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  1. smokepole

    400 H&H

    could a pre 64 375 h&h be rebored to 400 h&h or do you need to do a new barrel. Thanks
  2. smokepole

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    One hour to go CZ 550 458 win mag. Now at $1220.00. Ad #1049034518 On gunbroker
  3. smokepole

    M-70 Classic Stainless & Pre 64 300 AI

    any more photos, serial num of mod 70 300ai. Thanks
  4. smokepole

    Management Buffalo Bull Hunt

    Do you have eland or roan?-cost in addition to buff.
  5. smokepole

    CZ 550 416 Rigby

    Where could we meet in Kansas City to see rifle. Thanks
  6. smokepole

    Custom Rifle Set, PRE64 M70 375, 270, M52 22LR

    Dogcat1- Mine are not that nice but you got the best. CrippldEagle- Sir glad you collected these-beautiful. Good luck to both. Thanks for sharing. Looking for Africa report
  7. smokepole

    A-square 416 Rigby Purchased In 1985

    Can you pm me-I am not good on computer and do not know if you got it, Thanks a lot
  8. smokepole

    A-square 416 Rigby Purchased In 1985

    I will pm you,
  9. smokepole

    Winter Safari Yard Sale: Part III (The Final Chapter)

    I will take the muzzle loader. Smokepole
  10. smokepole

    Leopard Hunting Accident Involving Craig Boddington's Daughter

    While living in Alaska in late 70 I met 2 service men who had been to Kodiak bear hunting. Wounded a bear that went into brush. They had to follow up and they decided if the bear got one down the other should shoot til it was over. It happened. Bear was swing his buddy holding him in his...
  11. smokepole

    Alaska High School Biology Class Skins And Cuts Up Moose

    It would do most high school kids good to have this experience --respect of life etc. Good on them.
  12. smokepole

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all from St Louis--here visiting grandkids.
  13. smokepole

    $500,000 Mule Deer

    When I joined AH a few years ago I could tell there was a lot of money here and I could never go places and do things like they do. I am just glad I found this place. I have hunter in more places than I ever dreamed about. My first deer an 8 point hangs on wall next to me. I have had a...
  14. smokepole

    7 Day Trophy Elephant Hunt US$15,000 All Inclusive

    Anything like this for 24. Thanks
  15. smokepole

    Greetings from Tennessee

    Welcome to AH from Bristol.
  16. smokepole

    Her First Deer

    Great story great hunt. Can't wait for my grand kids to get of age. Your daughter has very good ethics. With your permission ask her if I can go shoot her culls next fall, never have seen one that big in season. Congrats to both, job well done by both, great deer.
  17. smokepole

    A pair of custom Mannlichers for Africa

    Absolutely beautiful. I love full stocks and octagonal barrels and great great wood and calibers.
  18. smokepole

    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome to AH from fellow Virginian (SW Va)
  19. smokepole

    Cleaning up some shelve space

    PM sent. Let me know if gets there. I am not much on computers. Thanks a lot.
  20. smokepole

    Cleaning up some shelve space

    Is death in long grass a book or just cover-if book I would take. Thanks
  21. smokepole

    For Sale Scabbards & Slings

    PM sent want the top two leather ones
  22. smokepole

    Ruger .416 Rigby For Sale

    Is this a RSM or safari magnum or?? Sorry I cannot tell by looking or smart enough to know differences. Thanks What is serial no or date of mfg,
  23. smokepole

    Ruger .416 Rigby For Sale

    Any interest trade for cz 550 458 lott
  24. smokepole

    GREENLAND: Has Anyone Hunted With Erik Lomholt Of Trophy Hunting Greenland?

