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    July Bowhunting Safari

    Take more money with you- you ain't gonna just shoot warthogs and impalas !!
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    Looking for Experiences

    DO NOT GO TO AFRICA ! It is addictive and there is no game there !!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Limcroma Safaris South Africa 3-10 May

    Great recording of your hunt and some beautiful trophies and awesome memories. Limcroma is a top-shelf operation.
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    Michael Sipple mauled by Cape buffalo prayer request

    Very unfortunate situation. Prayers for Michael and his family. Kudos to the trackers for their bravery and assisting in rescue efforts for Michael.
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    July Bowhunting Safari

    Gear- My last hunt was with 49#. I used 400 spine arrows with total arrow weight of 500 gr. COC BH's. No problems with penetration- try to keep shots w/I 20 yds. Shot placement is key. Vitals are forward on African game. Take plenty of photos. You will throughly enjoy the Kruger tour...
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    Bow hunt opportunity in April...

    What a decoy!!!!
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    Calibrating Bow and Arrows

    Have killed several critters with the Zwickey Eskimo BH Best of luck on your hunting pursuits
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    Shirts On, Heels Off: Unique Laws International Travelers Should Know Before They Go

    Very interesting and informative article. Tks for sharing.
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    Are You A Member of SCI?

    SCI- Life Member Dallas Safari Club- Life Member NRA- Life Member MS Bowhunters Assn- Life Member Pope & Young- Regular Member I strongly believe in hunting related organizations that protect hunting sports and support wildlife conservation.
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    It took me a while, but I finally finished it!

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    Bowhunting success with Limcroma Safaris

    I had a successful and fun hunt with Limcroma. Good, quality outfit.
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    Does the perfect fixed blade for Africa exist? Whether it does or not, what should it look like?

    I have carried a simple Case 3" folding knife on person. Never really needed a knife in Africa. Skinners take care of animal skinning and meat after kills.
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    Jet lag- how do you handle if?

    I have experienced worst jet lag as I have aged. Go earlier to allow body to acclimate to time change. Why to pro golfers going to Great Britain 2 weeks in advance of the British Open- to acclimate to time change which affects the body actions.
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    30/06 165 grain

    I have read that the 165 gr. bullet is the optimum weight bullet for a .30 caliber rifle (30.06 or .308). As a side note I had to finish off a zebra with a .270. A 150 yd shot in the boiler room. Zebras are fairly thin-skinned animals.
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    First Lady Rosalynn Carter, The Reason I'm Here Today

    One awesome story !! Thank you for sharing.
  16. Bow Hunting Eland

    Bow Hunting Eland

  17. Buffalo1

    HUNTING Eland

    I have shot 2 elands with a bow. My first eland I hit high was a 20 yd, single lung shot. After 28 hours of chasing animal, I terminated hunt with a British .303. The second eland I shot was a double lung at 17 yd pass through. Animal expired in about 170 yds. I used a 62# compound with 500...
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    Bow Shot Placement On African Plains Game

    You are spot on my man! Great illustrations for vitals being forward compared to NA animals.
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    Wanted mid December "23 whitetail hunt

    Get on FB and go to Texas Hunting Guides and Outfitters page. I think you will find a hookup with ease.
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    Leopard and lion set-up

    CORRECTION: 2000# eland not 200# eland.
  21. Buffalo1

    Leopard and lion set-up

    Why would anyone hunt DG with mechanical BH and leave things to chance? I personally believe the only way to go is a fixed-blade COC BH. Just my 2-cents. For the record, I have killed 2000# water buff with a 65# bow and COC BH and have killed a 200# eland with a 62# bow with COC BH.
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    Taxidermy jewelry? Custom silver work?

    Check out Clint Arms Engravers and Silversmiths in Ingram, Tx. Does beautiful work.
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    Aside from Africa, what are some memorable guided hunts around the world that rival the experience of an African Safari?

    I think "Africa" is in its own league. Comparing Africa to other hunts is comparing apples to oranges. Other hunts are likewise in their own league.
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    RIP Jimmy Buffet
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    Tiny Ten Mounts?

