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    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With KAROO WILD Safaris - 22 Days In South Africa

    Thats a fantastic old bushbuck. Nice thick horns with wear. Bet his teeth were about gone. Good job! Bruce
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    I am here now

    Great start! Looking forward to a full report. Bruce
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    Barnes 375 270g X Bullet info, early version?

    I would say great practice bullets. There was some comments on the early ones not opening up in some cases. More like a solid. As to reloading, the Barnes data in their reloading book should be fine. No quirks that I have heard of. Bruce
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    Looks like a great area to hunt. Nice animals. Congrats Bruce
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    BOTSWANA: Hunting With NKWE SAFARIS - The Adventure Begins 2024

    Very nice eland bull. Good job. Bruce
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    We are taking my Dad on his FIRST African Safari!!!

    Great job on putting this together. I tried to get my dad to go. Mom wasn’t willing to allow any mounts on a wall so he never went. Then it got too late and his health went. He passed away 3 1/2 yrs ago. I still have an impulse occasionally to pick up the phone and call him………… Enjoy the...
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    Barnes TSX review

    Run the TTSX's fast and they work great. The AB's are also good bullets when you can't get the Swifts. The TSX's seem to be a "harder" bullet. Bruce
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    Omay North Concession awarded to MARTIN PIETERS SAFARIS

    Interesting first post @Redfish64. Perhaps you'd care to enlighten us? Posts like yours are somewhat frustrating to many of us. The only way I know to find out the truth is to ask online or to meet with the folks in question in person. The former may be not be the most objective, but the truth...
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    Large Party Hunt Location Recommendations?

    Had a great time with Tsala a couple of years go. Have a hunt report on here about that hunt. They'd be a good option. Family oriented. Bruce
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    Kentucky Elk

    Congrats. Thats a hard tag to draw. Best decide first if you want to use a guide or DIY. Then go from there. Good luck. Bruce
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First Hunt In South Africa

    Nice animals. Looks like a great hunt! Bruce
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    New from Wyoming

    Quite a few of us from Wy here.... Welcome. Bruce
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    Ethiopian airlines and guns

    Yes. Take some time and do a search. Read some hunt reports. Has been talked about a bit. Ethiopian is unusual in that your firearms are inspected every time they go through Addis Abba. You go down to ground floor and they check the the numbers on the rifle against your 4457. Best to have close...
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    How far did you track your buffalo?

    Zambia and maybe a mile before we caught up to them. Bruce
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    Kigelia cream

    I would also love to try some should it get through to the US. Not coming to Africa soon that I know of otherwise I'd try to help.... Bruce
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    Alaskan Lady that loves to hunt and fish

    Welcome to AH. Looking forward to your contributions to the forum. Bruce
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    Got my first elk hunt this year - Help me pick a cartridge

    I’ve been fortunate to kill close to 4 dozen elk. Many were with a .270 and a 150 gr bullet. Now days I usually consider my 7 SAUM as a minimum. I’d suggest dropping the 6.5 PRC from the list and any of the others will do just fine. If I was expecting my shot under 300 yds I’d use the 06. Longer...
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    CAMEROON: Bongo & Forest Sitatunga - May 2024, Cameroon (Prelude)

    excellent Bongo! Congrats. Looking forward to the full report. Bruce
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Mpeti Safaris Graduation Trip

    I love the huge smiles on your daughters face. It is obvious that she had a great time. Wonderful memories I'm sure. Good job! Bruce
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    Prayers for Mike

    Good to see the smile and the great attitude. Keep up the PT. Lots of work to do but you’ll get through it. Bruce
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    I like the looks of that new property. Congrats on the eland. Quite the trick for each of you to get one a few hrs apart. Bruce
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    Gun choice for Tiny 10 and small night cats

    Just thinking out loud about a shotgun. How about the new Tungsten loads? Guys are successfully killing turkeys at what 70 Yds? Geese at the same? I have not used them but perhaps something to consider. Bruce
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    Lions in South Africa

    I have hunted with Coenraad Vermaack safaris. It was a few years ago, but their property is HUGE. Saw lions several times over the course of my plains game hunt. Lion proof fence around the main lodge to keep the lions out. Last night I was there we had dinner at a waterhole under a...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First Trip To South Africa With DE KLERK SAFARIS

    I hunted a neighboring ranch a few years back and enjoyed it very much. Good job taking your family. Bruce
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    Looking for rifle suggestions for upcoming safari

    I read what you wrote several times to be sure I had a decent understanding of your question. I have killed 2 Vaalies in RSA. Both were at reasonably longish ranges. I used a 7 SAUM with a 180 gr Berger and had no issues with hide destruction that caused my taxidermist grief. I'd suggest that...
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    Prayers for Mike

