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    New "classic" .318 Westley Richards?

    I had one build on a ZG47. Special reamer ordered Dies set from CH4D I managed to collect a fair amount of Bertram brass and it’s easy to make your own from 30-06 Bullets from woodleigh and some bullets made in SA. It’s Fine rifle perfect for Bushveld hunting.
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    Need 404 Jeffery load data for 430 grain North Fork

    82gr of H4350 get me to 2350fps with a 400gr Swift A Frame I load 79,5gr of H4350 for the 430gr North Fork to get around 2250fps
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    RCBS deprimer pin...and Bertram brass

    Deburring tool from RCBS
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    RCBS deprimer pin...and Bertram brass

    I had exactly the same problem with my .318 Bertram Brass. The flashole sizes are different from case to case, a frustration but beggars can't be choosers. But a quality problem at Bertram. I end up using my pin from my RCBS 9,3x62 dies. Worked on most, but not all cases. Had to trim a pin down...
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    .404 Jeffery - To Scope or Not to Scope?

    Not an expert at all. But don't think anyone has asked where you plan for the hunt to take place. If it is the swamps of Mazombué or an Eastern Cape Buffalo hunt then I would definitely prefer a scope. Even in a think bush environment I personally think one will give up more shots using open...
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    Woodleigh Hydro for buffalo?

    I have hunted two Buffalo with my 9,3x62. The Hydro is an amazing bullet. Really liked them. I had some in my ammo belt if needed. My rifle was loaded with Swift A Frames, I never needed the Hydro. If the situation is there to use the Hydro then you can use them, but they penetrate deep, I...
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    .416 Rigby & 9.3x62 suggestions and considerations

    I like using Norma 203B in my 9,3x62. My loads are around 2300 fps with a 286gr A Frame. I personally don't see the need for more fps that one can get from R17.
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    Holland and Holland Ruger #1

    Good looking Rifle. At 7lb is a "light" rifle for a big bore in a No 1. a Normal Tropical like the 416 Rigby weigh around 9lb. The 450/400 is 7,75lb and pretty much the perfect calibre combination for the Ruger no 1
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    Granite Mountain Arms .404 Jeffery - Range Report

    Wow, a good-looking rifle and great setup. I had the same results with 82.0gr H4340 My Swift A frames and Woodleigh Hydro shooting at the same point of impact. The Hydro's cutting one another. Getting the same results with my 9,3 x 62 using the same combo. Enjoy the rifle and take it hunting
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    Building the ultimate night critter and small game forest gun

    .22 Hornet with 50gr Rhino Solid Shank bullets
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    300 H&H Update

    Doug the 300 H&H in a No 1 is a perfect setup I have also struggled with mine to get a smaller grouping but made peace with it. Its a hunting rifle Mine liked 200gr Accubonds, as a hunting round I prefer the Woodleigh 200gr PP. Have recently bought 200gr A-Frames and will be happy with a 1.5"...
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    Finished my 318 WR

    RDog Nice looking rifle and a fine caliber. Do you know what make the reamer was that used and just from the photo it looks like the COL is a little bit shorter the the Original. Did you seat the woodleigh bullets deeper past the crimping groove.
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    Zimbabwe PCR test requirements for fully vaccinated visitors and residents

    Good Morning Is there maybe an update on the above. Do you perhaps know if its been Gazetted. Regards,
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    Ruger no 1 buying guide

    Be careful buying Ruger No 1 Rifles. Is an Addiction !!! They are fine rifles to shoot, hunt and collect. A 416 or 458 defiantly get your attention
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    Bullet choices for .404 Jeffery

    Both would be fine. It is all about shot placement. I would go with the A-Frame
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    CZ550 Safari SCORE!

    Great setup, and with a little bit of work you will have a perfect rifle to take to Africa. I would go with the Talley Mounts. I have them on a ZG 47 and a 550 and they work perfect. For me they are more refined and better finished off. Also less bulky then Warnes that I have on my 602.
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    1st pair of courteney boots

    Cant give an opinion on hunting in South Taxas. But I would also look at the Warrior, it is a lighter build boot then the Safari and Selous. Make no mistake Courteney Boots are heavy, not to talk about a wet size 12,5 . Personal I think the Selous/Safari is to much boot for the general hunting...
  18. Buffalo Hunting Namibia

    Buffalo Hunting Namibia

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    ndumo HUNTING SAFARIS 2021 Season Highlights

    Karl and his team run a world class operation . We hunted these 2 fine bulls with PH Divan Labuschagne the end of November. This was my second buffalo hunt with Ndumo and defiantly not my last. A hunt with Karl should be one everyone's list.
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    Should I build a 318 Westley Richards?

