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  1. festuscat

    Binocular Advice Needed

    I second AimSmall. Buy the best you can afford. If i had to chose, I would perfer to have better binoculars vs the scope. I have used 3 different pair of binos over the past 25 years: Leica 10x32 BN , Leica 8x32 BN and Swarovski SLC10x42 WB I would look at ebay for the above or like product. I...
  2. festuscat

    The Draw of the Sporting Double Rifle

    My 500NE I’ve hunted with 20+ years. It was a great experience in the gun buil. Great smiths made a very accurate rifle for me
  3. festuscat

    The Draw of the Sporting Double Rifle

    My 500 NE. i have hunted with it for 20 plus years
  4. festuscat


    A mentor to me years ago predicted our current political state of affairs . His view that the carnage and costs of the American Civil War and then WWI and WWII were still the minds of the public and the political. In times past, our politicians would govern with a certain collegial...
  5. festuscat

    Prayers for Mike

    Thoughts and prayers for Mike. Yes, please keep us updated
  6. festuscat

    2024 Double Rifle MSRP's?

    I have enjoyed my Rigby 500NE for well over 25 years. I had a bit of input as to regulation, stock dimensions weight etc. I’ve taken a number of buffalo and plains game with it. I think if I were to buy today, from what I’ve seen, would get a Heym.
  7. festuscat

    2024 Double Rifle MSRP's?

    Messed with…it’s the cocking indicator lol
  8. festuscat

    9.5 x56 mannlicher

    Reeds Ammo in Oklahoma City has ammo from time to time.
  9. festuscat

    Rolex- the stupidest, lamest company

    I have a 1981 Rolex Submariner Navy issued ( I paid $330 and kept it). Deployments to the middle eat and Africa, scuba dive depth of 253 feet , married, divorced and remarried…wore it today building a water storage tank and shoveling gravel.. I live on a farm and wear it or an Explorer every...
  10. festuscat

    Tsetse flies

    Avon “Bug B Gone“aka Sin so Soft has worked for me going back to 2001. As they say, results may vary.
  11. festuscat

    If you could only do one, or one more safari

    Good friend in Zim took this a couple hours ago. Never get tired ( I guess I do) of tracking these guys.
  12. festuscat

    Be Calm

    I had the rifle made for me, as I mentioned, in 2020. I'm pretty particular about who the gun vs the firm or name that builds the gun. I met with the actioner(?) barrel maker and the other trades that would be working on it. I wanted simple rose and scroll / color case hardening, 13 #s. I had...
  13. festuscat

    Be Calm

    No it's not. Was made 2020 in California. BTW spend quite a bit of time in Harare; have friends there now. (They used to farm in Bendura.) Would like to meet some time if schedules permit.
  14. festuscat

    Be Calm

    Apologies for the picture format. Kevin, here is my double rife that I always carry. As a young boy, I didn't have the opportunity to hunt like I do today. I guess I was a mental traveler: reading all the books and articles about experiences I thought I never would have the opportunity to enjoy...
  15. festuscat


    As I understand the argument, if the Senate does not confirm 06s to 07s, 08s to 09 etc. we have a national security problem. Therefore, the argument would suggest, an 06 is incapable of providing national security unless he's paid more. We have more 4 Star Admiral and Generals today than during...
  16. festuscat

    African Sunset Pictures

    Bush plane at sunset
  17. festuscat

    Cape Buffalo pictures

  18. festuscat

    Tire kicking for a Ruger #1

    I have a Ruger #1 in 9.3X62. It is one of my favorite rifles to carry in Africa. I have friends who live in Zimbabwe that ask if I am bringing it when I visit. Perfect balance between wt and caliber.
  19. festuscat

    Cape Buffalo Targets

    My niece Jill took a stanc suggested by her uncle… Her friend Sam, well he had his own shoo style
  20. festuscat

    Cape Buffalo Targets

    My niece with the 500 NE and her friend with the 505
  21. festuscat

    ZIMBABWE: My Excellent Adventure In Dande North With Charlton McCallum Safaris

    Doug, great report! Told ya! Dean kept me in the loop on your hunt-outstanding! jack
  22. festuscat

    Double Rifle Practice

    I’ve used a double rifle for quite a few years, and I’ll give you my 2 cents: i shoot Olympic Trap, so I have to shoot quickl with a single trigger. 2-3 weeks prior to Africa, I will shoot a double SxS shotgun if I shoot clays. I e as charged in 2001 and pulled the first trigger twice. Got lucky...
  23. festuscat

    The last pair of binoculars

    I have a 3 pairs of binos I have used for over 20 years. My first pair was Leica 8x32 BN. I liked them so much that I bought a pair of Leica 10x32BN on eBa. i also have a pr of Swarovski 10x42. Leica no longer makes the BN’s but if you can a pair, I’d consider purchase. I hunt DG 90% of the...
  24. festuscat

    Obscene Trophy Shipping Costs

    i have a couple of mounts in Bulawayo at TCI that I plan on shipping back when completed. I have left stuff in Africa, but these have sentimental value so I’m biting the bullet. Who does everyone use for shipping? And what are the current costs for clearing in the US? The last time I used a...
  25. festuscat

    Wanted Winchester 70 Safari Express In .416 Rem Mag

    I've had one since 2001. Great rifle very accurate and has taken a lot of buffalo. I have mine set up with a Swarovski PV 1.25 x 4 24mm scope with Talley detachable rings. If I bring one rifle, it's the Mod 70 .416 I tend to pack light and bring rifles & ammo to Africa. 500 NE, .416 & 30.06. I...
  26. festuscat

    Hang in there

    A number of our friends have moved to the Texas Hill Country where I have my farm. Have been fortunate so far- our well houses have heat lamps and able to keep the livestock fed. Our friends have lost power and water so it’s been a tough go since they moved here from Austin and DFW. So it got...
  27. festuscat

    Cape Buffalo Targets

    My niece brought a couple of her friends from school & they wanted to shoot. Gave a go at a 505 Gibbs & 500 NE. Not sure how to post videos here - it was entertaining!
  28. festuscat

    Qatar, Dallas, Doha, Johannesburg question

    I don’t have much to add, but just spoke with someone who flys quite often from SA to the US and back. He arrived here just last week and will be returning next week. He flew Qatar -Houston-DOH- JNB and said it’s the best airline he’s been on in years. He is not traveling with a gun, however.
  29. festuscat

    Cape Buffalo Targets

    I love Halloween. Not the same as a Buffalo target
  30. festuscat

    Cape Buffalo Targets

  31. festuscat

    Big changes coming at American Hunting Rifles

    After being charged by a Cape Buffalo and seeing a 375 ricochet shot from the lead trackeroff his boss I ordered a 505 Gibbs from Ed Plummer. The rifle was in e queue for a while when Wayne took over. He built the gun on a CZ 550 action that Ed had brought from the Czech Rep. it is a beautiful...