    "That would also look good with a photo beside it or framed into the wood somehow of each species." Please understand, I have limited "wife allotted space" for taxidermy work in our house.
  26. Klipspringer Steenbuck & Bush Duiker Skull Mount

    Klipspringer Steenbuck & Bush Duiker Skull Mount

  27. Buffalo1

    Tiny Ten Mounts?

    My “Tiny 10” Board. Top to Bottom- klip, steenbuck, bush duiker
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    Black versus blue wildebeest rug

    My prettiest- sable antelope 2nd prettiest- nyala 3rd prettiest- blue Wilde Don’t have one but an oryx makes a beautiful rug.
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    In memoriam - Loss Of A Fellow Forum Member SAFARIKIDD

    Prayers for his family.
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    Best Shellfish?

    Louisiana crawfish boiled with new potatoes & corn on cob
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    Elephant with a bow?

    I know bow hunters who have taken elephant and hippo with a bow. One hunter made a one-shot kill on an elephant. It is a doable hunt with the proper equipment and proper shot placement. I had a PH tell me that most elephant bow hunts ended with a gun.
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    Of all the African game meat, which is your favourite? How would you rank them?

    Warthog, zebra and blue wildebeest are the meats of choice for lions- that aught to tell you something !
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    Of all the African game meat, which is your favourite? How would you rank them?

    1. Zebra 2. Blue Wildebeest 3. Warthog
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    First Buffalo Hunt

    I would suggest Ken Moody if I were focused on buffalo with a rifle. That is his forte'.
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    Opportunity Bow Hunting

    Great trophies!~. Congrats !!
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    Warthog Questions

    I am right there with you with an affection for pig hunting. I have been fortunate to take feral hogs, Russian boar and warthog with my bow. In Africa, you can take as many animals as you want (non-permit species) as your wallet can handle. However, you can only import 2 warthogs. I did...
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    Is It Big Enough?

    UPS delivered my Swift A-Frame ammo today! Onward toward sighting rifle scope with the ammo. Thank everyone for your input on the ammo/bullet I needed.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Amazing Bow Hunt In The Free State

    You had a great hunt and took some beautiful trophies. Congrats !!!~
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    Is It Big Enough?

    I talked at length with Swift Ammo Company today. A decision has been made. I have ordered 180 gr. Swift A-Frame ammo for my 30.06. Ordered enough to re-sight gun for the ammo and for hunting.
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    Help me compile a list of all the must-read books on African Hunting

    Your #10 needs to be read and memorized; then put in your day pack.
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    Is It Big Enough?

    I spoke with Barnes Ammo Co. this aft. They recommend the Barnes TTSX 180 in the 30.06 for nilgai. I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions for my question. Tkx
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    Is It Big Enough?

    I am primarily a bowhunter but, I am considering a nilgai hunt in South Texas with a rifle. Most outfitters require a .300 magnum. I don't own a .300 magnum and not going to buy one. I have found an outfitter who will accept a hunter with a 30.06. Will be hunting over food plots. Shot...
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    Waterberg Mountains

    Have bowhunted the Waterbergs with fond memories. Neat environment/eco-system. fond
  44. Buffalo1

    African Hunting Academy

    WAiting on some details. Wks
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Heading Out For South African Safari With Limcroma Safaris

    You will have an enjoyable hunt with Limcroma. Quality outfitter.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Just Returned From First Trip With HENRY GRIFFITHS SAFARIS

    Congrats on some nice trophies- Glad you had a great experience. Now the question- When are you going back ?
  47. Buffalo1

    Possible 2024 European Vacation, Where to go?!

    One-half of the trip would be devoted to a Mediterranean cruise. The other two weeks in Scandinavia.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: I'm back from safari #1

    Great summarization of trip- great writeup about hunt- beautiful trophy photos. Well done !! So the question is- when ya going back ?
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    Trousers & Shirts - Black Out vs. Camo?

    The only animal that will probably spot you is a baboon "or maybe a vervet monkey). A baboon's sight will make a turkey's vision look like it is blind !