    I have not but did go with lingsgreenlanshunting last year. Just the best. Wonderful family/business. The best of equipment and warm acomendations. Winter hunt so no caribou but did see them. Took excellent care wife ad I. Give them a call-you willl not regret it. I was 76 with bad back and and...
  25. smokepole

    .375 H&H Mag Brass

    I apologize for last post. Not having a good day and put it to print before using my brain. Hope racoon will accept my apology.
  26. smokepole

    .375 H&H Mag Brass

    Thanks racoon for selling someone else the 375 brass. I really appreciate the thought and service. I am sure I will hear from you soon. I and my son both contacted you Mon and you sold Wed.Keep doing business this way and you will make it far.
  27. smokepole

    Fallow Deer Hunt Very Good Price

    Any dates around first of Oct for fallow and roe buck/boar. What open dates do you have. Thanks Larry You can pm me if you like.
  28. smokepole

    .375 H&H Mag Brass

    I will take your 375 hh brass. Thanks Larry
  29. smokepole

    For Sale Ruger 416 Rigby RSM Nice Wood

    Thanks and good hunting.
  30. smokepole

    For Sale Ruger 416 Rigby RSM Nice Wood

    any interest in trading for cz 550mag in 458 lott
  31. smokepole

    In memoriam - Loss Of A Fellow Forum Member SAFARIKIDD

    Sad to hear this. He had a lot to offer, Prayers.
  32. smokepole

    Nosler Sale

    416 rem mag 85.00 per box
  33. smokepole

    Water Buffalo Hunting On A Budget

    I would be interested in buff and boar. Keep me in mind. Thanks a lot
  34. smokepole

    Fallow Deer Hunt Very Good Price

    If photo #2 is 3.5 how much was total price for it. Also price to add roe and or boar. I can no longer walk long distances or rough or uphill. What are chances of success. Thanks
  35. smokepole

    US$3,500 Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari

    How much for non trophy bull and possible photo or description. Thanks a lot
  36. smokepole

    Roan Trophy Hunt With HENRY GRIFFITHS SAFARIS US$4,500

    How much to add eland. Thanks a lot
  37. smokepole

    SOUTH AFRICA: Old Guy, A Heart Attack, & Dreams Of A Cape Buffalo Hunt

    Wonderfully told hunt. GREAT old bull. Get out of the house and keep writing about more hunts. I am 77 and want one more good hunt. God bless.
  38. smokepole

    House Cleaning - Guns For Sale - Bolt Guns & Double Rifle

    Let me know if 45-70 falls thru
  39. smokepole

    I did it! I bit the bullet..,, you wont believe it!

    He said big bore--at least a 222- 20 ga!!!
  40. smokepole

    Winchester Model 71 chambered in 348 Win, hunting in South Africa!

    The results do not suprise me. Wonderful gun and caliber. Good shooting and great trophies. Good hunt...
  41. smokepole

    Alaskan bear guide and a well-known pilot feared dead in crash

    Been there done that in early 70s. !947 PA12. Quit after 2 years-old piolets bold piolets, no old bold pilots. Moose looking is worst, but lot of danger Glad I am old, but it is best way to hunt Ak. Prayer for his family.
  42. smokepole

    338 Win Mag Ammo & Components

    Thanks Dave. Smokepole
  43. smokepole

    338 Win Mag Ammo & Components

    Dave. I will take the die and crimper. Can I get in touch with you when I get home in 10 days. How did you like the Nashville conv. Thanks from Bristol.
  44. smokepole

    .416 Nosler Partition Safari Ammo

    What websight are you using. Thanks a lot.
  45. smokepole

    GREENLAND: Muskox & Caribou Hunting In Greenland

    Great write up and photos My wife and I had the privilege to go last April. Wanted to do this since the 70s. Found them on bowhunt web sight. Due to things like health and age (76) next week and Covid??? The Lings got this worked out and in 6 weeks we were there. Nicest family ever. Weather...
  46. smokepole

    POLL: Best Model 70

    I did not know they made anything but pre 64!! Bought my first one 50 years ago and headed to Alaska. Then a 270 FW, and a 300 H&H. Dad had several we divided up and I got standard 270 and a 257 Roberts. So fortunate. Thats all I know-pre 64 is tops.
  47. smokepole

    375 H&H Ammo?

    Two adds in classified now. On first page in for sale
  48. smokepole

    The one and only

    No doubt- cape buff. Just waited too long to really get started.
  49. smokepole

    I'm the luckiest man ever

    Looks like you overshot your limit on the safari you won. I bet it happens again. Wonderful trophies and memories. Congrats.