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  1. Samb

    Good taxidermist in Calgary in Alberta?

    Global Artistic's just north of Calgary has done very nice mounts for me. I sent you a PM. Sam
  2. Samb

    Merry Christmas

    A Belated Merry Christmas to all.
  3. Samb

    SOUTH AFRICA: Last Minute Cape Buffalo Hunt With Africa Maximum Safaris

    Thank you for the fantastic write up . I most enjoyed the story and the photos.
  4. Samb

    Greetings from Walla Walla, Washington

    Welcome and enjoy your trip.
  5. Samb

    What to carry

    I took binoculars and carried then like my PH carried his, slung like a messenger bag and bouncing off my left hip. I had a cartridge belt and coat I picked up at Safari Outdoors in Joberg. My coat had went missing from my checked luggage, probably in Atlanta. I wished I had brought a leatherman...
  6. Samb

    Happy New Year 2023!

    Happy Nee Year.
  7. Blue Wildebeest Hunt Kalahari South Africa

    Blue Wildebeest Hunt Kalahari South Africa

  8. Samb

    Blue Wildebeest Pictures

    Took my first African animal in 2019 with Kalahari Outfitters. A hunt of a lifetime.
  9. Samb

    Opening steps on first trip

    Well you started well with Groomes! Good luck, and soak it up.
  10. Samb

    Journey to becoming an American PH in Africa

    So glad you chased your dream. Cannot wait to hear more about the journey. Good luck.
  11. Samb

    Happy New Year All

    Happy New Year to you.
  12. Blue Wildebeest Hunt Kalahari South Africa

    Blue Wildebeest Hunt Kalahari South Africa

  13. Samb

    Blue Wildebeest Pictures

    First African animal, great memories of 2019 hunt with Kalahari Outfitters.
  14. Samb

    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    22LR 30-06 375 H&H
  15. Samb

    Hello from Georgia (US)

    Welcome! I split my time between Calgary and central Ga. On My my safari I used the lodges rifle. Your son will love it over there. My trip was the hunt of a lifetime. Sam
  16. Samb

    SOUTH AFRICA: Preliminary Thoughts From A First Timer

    Good Luck! I pieced my 7 day hunt together from a couple WhatsApp chats I had with family as it all ran together for me by the time I got home. I hope your trip is everything and more than you dreamed of. Sam
  17. Samb

    Good taxidermist in Calgary in Alberta?

    I have had great service from Global Artistics Taxidermy.
  18. Samb

    Mad Minute

    I was on a Canadian Rangers shooting team that shot CFSAC at Connaught Range. We routinely shot 10 rounds in under 30 seconds, at 200 yards using Mk4 Lee Enfields. 38 hits in a minute is a fantastic number, at 300 yards.
  19. Samb

    Delta Airlines News

    Looks like it will be the A350.
  20. Samb

    Hello from Botswana and South Africa

    Welcome, Sir. Cannot wait to hear your stories and see some rifles.
  21. Samb

    TANZANIA: Double Dugga Boy With Bullet Safaris!

    Fantastic write up of your hunt. Thank you for sharing.
  22. Samb

    New lady hunter from the PNW!

  23. Samb

    Unprovoked Cape Buffalo Charge

    Thank you for sharing your friends video.
  24. Samb

    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome. From a fellow hunter in Canada.
  25. Samb

    Hello from the Florida swamps

    Welcome! "I hear ya" on the cold part, spent last week just south of Ft. Myers, and flew back into Alberta last night, thought I was gonna freeze to death getting to the truck this am.
  26. Samb

    WIN a FREE South African Hunt Valued at US$11,635 for 2 Hunters from RANCE SAFARIS for 2020

    Rance Safaris. Good Luck to all and thank you for donating a hunt. Samb
  27. Samb

    Tips tricks and ideas for long flights -- help a brother out

    On my Safari, I flew Calgary to Atlanta and then direct to Johannesburg. Was in Delta One with a lie down pod. It was brutal. The only saving grace was Delta has free WiFi for messaging and I killed time texting my wife. Did not get any sleep, the cabin was very hot. I do not drink and sleep was...
  28. Samb

    The FNG

    Welcome to the fire!