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  1. messmate

    Professional Hunter mauled by Lion

    Good news. Hope he goes easy on the self medication...for a day or two.
  2. messmate

    Professional Hunter mauled by Lion

    Jaco. Only just caught up with this. Scary stuff and was a bit shocked. Please pass on my very best regards to Reinhard and my best wishes for a quick and full recovery. I'd love to have a drink with the big bugga but even in his current condition he'd probably drink me under the table. Always...
  3. messmate

    TANZANIA: On Our Way Home From Tanzania

    Great hunt and enjoyed your write up. Some shot that Mrs. of yours. Cheers
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    Comment by 'messmate' in media 'Leopard'

    Beautiful big cat Jaco. Your magnet's working!
  5. messmate

    Buffalo Safari Special Kwalata Wilderness

    Gotta keep one of the family jewels Spike......I am wondering what I might get for kidney though.... Africa?....obsessive??....could well be something in that.
  6. messmate

    Buffalo Safari Special Kwalata Wilderness

    Hey know I'd give my left knacker to be coming back if the taxman hadn't already staked a claim on it. He's a vicious so and so. Any of you guys considering Kwalata will not go wrong. Good luck with the upcoming season. (I'll have a scotch to toast that!) Cheers Mate
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    Comment by 'messmate' in media 'Roosevelt sable'

    My godfather he looks magnificent mate, with the weatherby too!
  8. messmate

    World Record Red Stag

    Reminds you of "Medusa". One ugly mutt!
  9. messmate

    Has anyone ever read Wilbur Smith?

    Cliffy You're gonna spend a lot of time on the old thunder box with all this readin' ahead of ya..... "The Sound of Thunder"??.... may be more realistic than you anticipate! Enjoy.;)
  10. messmate

    Has anyone ever read Wilbur Smith?

    He's a good read a lot of his books. You might want to try Stuart Cloete too if you like early Africa hunting. The "Curve and the Tusk" if you can find a copy.
  11. messmate

    Leoprd trail cam clips

    Jaco...some great footage, that Sengere Tom looks to be huge in the head and neck but then he looks big all over. That bloke Willie must have jumped out of his pants when he saw that cat on the deck. Congratulations mate.:cool:
  12. messmate

    Hi From Queensland Australia

    G'day Chris and welcome. You'll find this a great site. Lots of helpful people here who will make that 18 month wait a bit more bearable. Where in Africa you planning to hunt and what species?
  13. messmate

    Another newbie from down-under!

    Welcome g-factor. There is a lot of wisdom to be gleened from the folks on this site and you will get pretty honest advice. My 2 cents worth; Short list the animals you really want to hunt. Get firm prices from outfitters and sort which country you want to hunt..(cost from country to...
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    Comment by 'messmate' in media 'Kudu'

    You are right there mate...all beautiful trophies....and hunting Africa keeps ya young!
  15. messmate

    Comment by 'messmate' in media 'A nice Nyala from Bos en Dal'

    Very nice...looks dead even and good ivory. Cheers
  16. messmate

    Comment by 'messmate' in media 'A good Bushbuck from Bos en Dal'

    I too love the spirals....great bushbuck, well done.
  17. messmate

    MOZAMBIQUE: Mutemba Safaris Mozambique

    Good hunt. Lovely kudu and that buff is a cracker. Congratulations:)
  18. messmate

    ZIMBABWE: My Buffalo Hunt With SSG

    Great buff and a good write up...the ruger & woodleigh are a good combination and I've used much the same . When's the next installment?
  19. messmate

    New Australian member

    Welcome Reckless, you've found a great site here and plenty of good people. Working in Sth Africa a few months a year?....half ya luck mate.
  20. messmate

    SOUTH AFRICA: Back From Kido Safaris

    Some nice animals and am keen to see the rest....& hopefully you found your kudu. Don't keep us in suspenders to long!
  21. messmate

    Comment by 'messmate' in media 'muntjac deer buck the smallest deer in the uk'

    Nice Muntjac & a far easier carry out than a sambar I'd reckon.
  22. messmate

    ello from wales in the uk

    Helo Steve & welcome to AH. Would like to see some of hunting photos when you get a chance. Nghymru..fy hynafiaid cartref.
  23. messmate

    Leopard Pictures

    Fanatastic photogarphs....especially catching a leopard catching a bird in flight. Thanks
  24. messmate

    6 basic rules for good health

    S..t the time I got to No.5 I needed a cigarette!
  25. messmate

    Good evening All

    Gooday Johan & welcome. I've taken a 375 Alaskan twice to Africa & had great results from it. Has a 2.5 x 8 Leupold & not a bad bit of gear for the money. Probably wont win no prizes for beauty though.
  26. messmate

    SOUTH AFRICA: Safari Afrika Limpopo Province

    Well done...all fantastic looking animals there.....that bushbuck is a first thought was he was 17 1/2....likely you now have acquired the 'africa virus' entirely enjoyable illness.
  27. messmate

    some cammo facts pls!

