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  1. HuntingFreak

    What Type of locks for Gun Case and International Travel?

    I plan on using a Pelican Vault V800 for two rifles. Unsure on locks still.
  2. HuntingFreak

    Fishing Addiction Group

    Excellent! Are you a big walleye guy?
  3. HuntingFreak

    Hornady 458 Bonded DGX

    I look forward to seeing some thoughts here as I just picked up a box for my .416 REM and was hoping to run both solids and softs from Hornady. I’m a Nebraska guy so I’m a little biased towards Hornady but would 100% shoot something else if guys don’t have great experiences using them. Following.
  4. HuntingFreak

    Fishing Addiction Group

    That sounds pretty much like how it is for me in Nebraska. Some years I’ll get weeks to fish and others will only be a few days. I usually end up in South Dakota a few times a year but that is getting difficult even. Hopefully this season will be a cold one!
  5. HuntingFreak

    Fishing Addiction Group

    Anyone here into ice fishing? I’m an addict! That’s the first step I guess…
  6. HuntingFreak

    Into The Thorns

    Thank you for bringing this up! A leopard hunt is my dream hunt so I just called and got one reserved!
  7. HuntingFreak

    We are taking my Dad on his FIRST African Safari!!!

    Congrats on good luck!
  8. HuntingFreak

    First Safari completed......Looking for a Buffalo hunt for the next safari

    I had a great experience with Jannie Otto Safaris.
  9. HuntingFreak

    A great gift for a great dad

    I think a custom sling would be pretty cool.
  10. HuntingFreak

    New here from Louisiana

  11. HuntingFreak

    Special Leupold Pricing For AH

    Shoot I just missed it!
  12. HuntingFreak

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    Would you say that’s a New Haven rifle?
  13. HuntingFreak

    Guns For Africa

    Pics please
  14. HuntingFreak

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    The serial number starts with a G146. I did end up buying the rifle. Here are some pictures.
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  16. HuntingFreak

    AAAA Grade 375 H&H Montana Rifle Co

    Full stock?
  17. HuntingFreak

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    If only I could afford it. I’ve always been a working man’s type gun guy. Had the same two rifles that I use for everything since I was 12. First time ever getting into this and man I wish I swing some of them because they are gorgeous rifle.
  18. HuntingFreak

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    Well there is a chance of that now because I have a found a few others that have really caught my eye lol I’m looking at a full stock 9.3x62 and a double .450/.400 NE. The main problem is I have an FFL buddy who is really good at finding stuff and hits the gun shows hard. I told him to quit...
  19. HuntingFreak

    Good Gun Deals This Week

  20. HuntingFreak

    Nebraska Newbie

    Conrad van der Merwe
  21. HuntingFreak

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    Got it bought! I’m pretty amped up about to.
  22. HuntingFreak

    Nebraska Newbie

    Hello all! I joined last year and have finally been joining in on the discussions. My wife and I went on our first trip over to South Africa last August and had a life changing experience with Jannie Otto Safaris. I plan on posting a review along with a write up from our adventure. Thanks for...
  23. HuntingFreak

    African Huntin Boots

    I ran Lowa Renegades last August in SA and loved them.
  24. HuntingFreak

    Good Gun Deals This Week

    I have an opportunity to purchase a Winchester Model 70 Super Express in .416 REM for $1,800. No box or scope. It looks like a pretty clean gun all around. It also comes with two boxes of ammo. Is that a fair price? Do you all typically see them for much more?
  25. HuntingFreak

    New guy from Nebraska

    Fellow Cornhusker here, welcome!
  26. HuntingFreak

    South Dakota guy

  27. HuntingFreak

    Lets see some Kudu!

    I think I meant cape??? I was told not greater as we were too far south. Does that seem right?
  28. Kudu Hunt South Africa

    Kudu Hunt South Africa

  29. Kudu Hunt South Africa

    Kudu Hunt South Africa

  30. HuntingFreak

    Lets see some Kudu!

    Two lessers in SA
  31. HuntingFreak

    Ruger M77 Magnum .416 Rigby

    Is this still available?