    This thread became very informative. I had the same problem with my primer flash holes on the Bertram brass. Sort of a disappointment after paying such a premium and the process of getting them in and to South Africa. I'm now set on my load with H4350 it works like a charm. Still would like...
  21. 318 Westley Richards Rifle

    318 Westley Richards Rifle

  22. 318 Westley Richards Rifle

    318 Westley Richards Rifle

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    Should I build a 318 Westley Richards?

    Hi Rdog I been through the same process and for me it was worth the trouble and the wait. Bertram Brass and Woodleigh bullets is not to much trouble to source. You can also use 30-06 brass if needed. I have used a ZG47 action and a Lothar Walter Barrel . I placed a special order for the reamer...
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    Your new custom stock, ebony forend tip or not?

    It all depends on personal taste. But If your blank have lots of detail in the forearm, I would go without the tip.
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    45-70 for RSA?

    I don't think the discussion should be about the killing capabilities of the 45-70. The original post is not clear as where he will be hunting in RSA. As your primary/only rifle on safari ,you will limed yourself with a 45-70. Take a second more suitable rifle with. Let one of the trackers...
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    6.8lb 45-70

    As mention, the higher velocity adds to the recoil but it helps with the rainbow trajectory of the 45-70.
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    6.8lb 45-70

    I think everybody has a different tolerance for recoil. Still get me when everyone mention the heavy recoil of the 7mm Rem Mag and 300 H&H especially in the Ruger No 1 rifles. For me they are mild and don't kick much more then a 30-06. The normal box ammo in the 45-70 is mild, very mild compare...
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    9.3x62 300 Grain A-Frame - COL & Load data Qs

    If you are not set on the 300gr, I would just stick to the 286gr Swift A frame. They will get the job done just as good if not better. I load them in my 9,3 with Norma 203-B and get to 2450fps with no problem.
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    .318 Westley Richards Loads

    Thanks everyone I started loading with R19. Groupings at 100m is not bad but not great. Have loaded some H4350 that I had. Will go to the range in a day or two.
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    .318 Westley Richards Loads

    Morning Is there maybe anyone that have some experience reloading for the 318WR that might be able to share some loads and feedback. Thanks,
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    9.3 x 62 and the 320 grain Weldcore

    Ruger No 1
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    9.3 x 62 and the 320 grain Weldcore

    What I forgot to mention I have a 9,3 x 62 and using the above 285/6 Oryx/A-Frames. I also have a 74R and did not want to duplicate the 62mm load. Was thinking of a 250gr, but most my hunting is at short range. 50-150m. The reason for the Q about the 320gr
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    9.3 x 62 and the 320 grain Weldcore

    I'm happy with the 285/6gr Oryx/A-frames. I would like to try the 325gr combo in my 9,3x74R Ruger No 1. Any one done some testing and have data to share. The Rugers are known for the strength so would be nice to get the most out of them Thanks
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    Thinking about building a 9.3x62

    Steve Fourie - South Africa
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    Thinking about building a 9.3x62

    I have build a 9,3x62 on a CZ550 a couple years ago. It worked for me and been my primary hunting rifle for the last 6 years. A couple of small changes made a big difference. Good Luck with your dilemma
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    9.3mm Bullet wts vs Game wts

    I get 2430 fps with Norma 203B using A frames, Hydro's and Oryx. Dont see the need for more speed.
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    .318 WR Reamer

    Will do so when I get time, Its build on a ZG47 action, Lothar Walter Barrel, Barrel profile of an original WR and finished with a not to bad looking piece of Turkish Walnut.
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    .318 WR Reamer

    Good day I'm Based is South Africa and just finished with my 318 WR project. I have a JGS reamer, with Go Headspace and a No Go Gauge for sale. Only used once If there is anybody interested please send me a PM, we can talk about the price and shipment Regards,
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    9.3 x 62 and the 320 grain Weldcore

    COL with the Green Cap 87.50mm without the cap 84.20mm. Feed perfect from my CZ550
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    9.3 x 62 and the 320 grain Weldcore

    Good Day I have loaded the 286 gr Hydro in my 9,3x62 CZ at 2400fps, using Norma 203B. I will post the COL little later when I'm back home.