    Prayers sent. Hopefully a quick recovery. Bruce
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    CANADA: Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunt May 2024

    Great write up. Beautiful bear. Thanks for the primer on where to shoot one. Son and I are going up in Aug. hopefully we'll get an opportunity. Bruce
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    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris : Cull Hunt April 2024

    Darn good shooting. Looking forward to the rest of your report. Bruce
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    NAMIBIA: Namibia Chapter Two

    Now that is a great cat. Well done. So nice to to get your target animal on a hunt like this. Your culls and bait looked like they provided some extra excitement. Thanks for the report. Love all of the pictures. Bruce
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    SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Safari, Spirals With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS

    That is actually a Forest Sitatunga that I got in the Congo last year. It does look a lot like a Nyala at first look. I wrote a fairly long report on that hunt here on AH. Bruce
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    NAMIBIA: Angola Work = Namibia Safari with Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Congrats on a great hunt. Sounds like you made the most out of a short hunt opportunity. Some nice looking trophies. Thanks for sharing. Bruce
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    Flat point copper solids for hunting mule deer?

    Umm a solid for deer to save meat? Even if it was legal...... You said most shots are under 100 yds so an accurate shot shouldn't be a problem. Then just use a soft point and stay away from the shoulder! Behind the shoulder. Deer dies quickly without any drama and you get to eat your deer...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Safari, Spirals With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS

    Congrats on an excellent first safari. Good shooting too. I'd say you had a great time. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. Bruce
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    Leopard Hunt opinions

    After being on this forum for a good number of years the best advice for leopard that I've heard was to find the right PH. Some PH's are great "cat men". Thats the guy you want. Don't let price be the deciding factor. It's a lot more expensive to go 2 or even 3 times for a leopard than to pay a...
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    Nice animals. Sounds like a great time. Bet your buddy that couldn't go was frustrated.. Thanks for taking the time to post. Nice pictures. Bruce
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    NAMIBIA: Safari #2 Namibia 2009

    Some good looking trophies. The real value tho is probably the memories. Some good smiles there. Thanks for sharing! Bruce
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    RUSSIA: Kamchatka Brown Bear

    I gotta admit that this was a first for me. Never heard of someone getting jail time in a hunt report. Glad it wasn't longer. So do they expect you to take your own rifle over? Seems a little hard to figure. Glad that you were generally well treated. Nice bears. Thanks for the report...
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    Ideal distance for a Cape Buffalo first shot..

    Closer is almost always better. Usually under 50 yds when possible IMHO. Bruce
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    Northern Lights in South Georgia. Get outside now!!

    I’m in N Ohio and it showed up pretty good here as well.
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    South Dakota guy

    Welcome. I'm in Gillette so not far from the Western edge of SD. Bruce
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    AUSTRALIA: Our Chital Hunt In Queensland

    Great report. Good shooting by both you and your wife. Thanks for sharing. Bruce
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    Nice pics to whet our appetite. Looking forward to details. Thanks for posting! Bruce
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    63 inch Kudu

    Excellent bull. Great job guys. Congrats!! Bruce
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    Is the 7mm prc suitable for plains game?

    I’ll echo the above. I’ve killed 3 eland with a 7 SAUM. Pretty much same ballistics as the PRC. 3 kudu, a couple of Gemsbuck, a zebra, a blue and black wildebeest plus another 2 dozen plains game animals. Some with a 7 mag with 160 gr Accubonds. Most tho with a 180 gr Berger. Your PRC will do a...
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    Nilgai hunt

    Likely get several recommendations here but if not go over to the Texas hunting forum and look in their exotics forum. It has a few hunt reports but several requests like yours. The answers there should get you going. Bruce
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    Cape Buffalo Age

    I was also thinking 8-9 yrs old. Still fairly pointy tips on horns. Still has the majority of its hair. Face not showing any white on it. I’ve only killed 2 buffalo so I’m not a pro. Bruce
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    ETHIOPIA: Northern Operations / Collect Africa / Dean Stobbs Safaris 2024

    Binoculars can be added to a form 4457 in the USA along with the rifle and the scope.... No idea for other countries. Wonderful report like always. I always appreciate your candor about any mistakes. You took some fine trophies. Congrats on getting them. Bruce
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    ETHIOPIA: Northern Operations / Collect Africa / Dean Stobbs Safaris 2024

    Nice bushbuck! Congrats on hanging in there. Seems like a rough hunt. Some nice trophies for your efforts tho. Bruce
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    My First Safari

    You started off pretty early in life! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more. Wish I could of started my African hunting sooner. Good job. Bruce
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    We are back from our first safari and we took our 5 month old!

    That is starting them young. Good job on making it work. Love to see more pictures and read about some of your stalks. Bruce