    :laughing:Docman ...I would pay money to have seen that baboon kack himself.
  28. messmate

    some cammo facts pls!

    Years ago before "camo" was common place, I (as did many others) did all my sambar hunting in a pair of ex army pants & a red check woollen bush shirt. Keeping perfectly still with the wind just right, I've had sambar walk past within 10 meters unaware. In Africa I hunted with colours similar to...
  29. messmate

    ZIMBABWE: Hunt With Chifuti Safaris

    I'm a little envious....I'd love to have a crack at leopard but we cannot bring them into Australia and if I was lucky enough to get one I couldn't stand the thought of leaving him in Africa, as I would have to do. As for buffalo, I know what you mean...had a great hunt in 2012 & fear I have...
  30. messmate

    Hi People.

    Gooday Pawn...welcome to the best hunting site on the web....many good people on here so you should get a lot out of it. Been to your back yard a couple of times....sure wish it was my permanent residence. Cheers
  31. messmate

    ZIMBABWE: Hunt With Chifuti Safaris

    Good hunt on the leopard, nice write up.....& that buff is a ripper. Just wondering would you rather hunt buffalo or another leopard if you had the opportunity.
  32. messmate

    Warthog Pictures

    Terrific photos. The young fella astride the wartie in the vehicle looks proud as punch...great pic....and that rifle looks like an early Sako...L46. Just asking as I have one manufactured in 1949...getting rare in Australia now. Cheers
  33. messmate

    Kwalata Wilderness Free roaming Wild Lion Hunting Safari

    Jaco Sounds fantastic....I sensed some hardly contained excitement in you in what you've announced here.....made my pulse race mate. Just checked my bank balance but am missing a zero...damn it! Greatest of success to you and Reinhard...I'm sure with your joint determination and a bit...
  34. messmate

    South Africa - SANParks launched state-of-the-art aerial surveillance

    Those ticks sure like you my friend...too much brandy in your blood.... or not enough maybe!
  35. messmate

    Hi from Aussieland

    No such luck. I passed up on a 405W some years back at a good price & always regretted it. A couple of years ago I came close again but decided to go to Africa instead....that I will never regret. Good luck with your search. Jon
  36. messmate

    Hi from Aussieland

    Welcome Dave. Good to see another Aussie here. That itch ayours??.... had me scratching for some time too. Cheers.
  37. messmate

    Africa Hunting Question

    Been twice and had great hunting both times. Financially it aint easy...have put the house build on hold twice & as for replacing the old vehicle....well these boots are made for walkin'. I'm dealing with it...biggest help has been the good wife who has the Africa bug badly. Going back in...
  38. messmate

    Hi there

    Welcome to AH Karsten you will love it here. Would like to see some of your hunting photos when you get around to it. Have sent you a PM.
  39. messmate


    Must agree with Richteb...I used the 300 Grn woodleigh weldcore Sp at about 2600fps (375R), on all game from bushbuck to buffalo and never had an issue. The one shot on the buff went straight through the lungs and exited the off side from a broadside shot. Can't see you going wrong with them.
  40. messmate

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kwalata Wilderness Experience - Hunting with Jaco Strauss

    Good write up Randy. Some nice animals there & a lovely kudu. I hunted Kwalata in July and can only endorse your comments re Jaco....he's a damned good man around the bar..... & weeelll..not a bad PH either. I'd hunt with him & Joe anytime. When you go back you must get him to take you down...
  41. messmate

    Comment by 'messmate' in media 'Big Warthog'

    Fanatstic Wartie.....gotta love 'em!
  42. messmate

    We need some advise to hunting trip to Africa !!!!!!

    Iclandehunter...will send you pm. Cheers
  43. messmate

    Big Kudu

    Depends how bad you want it but I'd have thought $2700 tops. If the PH is having a lean year client wise, it could be considerably cheaper so might pay to get a couple of prices from other outfitters. When you get that animal in your scope though, it's funny how the $'s suddenly seem...
  44. messmate

    SOUTH AFRICA: First South African Hunt

    Some really nice animals there...Waterbuck looks fantastic...nice heavy horn by the look of it. Now you have the Africa virus life will not be quite the same. Cheers
  45. messmate

    New 375

    Used the same gun with a 2.5x 8 leupold on 2 trips to SA. On PG with Hornady 270 grns (factory) all 1 shot kills. Had great success with 300 grn Woodleigh weldcores on 2nd trip on everything (including buffalo x 1shot). I thought I was a traditionalist and meant to move on to a H&H but....the...
  46. messmate

    Tanzania Teazer

    Some fantstic animals all round.....awesome, awesome buffalo. Thanks for the preview.