Stainless 300 RUM

    You can ship primed brass, you CAN NOT ship primers unless you have the hazmat paperwork.
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    Gemsbok Pedestal Mount

    Haha I'm taking it you have never been divorced. It is not a cheap endeavor. A piece of taxidermy is nothing to keep the peace. Besides he will have an excuse to shoot another.
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    Hornady seating stem

    You are basically closing the tip. Good chance that it will not open up. It will change the BC some. I'm sure it will be minimal, when point bullets, we would see 1/2 moa at 1k.
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    What problems have you encountered with your Blaser R8?

    Have dry fired mine 1000s of times. You are not going to hurt it. Their are many things that could have caused this. One is the firing pin getting stuck inside the primer. That is a reason I would not recommend try this. Like @Mark A Ouellette mentioned above. At the .200 line some reamer are...
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    How did I do? 375 & 416

    Not sure about the rifles, that is a fine looking GSP!
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    What Will Banning Of Trophy Hunting Result In?

    You will, the problem is a lot will not feel that way. So the game ranches will go to something else that will make money. The PHs, most will have to find a different line of work. The funds that hunter brought in to protect the animals will go away. The food that the animals provide to the...
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    Spoke with Bill at Swift Bullets yesterday

    I would think not, if the market said you could others would have done it. Now, if you can make powder or primers. Your market would open exponentially. It is obviously not easy or others would have done it by now.
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    Spoke with Bill at Swift Bullets yesterday

    I like AFrames, could not get what I wanted, North Fork had what I needed. So far I'm happy enough with North Fork, I'm not sure I'm going back to AFrames. Dollar votes
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    Who prioritize fitness for your upcoming and future safaris?

    You make the time, can only speak for myself. Work 12 hours a day, cook dinner for the family, cut grass/yard work til it gets dark. When all that is caught up spend some time with the family. Head to the gym about late 30 and usually in bed about 0030-0100. Wake up and do it again. hot the...
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    Spoke with Bill at Swift Bullets yesterday

    I'm going to blame a lot of the BS on social media. Not so much this type, the Facebook, IG, TikTok and YouTubes (I'm sure their are others I'm not hip to). People see these extravagant life styles and think it real, it is not. Marriages are broken up all the time, it is just easy/ convenient...
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    Y'all are missing the bigger picture: rhinos move to extinction

    I was going to post that the other day. Thought the same thing, this is what damages perception.
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    Y'all are missing the bigger picture: rhinos move to extinction

    How long would it take to debone a lion? 2 or 3 guys under an hour maybe 2? Would they worry about all the bones or only the high profit? (My guess legs and head I'm not sure) They are not worried about damaging anything. If they kill the pride male, it's a death sentence for all the young...