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    Gomexus Camo Carbon Handle

    This handle looks very nice, and the camouflage color is suitable for outdoor fishing. Compared with the original handle, it is smoother and smoother.
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    My new equipment gomexus hx30, go fishing again, hoping to catch more catches

    I recently purchased the gomexus hx30. They said that it is very suitable for catching big fish. The drag is very smooth, the operation is relatively smooth, and it is also relatively durable, so I bought it and plan to go fishing in the near future.
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    Saltwater Trolling Reel Hx80 That Can Catch Tuna

    Gomexus HX80 has a powerful dragging ability, and is the first trolling reel for tuna fishing. It is very flexible in operation and is suitable for beginners.
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    Is There A Lot Of People Fishing In Texas?

    I am looking for buddies who fish in Texas and I rented a boat to kick off my first sea fishing trip in the spring. There is room for 2 more people on the boat, any buddies nearby who like to fish?
  5. Fishing Australia

    Fishing Australia

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    Fishing Australia Gold Coast

    I have also fished in this area, check out my catch
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    Fishing In Angola

    I'm an unprofessional fisherman, I tried tuna fishing for the first time and for me today was perfect
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    I'm looking for the right reel knob for my shimano nexave 4000 fc

    When I use shimano nexave 4000 fc, I found that the knob is not comfortable and I can't use it. Causes me to get unhooked a lot, how do I upgrade my reel knob?
  9. Marlyn Offshore Fishing

    Marlyn Offshore Fishing

  10. Marlyn Offshore Fishing

    Marlyn Offshore Fishing

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    Newcomer Report

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    Newcomer Report

    I also like small fishing gear because it is more convenient. But I already bought a set of fishing gear, when I buy it again, I will contact you Kevin best wishes
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    Newcomer Report

    I found these in the camera roll on my phone. fish caught in the deep sea with my friendsThis is a fish I have caught before and they are very big
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    Newcomer Report

    Hello everyone. My name is James, and I have been engaged in fishing for more than 20 years. I liked fishing when I was in my 20s, and then I started a fishing tackle company to help more people solve fishing problems. Hope it can help more people here. thanks.